The Goddess Jin Xishan Perfectly Interprets Roger Dubuis’ Brilliant Halo And Courageous Courage – 2015 Watches And Miracles-asian High-end Watch Exhibition

Hong Kong, October 2, 2015: Roger Dubuis is pleased to invite Ms. Kim Hee Sun, a well-known Korean actress, to come to Watches & Wonders Asia 2015 Roger Dubuis’s ‘Star Trek’ world.
   Since appearing in the TV series ‘Dinosaur Teacher’ for the first time in 1993, Ms. Kim Hee Sun has been active on Asian screens, and is known as one of the most famous actresses in Korea. Her well-deserved good reputation and elegant femininity perfectly fit the Roger Dubuis brand image, just as the brand has consistently demonstrated its superior ability in watchmaking, construction and mechanical technology.

   Ms. Kim Hee Sun wearing Roger Dubuis’s perfect timepiece was the focus of the day. Ms. King’s jealous and sensual, perfectly interprets the essence of the brand’s women’s watch series, which is a model of the luxurious and precious Velvet celebrity series. As Mr. Alvaro Maggini, creative director of Roger Dubuis, said, ‘Velvet is an ode to women’s sexy glamour, expressing low-key luxury without losing the spirit of adventure.’
   Ms. King has won a wide reputation for her superb acting career, and is a perfect muse. With her success on the Korean screen, she was able to star in the Chinese fantasy martial arts movie ‘Flying Dance’ in 2000. In 2006, she co-starred with Jackie Chan in the movie ‘Myth’ filmed in China, Hong Kong and India-ever since The courageous actress who is constantly seeking challenges has attracted the attention of Asia.

   徜徉 In Roger Dubuis’s ‘Starry Hollow’ world, the brand’s classic Velvet high jewelry watch makes Ms. Jin Xishan radiant and elegant. This watch made of platinum highlights the exquisite style of Roger Dubuis, is the best proof of superb craftsmanship and excellent aesthetics, making this glorious Korean actress the focus of attention. Ms. King and Velvet haute jewellery watch jointly show the charming charm of feminine elegance and mature charm, as well as the extreme elegance and boldness that only the true Roger Dubuis goddess Velvet has.
   Roger Dubuis Jean-Marc Pontroué CEO Roger Dubuis personally led Ms. Kim Hee Sun to enjoy a close-up view of Roger Dubuis’ latest work, the Excalibur Broceliande jewelry watch, which debuted at the Watch Miracle Show this year.

   After visiting the exhibition area, VIPs were invited to participate in the charming and memorable Roger Dubuis Star Dinner hosted by the Asia Society. This place full of history, cultural significance and natural beauty complements this gala of stars. In the end, Ms. Kim Hee Sun and Mr. Jean-Marc Pontroué set foot on the red carpet and toasted Roger Dubuis for their upholding and bold innovation in traditional watchmaking.