The Price Of Watches Continues To Fall. Cartier Will Reduce The Price Of Precious Metal Blue Balloons By 4% -10% From May 2.

For a long time, the price strategy of luxury goods has been extremely cautious. However, since last year, the price of luxury watches has undergone successive adjustments. Today, Guanya Watch City announced that since May 2 , Cartier blue balloon series precious metal watches will be reduced in price, ranging from 4% to 10%. After that, the author consulted people familiar with the matter and finally confirmed that Cartier does have a plan to reduce prices, but has not yet announced the specific price reduction range and the scope of the models. , But the precious metal version of the blue balloon did adjust.

    According to the news from the famous watch dealer Guanya Watch City, Cartier’s price adjustment is only for the precious metal watches of the blue balloon series, including jewelry watches and K gold watches, involving a total of 70 styles, with a price reduction of up to 10 %. Just at the beginning of this month, that is, from April 1st, Jaeger-LeCoultre increased the price of some watches in mainland China by a small margin, about 1% -5%, and there were not many watches involved. At that time, there were rumors that Richemont Group was adjusting the price of some watches. As the market continues to cool, price adjustments are commonplace, but it is unexpected that Cartier’s price reduction involves many models, but only one series is involved, and it is considered the best-selling series.

    However, the price reduction is good news for the majority of consumers. After all, in the context of the state’s launch of a new tax policy on the control of cross-border e-commerce platforms and entry goods channels, the most secure way to buy watches is to purchase them domestically Of course, everyone knows that domestic prices have experienced significant price declines after undergoing multiple price adjustments in 2015, but compared to foreign countries, the prices are still high, so the brand’s price concessions, It is an encouragement and benefit for consumers. After all, buying a watch at home can be more convenient and convenient than abroad, at least after-sales issues are more secure.