Ulysse Nardin’s New Jazz Minute Repeater

Ulysse Nardin Swiss Athens watch combines the traditional top watchmaking craftsmanship and hand-carved activity figures to create a new ‘Jazz Minute Repeater’, a global limited edition of 18 platinum models Lively show the wonderful moments of jazz bands.

 Juke legend Duke Ellington once said: ‘Everything in jazz is music.’ Jazz with swing rhythms was born for more than a century, and its name has evolved over time, from Ragtime ) To Swing, Bebop to early jazz Dixiel, Blues to Ska, every step has witnessed the development of jazz. In the early 20th century, African-Americans brought jazz to the stage and harmonized European musical elements with African music. Jazz, as a lively and complex genre, has no clear beats and is not constrained by traditional frames. Its strong beat will change according to different regions and cultures, and touch the hearts of listeners with sincere emotions expressed from the heart.

 The top watchmaker exquisitely depicts the ‘musician’ puppet in 18K gold on the black onyx of the ‘Jazz Minute Repeater’. When the minute repeater function is activated, pull down the time slider. The minute repeater device can With clear and melodious audible timekeeping, timekeeping, and timekeeping, or combined timekeeping, the exquisitely made activity puppets will move synchronously with the timekeeping function, passionately playing for the audience. To this day, hand-carved event puppets have always been exquisite works of art, representing extremely rare watch-making techniques, while Athenaeum is still one of the few watchmaking watches in the world that uses event puppets to make minute repeaters. Brand.

 It is both a timer and a musical instrument. In the technical field of wristwatches, watch is one of the most difficult watchmaking skills. Athenian Watch is a top watchmaking brand dedicated to the revival of watch technology in the early days. Making a watch requires the watchmaker’s full input and superb watchmaking skills, and the biggest challenge in creating a watch is to master and analyze the best sound quality. Despite the advanced technology today, the music of the watch or the beautiful melody contained in it must be recognized by people’s ears. Therefore, each timepiece is independently adjusted by a top watchmaker and then reassembled. For watch connoisseurs, asking a watch brings dreams into reality, not only satisfying visual enjoyment, but also offering a double feast of hearing enjoyment.

 The classic and rare niche elements are perfectly blended with the iconic music form to create a watch model with great aesthetics. The latest ‘Jazz Minute Repeater’ released by Athens Watch undoubtedly symbolizes excellence and originality, interpreting perfection And harmony.

Technical Information

Limited to 18 pieces

Model 749-88

Movement UN-74

Power reserve approx. 36 hours

Manual winding mode

Functional activity puppet minute repeater

Time, time, minute

Taps two different tones

Case platinum

42 mm diameter

Water resistant to 30 meters

Surface black onyx, 18K gold active musician

Anti-glare and anti-wear sapphire crystal

Case back sapphire crystal, screwed

Water-resistant crown

Alligator leather strap with folding buckle