Value Is Equal To Cp Value Mido Mido Big Ben Limited Table

The Mido brand is actually very interesting, because the inspiration of several of its collections comes from a world-renowned building. It’s fun, because how a huge building shrinks into a landscape on your wrist, which must be studied with every architectural detail.

Let’s explain the source of inspiration for these series of buildings. For example, Mido’s commander series comes from the Eiffel Tower, the helmsman series comes from the Sydney Harbour Bridge, and the Belem Sairee series comes from the Rennes Opera House and Emmanuel. The arcades of Seoul II, as well as the Great Wall series that can be known by name, originate from the well-known Great Wall of China. The Big Ben series to be introduced this time is also a well-known building known by its name-Big Ben, London, UK. This series was prepared by Mido for one year from 2015, and commissioned three designers to develop their creativity. Only the title, and was officially announced at the Baselworld 2016.

To understand watchmaker Sébastien Perret’s ’round in square’ skill, you should start from the bottom cover, except that the four corner screws have the same four-cornered pattern as the Big Ben. These four screws At the same time, it symbolizes the clover-shaped pattern around the middle surface, especially the one-half automatic plate on the transparent bottom cover, which also imitates the rose pane in the center of the clock face. Here you can see the design details watched by the watchmaker. And had to admire his design skills

When the Big Ben series had not yet won the first place in 2015, the three watches with the most in-depth appearance were the works of Swiss watchmaker Sébastien Perret of Neuchâtel. In order to strengthen the structure of the clock tower, Eric Giroud’s watch pays attention to geometric lines. With its square body, it has a strong sense of fashion under the design of the format window dial and the bottom cover rose window. Putting the square of the Big Ben on the dial of the minute scale, and the vertical corners of the lugs, it reflects the architectural features of New Goth, and it is a sporty watch.
The work of Sébastien Perret, compared with the work of Eric Giroud with strong sense of fashion and the work of Lorenzo Vallone with strong sports style, looks more restrained in style. The Big Ben in 1858 has stood in the United Kingdom for nearly two hundred years. Although the neo-Gothic style was a trendy style when the building was completed, this style has also become an architectural history after years of training. One of the styles.
‘How to cleverly put the characteristics of the building into the watch’ is indeed a difficult problem. Compared with the other two eye-catching styles, Sébastien Perret has achieved the best integration. The ’round in the square’ watch body In his works, the styles are the same as each other, which shows the characteristics of Big Ben quite consistently. For example, the bracelet of the watch body is like the cylindrical outer body of Big Ben, and the square base case is perfectly integrated. In view of the round time dial, if you carefully observe the screws of the bottom cover, you can even see that the four corners and corners have made a four-cornered geometric pattern exactly like the Big Ben clock face.

Caliber 80, which is remade from the ETA C07.621 movement, not only uses blue steel screws and silicon hairsprings, but also has a very good value for money in terms of price performance. It is a watch worthy of a watch at the same price, and how to use it The architectural elements from the Big Ben in the UK are hidden in every detail of the watch, allowing players to slowly explore and enjoy

Feature two: value for money Caliber 80 Observatory certified movement
Many of Mido’s watches are certified by the Swiss Observatory. The full name of the Swiss Observatory is Controle Officiel Suisse des Chronometres. The main feature is that the daily travel time error does not exceed -4 to +6 seconds. This is for watches that require accurate travel time. For fans, it is a fairly credible certification standard, because to comply with the Swiss Observatory certification, it means ‘after 16 days of continuous testing, the machine has reached the seven official Swiss certification standards at three temperatures and five directions It wo n’t be easy to get this certification until later.
Let me talk about the Caliber 80, which is based on the ETA C07.621 caliber. Recently, a new batch of Caliber 80 has been added with silicon hairspring, which can be said to be one of the best performances in watches of the same price in terms of CP value. Talking about silicon hairspring, because it has the characteristics of anti-corrosion, anti-magnetic, light weight, etc. The key parts used by watchmaking brands can also be seen on the affordable brands such as Mido in 2016, which is quite good value for money!

In addition to the clear indication of the hour of the third hand, there is a day and date window at the three o’clock position, and the New Gothic architectural style, which is the most prominent in Big Ben, is represented by the Roman numeral time scale at the four o’clock position. The charcoal gray PVD ring between the case and the bezel coincides with the cantilevered building structure of Big Ben.

Feature 3: Say yes, limited to 500 in the world
The latest series of Big Ben released by Mido in 2016, this London Big Ben watch is currently limited to 500 pieces worldwide, and only 30 pieces are distributed in Taiwan. In addition to the Caliber 80 certified by the Swiss Observatory, it also has watchmaking. The special limited-edition watch box designed by Sébastien Perret, the case also uses 316L stainless steel rose gold PVD material, no matter in appearance or on the built-in movement, it is a watch with a high CP value!
Big Ben limited edition watch. Rose gold PVD stainless steel / 80 self-winding movement / hour, minute, second, date, day display / C.O.S.C. Swiss Observatory certification / Sapphire crystal, transparent bottom cover / water resistance 100 meters / diameter 42mm / limited 500

Caliber 80, certified by the Swiss Observatory, not only guarantees accurate timekeeping, but also has silicon springs and blue steel screws under the sincerity of Mido, which greatly enhances the durability of the movement. It is even more CP value in watches of the same price. A high-end, world-limited series of 500 watches, the first edition of the London Big Ben limited edition watch, is the first appearance selected by the three designers in the hands of Mido, affordable and value-for-money performance, It is the sincerity of Mido in 2016!