What’s The Meaning Of The Strongest Watch Worn After 80?

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We meet again. What news, headlines and anecdotes have happened in the international table tennis this month?
People who like tennis may already be paying attention to the performance of the current third-ranked German tennis star Alexander Zverev.
This tall and green brother was born in Germany in 1997 Hamburg, only in his early 20s. He won the Rome Masters Men’s Singles Championship in 2016, becoming the first post-90s player to win the Masters Championship, and also ranked among the top ten in the world. Because the personal upward momentum is so rapid, when Richard Mille invited Zverev to be the brand ambassador in 2017, he had no time to customize a personal version of the watch for him. So in the months that followed, he could only wear a custom version of his predecessor Nadal-the tourbillon RM 27-02, and of course he also wore other models to compete in the tennis world (distressed handsome guy for 5 seconds).
Not long ago, Zverev had his own ‘ Personalized Richard Mille watch. ‘ When he raised his third Masters trophy at the Madrid Masters on May 14, he wore his own RM 67-02 Zverev automatic watch on his wrist.
Friends should remember that RM 67-02 is the Geneva watch exhibition this year New work just released. Its case is made of Richard Mille’s unique TPT® carbon fiber and TPT® quartz composite material (TPT® means thin layer technology), which has excellent impact resistance. The black resin stripes and red-yellow bezel superimposed layer by layer on the case form the color of the German flag.
As an automatic winding list, the thickness of RM 67-02 is only 7.8 mm. The slim shell is fully ergonomic and fits tightly to the wrist as an extension of the skin. RICHARD MILLE also specially equipped it with a brand new strap. The overall seamless, non-slip design is extremely flexible and can conform to the curve of the wrist. Its weight is also the lightest of all automatic watches, with a strap weighing only 32 grams, which can be said to be tailor-made for sports athletes. Coincidentally, Zverev just won the cup in Madrid, then participated in the Italian Open from May 14 to May 20, and reached the final all the way. The two opponents in the finals are exactly Richard Mille’s two brand ambassadors, the world’s number one Nadal and the third Zverev. In the end, Richard Mille won. Sorry for the mistake. It was Nadal, the more senior Spanish king.
I believe that in the next few years, we still have a lot of opportunities to appreciate Richard Mille’s ‘Civil War’.
You may have heard that some self-taught masters are hidden in the watch circle, You can disassemble the watch yourself, repair it, or even make it yourself with a lathe. Speaking of 3D printing today, there is no such supernatural feeling as ten years ago. It’s nothing new in the watchmaking world. As early as 10 years ago, a line of brands has begun to introduce 3D printing technology for making watch models, such as Cartier.
Basel has always exhibited a variety of exhibitions in Hall 3 Various 3D printing equipment and samples.
There are also some engineers who try to make tourbillons with 3D printing technology, but the sales are a bit horrible. The introduction of 3D printing technology into the manufacture of finished watches should be Panerai under Richemont Group. Everyone should remember that in 2016 Panerai launched a Lo Scienziato Luminor 1950 tourbillon timepiece. Although its case looks strong and thick, due to the use of 3D printing technology (brand called direct metal laser sintering), a ‘cavity’ is created inside the titanium case, reducing the overall weight to 23 Grams, and installed a P.2005 / T hand-winding tourbillon movement that hollowed out the substrate to a fine grid, which also caused a sensation at the time.
This year, Panerai has “reprinted” this masterpiece, Mainly, the stitching of the inner bezel and strap is changed to a high-gloss blue in line with the fluorescent hands, which makes the visual effect more prominent. Of course, its biggest selling point is the ‘Roast Chicken’ tourbillon at 11 o’clock and the precise moon phase diagram on the back of the movement.
However, this watch is not our protagonist this time. The protagonist is a 3D printed three-axis tourbillon device called ‘Hawk Eye’, which is a deep space tourbillon modeled after Vianney Halter.
This device uses more than 70 components, all of which are manufactured using 3D printing technology. The movement is then assembled and commissioned in the same way as the Vianney Halter watch, ensuring its precise operation. Because the device is electric, not all the mainspring and gear systems are installed. But we can already foresee that all 3D printed mechanical watches are close to us.
Finally insert a lace message. At the end of last month, a grand wedding was held in Windsor Castle, England, and Prince Harry of the United Kingdom married American beauty Meghan Markle from the other side of the ocean.
The wedding scene can be described as a gathering of stars, and guests include royal nobles from European countries. , Political and business dignitaries, celebrities and superstars in the arts and sports. And the watches worn on their wrists, although only a short-lived, have also added a lot of talk to us, the onlookers. Among them, Prince Charles, who was under tens of thousands of people, was wearing a Parmigiani chronograph.
The best man standing behind Prince Harry, Prince William, wears his mother on his wrist Diana gave him the Omega Seahorse, but this watch has been around for years.

Old bacon George Clooney can only wear Omega, of course.

The famous singer Sir Elton John and his beloved The two-color Rolex Datejust is almost inseparable.
The image ambassador of Tudor Beckham, this time born a dare We can see the bracelet exposed in the waistcoat. Yes, he is wearing a pocket watch.
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