What Watch Does The Most Famous Agent Wear

Since 1995, 007 has been wearing the Omega Seamaster series watches, and since 2006 ‘007 War Royal Casino’, the seahorse series Ocean Universe Watch has become the choice of 007. In the latest episode of 007 The Sky-Breaking Crisis, it really appears that this brand’s main word-of-mouth series is the Omega Sea Horse Series Ocean Universe 600 Meter Diving Watch!
Latest 007 Omega Seamaster Series
It is needless to say that the brand’s own 8500 coaxial movement is so powerful, it is enough to look at the appearance alone. Hour scale, hour hand and second hand can emit blue light in dark light environment, while the dots on the minute hand and diving bezel emit green light, read the time keenly in dark light environment, without the need to pass special training! As a 007 special diving watch, it is also equipped with a helium exhaust valve, which is waterproof to a depth of 600 meters as its name suggests. Please go to the sea to perform the task! As early as in the 007 series ‘Dawn Vitality’ in 1987, the TAG Heuer watch appeared on the big screen with this omnipotent hero. Twenty-five years ago, James Bond, played by Timothy Dalton, wore a TAG Heuer watch, shuttled between bullets and rain. Although the appearance of this watch in the film is only 10 seconds, a hardcore Bond fan named Dell Deaton has unveiled it. Without any official comment and the help of the producer, Dell spent more than two years before and after, finally found this TAG Heuer 980.031 diving watch from the film ‘The Dawn of Life’.