What Was The Experience Of Buying A Watch In Hong Kong And Macau 20 Years Ago?

It is not too late to get to the topic. Today I bring the second article of the famous watch collector, Dr. Fengqing Qing’s book, ‘Watches in the Sea’, ‘Buy Watches in Hong Kong and Macao’. This article was written on July 3, 2000. Please note that the watch prices and quotes in this article are very different from today. Please do not confuse them with the current quotes.
‘Buy a watch in Hong Kong and Macau’
   At the beginning of 1999, I saw “Famous Watches and New Knowledge” edited by Mr. Yun Yonglin through a friend’s introduction. Fang Zhi had such a beautiful magazine in the Chinese circle. In June of the same year, I got in touch with Mr. Xun. From September 1st to 4th, I took the opportunity of Thai Star coin exchange at Golden Mile Holiday Hotel in Tsim Sha Tsui and visited Mr. Xun’s office.
   There was a typhoon passing near Hong Kong that day. It was raining heavily. I learned by phone that Mr. Qi might arrive at the company at about 2 noon. So I went to Weibang Commercial Center before 2 o’clock. Director, young, lively, smart, and understanding, I understand one of the reasons why ‘Famous New Watches’ can sell well. It’s a pity that Mr. Kwong couldn’t come because of something. Ms. Huang introduced me to several watch shops, and I can finally feast on my eyes in Hong Kong.
   Unlike Japan, pawn shops in Hong Kong do not sell outdated pawns, so expectations of buying famous watches at pawn shops fail, and the things in the pawn shops are genuine, and there are many things that have disappeared from the market for many years. At the same time, the scale of the second watch store is also very small, and you cannot see a second-hand store that sells tens of thousands of watches at the same time as Japan’s Shinjuku Best.
   On the other hand, the new watch shops in Hong Kong can be discounted, and the discount range is large, up to 50% cheaper. Unlike the new watch shops in Japan, not only can not be discounted, but even 5% consumption tax is not exempt. This may be one of the reasons for the difficulties in the second watch store. In Swiss Watch Co., Ltd., 481 Hennessy Road, I saw a large hollow gold royal oak. The clerk can decide the price is HK $ 120,000, which is almost 3/5 of the original price. Sincerely want to buy, find the manager to return It can be negotiated that the price of the new watch is really stunning.

Patek Philippe 3998

   In the second watch store in Hong Kong, the scenery is completely different. Most of them appear as antique shops. There is a second-hand shop called ‘GOOD OLD DAYS’ in Harbour City, Canton Road, Tsim Sha Tsui. There are several good watches. I bought a Patek Philippe from the 1970s at that store, and it was sold for HK $ 27,000. The owner was very enthusiastic and sent me to a nearby place called ‘Tianbao Antiques’ and bought another Only the ‘universe’ of the 1950s. Although the condition is not very good, the dial is very unique and sold for HK $ 10,000. The trip was very fruitful, but the scale variety of ‘Tim Bao’ was obviously inferior to that of ‘Thinking of the Year’.
   At the coin exchange meeting, there were also watches, which accounted for about 25% of all exhibits, and the transaction was also very enthusiastic. In the hands of an exhibitor called ‘Guhui Timepiece’, I saw a Rolex with a gold lock and double calendar. The asking price was only 65,000 Hong Kong dollars, and hesitated for a while, that is, they were bought, and still confused about this dial. On September 1st of the same year, I bought an ultra-thin Vacheron Constantin in the hands of an American with a hand-woven 18K gold strap for the back, the asking price was $ 2700, and it was sold for $ 2,000. Unfortunately, after returning to Tianjin, my friend found that the dial was For the refurbished, the American hired a Chinese translator and couldn’t figure out the meaning of the dial refurbishment or not, but I believe that the movement with a 5-cent coin thickness is no doubt.
   On September 2nd, I found a place called ‘Baibaolin Watches’ near the Holiday Inn Golden Mile. This shop is very strange. All the watches have a wild nature, like boasting that they are rich. This kind of watch can occasionally meet in Tokyo. One or two, a shop is all such watches, unimaginable. Owner Xu Yuai said that the Middle Eastern rich like this watch. Most of the shop’s patrons are rich people in the Middle East, and I finally know the true meaning of ‘existence has a reason’. Watch shops in Macao are concentrated near the Lisboa Hotel. Most of them are pawn shops. They have three characteristics: First, All Gold Rolex is 20% to 30% cheaper than Tokyo, and it indicates whether there is a back strap. Usually, such as ‘ ‘Guarantee 18K gold’, mostly for the back strap, the authentic is written ‘guaranteed original’, some cases and straps are non-original, the price is only 17,000 Hong Kong dollars, 90% of the new 18238 is the original color 60,000 Hong Kong dollars, Tokyo is 70,000 to 80,000 Hong Kong dollars. Second, there are more high-end watches, fewer mid-range watches, and lower-end watches, which is different from Tokyo. Third, Girard Perregaux and Zunda are more well-known than the United States and Japan.

Rolex 18238

   In the Changxing watch decoration market of Huarong Building on the Prince’s Road, I bought a 3998 Patek Philippe. I was looking at Audemars Piguet, and inadvertently asked, ‘Is there a Patek Philippe?’ The female boss casually said, ‘I just have one.’ I want to take a look at it. It is the automatic calendar 3998 Patek Philippe that was published in a book published in Shanghai 3 years ago. Shake it slightly and place it flat on the hand. Immediately feel a vibration of energy transmitted to the whole hand, superb movement. Tuo, PP’s unique tremor. Probably the female boss was sloppy and unintentionally called for a price of 29,000 Hong Kong dollars. I immediately offered a price of 24,000 Hong Kong dollars. After the two sides made concessions of 26,000 Hong Kong dollars, it was a great gain for me in Macau. The PP seen by the store is about 40,000 Hong Kong dollars (now PP has doubled).
   Compared with other watch fans, I actually do n’t understand watches. When I went to Mr. Jiao Dayu’s shop in Hong Kong, I did n’t understand the difference between the tourbillon and Caruso. I just felt that Mr. Jiao Dayu’s pursuit of craftsmanship exceeded that of the shop. The pursuit of business. There are not many watches in the store, and they are too far from imagination. The day after meeting with him, Mr. Dayu told me that Ming Pao published his deeds, nearly a page in length, describing his experience and achievements in researching watches. I went downstairs immediately, bought a newspaper, and read it late. In the past few days, there was a dispute between the president and assistants of the University of Hong Kong. This was the theme of TV newspapers, which made me feel weird. There was something noisy about a school.
   What the author and other watch fans may have in common is the pursuit of brand, shape, material and the beauty of the dial. I recently bought a piece of Vacheron Constantin. I didn’t want to change it for a week after wearing it. This may be the watch that Mr. Ji said is suitable for himself. I am a psychiatrist, I believe it will not be implied by Mr. Xun’s words, other watches do not have the charm that I can wear for a week without changing, even PP 3998 is the same. In fact, in addition to that magical shock, it also has a small amount of output, and the nobleness of it is hard to be considered invisible and unheard of.
   During the trip to Hong Kong and Macau, due to the care of Mr. Tong and Ms. Huang, they ‘entered the door’ and experienced the glimpse of it. It is indeed a treasure trove of opportunities.