What Kind Of Brand Is Blancpain?

Blancpain was born in 1735. It is the first registered watch manufacturer in the Swiss ‘Jura Valley’, the world’s oldest watch brand. All movement production, complex functions and extraordinary craftsmanship are completely completed by the brand. Its powerful movement factory, in addition to its own use, also provides movements for other advanced brands. Today, Blancpain has the richest and most complete product line of all high-end watch brands. More than 500 models are among the best in the industry, covering all complex functions, as well as original Carrousel, Chinese calendar, and mechanical sounding. Instrument and so on.
Meaning of brand logo
   The brand identity ‘JB’ is derived from the abbreviation of founder name Jehan-Jacques Blancpain. And ‘MANUFACTURE’ (watchmaking) is not any brand that can be used in the brand logo. It is used to describe a factory that can make clocks completely independently, including all links from design, development, production, assembly and sales.
Blancpain’s position in the industry

The Villeret Classic Carrousel Moon Phase Watch won the Haute Time Best Watch of the Year in 2014

Women’s complication watch won the GPHG Best Women’s Watch in 2014

Fifty Fathoms Fifty Fathoms Bathyscaphe flyback chronograph won the Revolution International Best Sports Watch in 2014

Villeret classic series copper craft watch_Ganesha Ganesha won the GPHG best craft watch in 2015

   In the world’s high-end watch industry awards-‘Grand Prixd’Horlogerie de Genève’, Blancpain is a ‘House of Winners’, has won the best ultra-thin watches, the most The best women’s watches, the best craftsman watches, etc., reflect comprehensive and outstanding capabilities.
   In the past ten years, Blancpain has often asked for the annual watches selected by various international authority watch and magazines, such as & lt; Haute Time & gt ;, & lt; Revolution & gt; and so on.
Blancpain’s unique craftsmanship

Red copper-Villeret classic series red copper craft watch

Damascus gold setting-Villeret classic series Damascus gold setting dragon carved gold watch

Gold carving-Villeret classic series small seconds retro pocket watch

Enamel-Villeret classic series micro-painted enamel beam wish series haute couture watch

Orbital Diamond Setting-Léman Leader Series Meteor Rain Tourbillon

   Blancpain, Damascus gold inlay, metal carving, enamel technology, orbital diamond inlay, and metal piercing are combined into the complex watchmaking workshop of Blancpain. Among them, the copper from Dongbei and the gold-inlaid craftsmanship from Syria Damascus are exclusive to Blancpain.
Most popular full-calendar moon phases
   The first Blancpain watch that fans most want to own is the Blancpain moon phase. Blancpain combines the moon phase with the three calendars (month, day, and week) to reflect the most complete and classic concept of time. At the same time, in the quartz storm of the 1970s to 1980s, Blancpain focused on the development of combining the full calendar with the month The related products are considered by later generations to be a banner that guided the traditional mechanical watchmaking industry that year.
   Today, Blancpain has the most complete moon phase functions and the most abundant product series, with more than 60 styles. Blancpain’s full moon phase is not only time-conscious, but also contains industry sentiment. At the same time, it has a strong and rich family support. It is the most classic moon phase watch. It contains the brand’s signature aesthetic elements, both a classic moon phase and a classic Blancpain.
The well-known fifty
Fifty Fathoms Fifty Fathoms 1953

Fifty Fathoms Fifty Fatty Series Patent Technology National Certificate

Fifty Fathoms Fifty Fathoms Fifty Fathoms Flyback Chronograph Watches

   Blancpain’s best-known series is the Fifty Fathoms series. Unlike other diving watches, the Fifty Fathoms is unique in its ritual sense. This is due to the fact that it has been designated by mainstream naval forces in many countries for more than 60 years since its birth. .
Blancpain signature aesthetics

Willow needles

Snake blue steel hands

Harmony disk

   The series that best reflects Blancpain’s aesthetics is the Villeret classic series. Its signature elements include: a round double-layer bezel, a willow needle, a snake-shaped blue steel hand, an embossed Roman numeral scale, a lug, and a handlebar. Elegant, harmonious, classic, ‘one point is too fat, one point is thin’ is the most commonly used description of Villeret by table friends, and also a summary of Blancpain’s aesthetics.
Blancpain’s ‘Da Na’ style

Le Brassus Tourbillon

Le Brassus Time Equation

Le Brassus 1-minute Coaxial Carrousel watch

   The best show of Blancpain ‘Dana’ is the Le Brassus master series. The eccentric floating tourbillon pioneered by Blancpain, the one-minute coaxial car Russell developed, the upgraded three questions with a one-turn semi-reed spring, and the exquisite and elegant time equations are all from this series.
A pioneering collection for men

L-Evolution pioneers the super trofeo double-trailing flyback chronograph in platinum

   The L-Evolution pioneering series best reflects Blancpain’s modern feel. This series are all men’s watches, with dynamic appearance and advanced materials. In this series, the most famous model is the Super Trofeo dual flyback chronograph watch jointly created by Blancpain and Lamborghini. Each year, the two major brands jointly host the world’s premier racing event, the ‘Lamborghini Blancpain Super Trofeo Super Challenge’, which patrols the world.
The standard-bearer of women’s watch history

Women’s Ladybird Antique Ladybird Watch

Women’s Ladybird Antique Ladybird Watch

Women’s Eccentric Date Retrograde Moon Phase Watch

Women’s Moon Phase Watch

   Women’s women’s clothing series, every square inch from the movement, only for women. It pays great attention to the balance between the fine movement and the elegant appearance. It never emphasizes one too much, and always strives for the perfect fusion of the two, and guarantees that each reaches the highest level. The beauty of the shape, the essence of the core, is designed for women who have higher pursuits. For example, the ladybird Ladybird, when it was born, was the smallest circular mechanical watch in the world, and once led the trend of small-diameter women’s watches. On the 60th anniversary of the ladybird, Blancpain is determined to reshape the exquisite aesthetics in the women’s watch market.
Kingly Leader Series

Léman Leadership GMT Two-Time Alarm Clock

Léman leader series perpetual calendar flyback chronograph

Léman Leadership Limited Edition Scuba Edition Large Calendar Watch

   The Léman Leadership Series combines the elegance and sportiness of the king, highlighting a strong unique personality. The circular double bezel design reproduces the brand’s classic elements, while the dial and strap design reflect a modern style. This series has launched many complex functions watches such as perpetual calendar flyback chronograph, etc., while taking a personalized route, to provide various practical functions for world travelers, such as GMT alarm clocks. The series of watches are very popular with the manly ‘tough guy President’ Putin. Among them, the limited edition ‘Scuba Edition’ big calendar watch is often on his wrist.
Sincere, for the wearer

Villeret Classic Twelve Days Tourbillon

Concealed adjustment device

   Blancpain is a sincere brand. Taking Changdong Power as an example, Blancpain has always regarded it as a ‘basic complication’ and integrated it into 80% of the brand’s watches. At present, the longest power production capability is the 12-day long power tourbillon with a single barrel. At the same time, while achieving long power, Blancpain also has ultra-thin characteristics.
   The patented design of hidden adjustment device, movement safety protection device, etc., aims to solve the problems that actually occur during wearing.
Fans of Blancpain

Blancpain Cultural Ambassador Liang Wendao

Blancpain Master Feng Yuanzheng

Brand’s best friend singer Li Jian

Brand friend and actor Wu Xiubo

Russian President Putin

Hollywood superstar Brad Pitt

‘The Godfather’ director Coppola

   Celebrities who like Blancpain include cultural celebrity Liang Wendao, financial writer Wu Xiaobo, actor Feng Yuanzheng, singer Li Jian, actor Wu Xiubo, Russian President Putin, Hollywood superstar Brad Pitt, and ‘Godfather’ director Coppola.