What Kind Of ‘tough Guy’ Can You Control Panerai?

About a month ago, I received a mysterious message on WeChat: ‘Sister Rabbit, let’s talk a few words, we have an exclusive news, but we need to sign a confidentiality agreement.’ I was confused and tried I found out more information, but the other party did not leak, and finally answered the phone: ‘Panerei signed a new brand ambassador, and you are a fellow, non-entertainment star, have you guessed it?’ ‘Sun Yang?’ Name it. In fact, after thinking back, my subconscious answer just proved Panerai’s thoughtfulness: the swimming world champion is related to water, conforms to the image of ‘tough guy’, and also meets my expectations for this character (at last it is a veritable muscular man). In the following month, I kept secret until one day I had coffee with a friend in the industry, and the other party asked me with great curiosity: ‘Do you know anyone who signed Sun Yang? Panerai?’ The bitter coffee was almost Flowing from the corner of my mouth, but I still pretend to be calm, Gu Gu said to him … To be honest, Sun Yang has experienced unprecedented traffic in these months and is also in the hot search, but Panerai still insists on this Decide. Just last week, the K11 flagship store in Shanghai was officially unveiled, and I also met Sun Yang himself—easy and sincere in conversation, familiar with watch models, and especially fond of the host. Out of courtesy, every time Yang Yang wanted to stand up, he was ‘ordered’ by the host to avoid a huge height difference. ‘In fact, the first high-end watch of my life was Panerai, and I bought it for my father. Nahai. After all, he is also a big man close to 1.99 meters, we all like big watches. Secondly, I personally like Panerai’s sandwich dial, as well as the iconic crown bridge, plus luminous. And, Panerai’s name has the word ‘sea’, and I myself can be considered living in the water, which is particularly relevant. ‘Just a few words from Sun Yang’s rise to power, coupled with his modest manners, made me quickly sort out in recent years. The opinion of the public opinion about him was slightly surprised-because the reality was too good. Sun Yang said that because he often bores his head and practiced non-stop, foreign team members who train together like to call him ‘a monster in the water.’ This also makes me think again about the difference between the celebrities in the eyes of the public and his own internal qualities. . Why is Panerai looking for Sun Yang? This question is easier to answer than ever. A while ago, Rabbit just wrote the collection of the watch of Hollywood superstar Rocky Johnson. There are countless pieces of Panerai. In addition, in a series of movies such as ‘Death Squad’, all the macho men are Panerai bodyguards, you can imagine the image of ‘tough guy’ How ingrained. So any brand looks for a spokesperson, no matter who it is ultimately chosen, we can do everything we can to justify it. Only the toughness of Panerai is beyond the reach of ordinary people. So I finally knew that it was Sun Yang’s moment. I Changshu breathed a sigh of relief: ‘I finally found a powerful big man.’ In this sense, the fact that Sun Yang is a Panerai customer is icing on the cake, and of course it is even more Perfection-Hard power meets the standard first, followed by emotional integration, Sun Yang has both. Panerai’s current brand ambassadors, whether they are Mike Horn (a famous South African explorer) or GUILLAUME NÉRY (the French free diving champion), are not so-called traffic reds, but they are all top-notch in their respective fields and have adventure and sports genes The addition of Sun Yang confirms Panerai’s choice. As for the ‘big man’, it’s nothing more than a real tough guy who has to have both strength and appearance. At the release site, Sun Yang contributed a lot of laughs: he couldn’t wait to introduce everyone to his Panerai, and many times ‘encouraged’ the host to buy a watch, it can be described as a strong carry … I have seen many watches The spokesperson, each time speaking of the product will be slightly nervous, there is always a feeling of ‘temporarily holding the Buddha’s feet’ after shaking the data and quickly shaking it out, and using the universal ‘all-match good-looking’, but Sun Yang raised his hand and said The PAM01616 he wore in particular mentioned that blue was the color of the sea, which made him naturally feel good. This watch is 47mm in diameter and the case is Carbotech carbon fiber composite material, which is the main model of the sneak series this year. For the controllers, the blue pointer scale with the black case has a sense of restraint (yes, I know you like it). I believe everyone knows Panerai’s name, but many people are messy when they mention the model. Today, the rabbit may wish to repeat it. To be honest, Panerai’s product line has been reorganized and divided into 4 series. It has become very clear. (Once the rabbit was severely abused by Radiomir and Luminor in the 1940s and 1950s. The model was abused for a full night, and his vision plummeted by 100 degrees. Let me give you a simple way to distinguish. The most easily recognizable is-the one without crown protection is Radiomir. The Luminor and Luminor Due series both have crown guards. The obvious difference is that the Luminor Due line is thinner and lighter, so that even girls can easily control it (the smallest Panerai with a 38 mm is here Series). These two watches are 1359 (left) of the Luminor series and 906 (right) of the Luminor Due series. Finally, which is the focus of today, the Submersible sneak series originally belonged to Luminor 1950, and are now divided into a series separately-diving watches The attributes and professionalism are stronger. For example, the fourth generation bronze watch PAM00968 introduced by Rabbit is also a member of the stealth series. For Sun Yang, there is nothing more suitable for his personal attributes than the stealth series. In addition to PAM01616, the PAM00982 Guillaumé Néry edition is also a special watch this year. When the Geneva Watch Fair returned this year, Rabbit introduced only 15 Guillaume Néry special editions (PAM00983). These 15 watch owners will go to Moorea in French Polynesia to visit Guillaume • Inside and interact with him. But the existence of PAM00982 has given consumers another opportunity to miss the tough guy experience. It is also 47mm in diameter. This watch is a titanium case with a blue ceramic dial, and the hands and rubber strap are blue. Equipped with flyback chronograph and seconds reset function, Sun Yangdai’s third stealth series carbon fiber watch PAM00979 may be slightly dim, but the dial and bezel have camouflage texture. The case back has images inspired by the Italian Navy commando. Its special edition is 33 pieces of PAM00961 (my favorite this year), the scale hands and rubber strap are green. Just a while ago, Rabbit saw 33 watch owners gathering in Italy to conduct a devil-like naval commando training … Some readers shouted that I missed the training scene. I can only say that it is too late to pay attention to the gossip rabbit. A little more regret ~ Finally, the only gold watch worn by Sun Yang this time, PAM00974, 42mm diameter. In Yang Yang’s own words, he originally thought that the 42 mm was slightly smaller for him, but the red gold version and the bridge protection design had different visual effects. Interestingly, I also searched the watch library for a while, I thought that I must find the most annoying Panerai in order to satisfy the surging rabbit fans. Sun Yang’s four watches are believed to have hit some of you. Of course, the price of the stealth series is high in Panerai. For other series, you can find a taste on the official website. That day, I discussed with rabbit fans how to distribute funds among different watches. An RM watch owner said something that won my heart: ‘I think a man, as long as he is ready to buy multiple watches, Panerai is one of the necessary because There is no substitute. ‘That’s what I mean by the’ permanent style ‘. Yesterday, some readers said that I was brainwashed by my ‘many hands’, and the comrade of my family, the red envelope rabbit, left me to watch the sea in the past. His heart is like a rock. As a result, he tried with a thin 14cm wrist last weekend. 42 Panerai Millimeter kept self-affirming: ‘It’s not that big, it’s very good!’ In fact, many times, it is our heart that is first poked, and then ‘brainwashed’ by our own growing enthusiasm. The rabbit is nothing more than the person who sows the desire. A brand with a strong style has come to this day, giving up the sense of security that the public wants, but insisting on personality still ushers in lasting. I think of Sun Yang saying that the secret is “hard training”. In fact, no matter whether it is a person or a brand, the endurance is strong endurance (seeing countless people leaving the way all the way), although the peaks and troughs may recur, but do not give up the end Goodbye bright. The gossip rabbit is only original, welcome to repost!