Why The More Watches I Buy, The More I Pay Attention To Their Maintenance And Repair?

It is not too late to get to the topic. Like many of us who bought a car in the first place, they are eager to buy a car, look at the brand, look at the configuration, look at the configuration, talk about discounts, and finally order the car to pick it up. Because when we first bought a car, we lacked experience and were anxious to drive on a new car, so we did n’t pay much attention to the follow-up maintenance of the car at the beginning. That little money? ‘ As the freshness of the new car slowly recedes, we will really find some problems in the subsequent use of our car. May be high fuel consumption, expensive maintenance, expensive maintenance, large displacement, the annual vehicle and vessel use tax is very high, even if the car is left open, you have to pay a lot of money a year. These problems will only be experienced in long-term use, and when the money is paid, it will be upsetting. Watches and cars are actually the same, except that the cycle of these problems encountered by the watch will be much slower than the car, but when you have been in contact with the watch for longer and longer, and the number of watches is slowly increasing, similar problems with cars Will appear slowly. In the past, some people wrote articles about the maintenance of watches, but most of them were empty (because their own watches may not have any problems). Now, I want to talk about why I have limited knowledge and experience. Attention will be paid to the maintenance and repair of the watch.

Rolex Explorer 214270. The old model is on the top and the new model is on the bottom. It looks the same. In fact, the two models differ in the numbers of 3, 6, and 9 and the length and thickness of the hour and minute hands.
First of all, what I want to share with you is, how do I know that my watch should be maintained?
   I will talk about my own previous experience. I have a few Rolexes, of which a relatively large number are usually a 214270 probe. Because Tanyi is a smaller size and a thinner one in sports, this watch is more ‘friendly’ to the cuffs of clothes and is less likely to jam the cuffs. We usually just watch a rough time with a watch, not a few seconds. But one day I found that the watch was slower (because it hasn’t been adjusted for a long time), so this time I turned the watch to the cell phone to the minute and second. Then after one day and one night, after waking up the next day, looking at the time, I found that the watch seemed to have slowed down from ‘no difference between minutes and seconds’ (seconds could not be targeted). Rolex is a watch certified by the Observatory, with a standard of + 6 / -4 seconds per day. As a result, I found that the watch had gone beyond the + 6 / -4 standard after one night, and it felt like it was more than 10 seconds slower. I know many friends will also say that the error of their own watch exceeds the observatory standard, which may be normal. After all, some observatories are measured under ideal conditions, and the situation in life is complicated. I was also thinking, maybe it was just an accidental problem. In order to verify it, I tested this watch with a machine and found that the watch head is upward, the watch swings only 220 degrees, the watch is vertical, and the swing is only 200 degrees. To, the error is 8 seconds slower. The swing is too low, and this watch really needs to be sent for maintenance. I then went to Rolex Customer Service (Century Fortune Center) in Beijing. After the watch is tested in the service, the minimum swing is only 160 degrees. In fact, there is nothing wrong with this watch, it is time to maintain it, and the oil in some places is dry. Immediately I left this one in the labor service. Although there is no meter measuring machine in our home, from my experience, you can easily see that the watch has slowed down significantly in a short time, and the observatory watch greatly exceeds the observatory standard. You can basically take it to the customer service center .

Rolex Paul Card

The next question is, how long does the watch need maintenance after wearing it?
   I think this question is very interesting, because many people on the Internet who do n’t wear watches can move out of some standards, such as 2-3 years, such as 5 years. Anyway, there is no error, but there is no factual basis. Below I still use my own watch as an example. The probe of my 214270 is the probe of 3, 6, and 9 metal characters, not the 3, 6, and 9 luminous characters that were newly launched last year. Please pay attention to the distinction because the old and new models have not changed. The metal word 214270 should be launched in 2010. I bought this watch a few years ago. I wore it for a few years myself. Why is the oil in some places dry? Because when you get a watch, maybe it was produced in the first two years. If you wear it for a few more years, the watch will have some years. So you can see that after wearing the watch normally for 5 years, the various states have dropped (the lubricant will dry out). Although the watch is still going, the error starts to increase, and it is not impossible to continue wearing it. But the movement is already in poor condition, so any watch cannot afford time and running wear.

The maintenance cost of the previous Daytona 4030 movement is actually higher than the current Daytona 4130 movement. The picture shows the 4030 chronograph movement used by the previous generation Daytona.
How much does it cost?
   When we first entered the world of luxury watches, we might have only one watch at that time. Maintenance was probably an issue we never thought of at the time. Later, with the increasing addiction of watches, watches changed from 1 to 2, and then to 3, 4 and even 5 upwards. On the other hand, the watch at hand may be a brand new complete watch in warranty, or a single watch without a warranty card, or even an old watch or antique watch. At this stage, problems with the repair and maintenance of the watch gradually emerge. Some players once said that ‘maintenance is not very important, but very important.’ When I first heard this sentence, I couldn’t empathize at that time. Now, I also pay more and more attention to the repair and maintenance of watches. It is very important and even affects how you choose the table. Let’s count it. Rolex, Omega watches, including watches of the same brand, movement maintenance oil, according to the complexity of the movement (from the three hands without a calendar to the chronograph movement), the price is more than 2000 yuan To more than 5,000 yuan once (for the tourbillon and the like I don’t know). In addition to washing oil, the most frequently changed part is the seal on the crown. Because the screw-in lock bar will wear out for several years, the customer service center generally recommends changing it. The price is 380 (if the waterproof test passed the test, I will not change it). You can add this price yourself. For a watch, there is no problem with the last 5 years warranty, but when your watch is more and more, the number of times you send the watch to warranty will be more and more, and the chance of problems will increase (watches It will inevitably be bad. I still have a chronograph of a certain brand that has not been repaired). We will slowly discover that if you have multiple watches in your hands and take turns to maintain them once, you can buy another one for the price (I have maintained and repaired several watches in the past period, and some are not intended to be maintained. ).

A complete set of Rolex 114060 waterless ghosts.
So when I bought the watch, I had a little experience.

   If the budget allows, you can buy a brand new full set of watches under warranty, try to buy, this is the best choice. Because the watch is new, you can wear it for a long time and you don’t need to take care of it for a long time. Even if the price is higher, as long as it is within the acceptable range, try to buy it. If the budget is insufficient and you need to see a watch or single watch without warranty, then try to choose a new watch with a recent production year. For example, Rolex is optimistic about the prefix. For watches with an earlier production year, because the production time is longer, the state of the movement will be affected. Buy it back and wear it for a while, you may have to take it for maintenance. Some old models of watches, when bought back and said they are not allowed to go bad. But the good news is that as long as these watches are taken for maintenance, they can be brand new as they are. (Single watches seem cheap when buying them, but if they do n’t take long to buy, they are actually just saving money. It is used for maintenance, so when buying a watch, especially a watch with an early production year, try to push the price down). Finally, the question of old and antique watches. For ordinary people, I don’t recommend buying such a watch. The reason why some people buy old watches and antique watches is that (except collectors) big brand watches, the price will also be very low, wearing face is enough. But when these watches are bought back, once problems occur, they may not be repairable. Because many watches are so old, there are no parts now. Some watches are repaired by the brand’s official customer service, and basically have to return to Switzerland. The maintenance cycle is long and expensive.

A full set of Rolex 116400 blue disk green glass.
   Some friends may say that we have familiar watch shops and watch repairers who can solve the problems of watch maintenance and repair by themselves. Yes, yes, this is indeed a method. I had previously repaired a Rolex and it was also a watch I wore. Because I watched it once, it was at 2 o’clock (you should pay attention to this position, it is easy to get it), the case has scratches, and the glass has a small pit. I don’t know if it was the cause of this sting, but after wearing it for a while, I found that the needles were loose. Then I went to the familiar watchmaker where I reinstalled the needle. After I installed it, I thought about it, and sent the watch to the work clothes for maintenance. Because I think that after a Rolex maintenance, the movement will have an additional 2 years warranty, and the watch is also recorded in Rolex’s computer. If there is any problem, there is an additional guarantee, which is not available to the public. Considering the extra protection, I later sent the watches to the labor service whenever Rolex needed maintenance.
   The experience on the watch is paid by buying the watch and paying the ‘tuition fee’. Compared with many people, the ‘tuition fee’ I paid is insignificant, but I hope this experience can be useful to friends who have just arrived in the world of watch Benefit.