Timepieces Are Not A Luxury Item

It may be difficult for modern people to imagine that they would be buried in the sea because they lost their way to the sea. But in the sixteenth and seventh centuries, this was normal. According to data, a large number of more than 300 ships traveling between the British Isles and the West Indies each year lose their direction at sea due to inaccurate longitude, leading to the loss of valuable cargo and the death of a large number of crew members. Among them, the most well-known accident should be the encounter of the British fleet around 1707. At that time, the British Navy returned from Gibraltar after defeating the French fleet in the Mediterranean. However, when the fleet sailed on the Atlantic Ocean, it encountered heavy fog for 12 consecutive days. More than 2,000 soldiers were buried at the bottom of the sea. The reason for the frequent occurrence of maritime accidents in that era was largely due to the difficulty of real-time positioning during the navigation of ships. Imagine that in the era when there was no GPS satellite positioning, nothing could be more reliable than the ‘lunar distance method’ or ‘the longitude theory based on time.’ However, both have limitations. The problem with the lunar distance method is the change in the weather and the complexity of making the star watch; the latter lies in the accuracy of the time movement of the clock in the harsh environment. Abraham-Louis Breguet (1747-1823) had to find a solution if there was a problem, not to mention, governments of various countries also offered a large sum of money to solve the problem of longitude measurement during navigation. A brave husband is bound to reap the reward. In the early 18th century, John Harrison made the longitude no longer mysterious with a precision marine astronomical clock. It is also from this period that the marine astronomical clock officially entered the stage of history. Guidebook for the use of marine clocks Abraham-Louis Pauline If the invention of John Harrison helped the British fleet to establish the position of maritime supremacy, the ‘savior’ of the French fleet was Abraham-Louis Po Alas. How do you describe his contribution to the French fleet and the entire maritime field? We might as well look at two sets of data. First, Abraham-Louis Breguet is the only French watchmaker in the entire French watch industry to be elected to the French Longitude Committee and the only French Royal Navy precision watch manufacturer; second, Aber Lahan-Louis Breguet published many books on marine astronomical clocks in his life. Among them, the Manual on the Use of Marine Clocks became a guiding document for navies of various countries. When shocked by these results, don’t forget that Abraham-Louis Breguet is a watchmaker. Nautical astronomical clock No. 31961822 sold to the French Admiralty Breguet in 1990. The first generation of the Marine nautical series was launched in 1990. It was awarded to Abraham-Louis Breguet in 1815, A tribute to the honor of ‘watchmaker’ in honor of its historical position in the maritime field. This honor is paramount for watchmakers. At the beginning of this series, the tough design and deep historical heritage attracted praise. For example, Mr. Ding Zhifang and Mr. Ding Zhixiang both showed a high degree of recognition for this generation of products. In their opinion, the first Marine series was because Breguet first used Horloger de la Marine (Royal Navy Royal Watchmaker). The title is combined with the product, so it can be very impressive. What’s more, the aesthetics of the Marine marine series are not static, but will continue to integrate into the new era of aesthetics. For example, in the second generation of 2005, the brand began to use the Marine marine series to meet the requirements of fine watchmaking. Rebuild. In 2017, the launch of the new Marine nautical series 5887 time equation watch marked the entry of the series into its third generation. The third generation Marine marine series is more exquisite in design. In addition to the iconic coin decoration commonly found on the side of the case, the new design makes the tooth spacing larger. In the new design, there are still many inspirations from the sea, including the international maritime signal flag letter ‘B’ decoration on the end of the second hand, and the ‘B’ shape of the crown part becomes more obvious; The convex convex lugs and crown bridge are inspired by the navigation mark, and the lugs have also been changed to the design of “bracelet lugs”, that is, a “metal block” is fixed between the left and right lugs; there is also a folding watch The inspiration of the buckle and automatic rotor is derived from the rudder of the ship; the hand-engraved decorative pattern of the movement splint is naturally inspired by the deck of the ship. In addition, there are many design changes. The Roman numerals have been changed to large three-dimensional time scales The decoration in the center of the plate is no longer a spiral pattern. Combined, they give the Marine marine series a new positioning: both the vitality of sports style and the classic of business style. This advanced texture has also been well received by industry experts. Teacher Ding Zhixiang: ‘Baoji has organized watch technology and registered many watch structures with patents, which has a huge impact on the industry. According to popular saying, Baoji is the watchmaker in the watch industry, so he is highly respected.’ After the new design tone, it is naturally the vigorous expansion of the product line. In 2018, Breguet released three watches: Marine5517, Marine5527 and Marine5547. The three watches are available in rose gold, white gold, and titanium cases in their overall design, and the dial decoration of each style is different. Among them, the white gold and rose gold models are hand-embossed and engraved with wavy patterns embellished with blue and silver-plated gold dials, so that people can feel the breath of the sea at a glance. Teacher Ding Zhifang also praised the white gold model. ‘The white gold model’s blue gold engraved dial with blue leather strap is very in line with the original concept of luxury sports in my mind.’ As for the first appearance on Marine The titanium model in the series is a combination of rock gray gold dial and solar radiation pattern, and the highly textured tone is quite cool to wear on the wrist. The Breguet Marine Marine Series 5517 is functional. Marine 5517 is the most classic three-pin layout. Although simple, every detail has been done to the extreme. As the teacher Ding Zhixiang said, ‘I like the junior pin most. Because the origin of the Marine nautical series is the marine astronomical clock, which is originally a simple display, and the simplest model is the most pure.’ Not to mention the special Breguet Marine series 5517 watch, it also has a special edition, the blue gold dial with the Paris shoe studs depicting the image of the Ocean Guard, very beautiful, but unfortunately not for sale. In addition to the Breguet Marine Marine Series 5527 chronograph, the timing function of the Marine 5527 is Breguet’s specialty. Don’t forget, the earliest double-track chronograph was actually produced by Abraham-Louis Breguet. This chronograph is about to celebrate its 200th birthday. Breguet is the undisputed originator of the double-track chronograph. Therefore, whether it is the feel of the button when the chronograph is started or the stability of the chronograph second hand, it can be said to be a textbook-level model. The Breguet Marine Marine Series 5547 Music Alarm Watch Marine 5547 is even more powerful. The built-in alarm function greatly improves the sound quality under the premise of ensuring the volume, which makes it close to the standard of the watch ‘music’. Very rare design in the field. The success of the new Marine nautical series marks that Breguet has pushed the category of nautical watches to a whole new level. In fact, in the brand’s 243-year watchmaking history, there are a lot of deeds to promote the development of the watch industry with its own efforts. Tourbillon, three questions, and chronograph hands are not an exaggeration to say that most of the clock functions well-known to modern people will trace their roots to Breguet. Because of this, many professionals call Breguet the ‘father of modern watchmaking.’ Editing: Hours, Minutes and Seconds | Vision and Cartography: Dried Fish Pictures: From Brands (Partially from the Internet) Flow Hip Hop Watch and Jewellery Culture Guide for 8090 Young People Launched by Watchmakers