The Best Equipment For Sea And Land Amphibious Blancpain Fifty Fathom Flyback Chronograph

BLANCPAIN has many classic watches. Fifty Fathoms diving watch series is well known among the watches that can be used both at home and abroad. Since the birth of the world’s first 50 㖊 diving watch for military needs in 1953, in addition to the waterproof depth specification of at least 300 meters, Blancpain 50 㖊 diving watches have been dedicated to giving the watch in accordance with the needs of the times and daily life. Various combinations of functions. Just like the Blancpain Fifty Flyback Chronograph (Ref: 5085F363052A) introduced in this article, it not only subverts the stereotype of most diving watches in the world. The watch has a flyback chronograph function and a combination of luxurious rose gold materials. impressive.

The watch inherits the design of the convex mirror and unidirectional rotating sapphire bezel of the Fifty Fathoms diving watch, with a black canvas strap for a sporty look.

Feature 1: Nobleman in the Fifty Fathoms series
In the popular place of Blancpain Fifty Fathoms, in addition to its epoch-making powerful historical background, it also includes the series’ highly recognizable classic appearance: unidirectional rotating sapphire bezel and high-resolution luminous coating Mark. Although the unidirectional rotating bezel made of sapphire is equipped with modern improvements, it still retains the classic appearance of the Fifty Fathoms diving watch, which improves the smooth operation after diving into the deep sea. And the luminous display allows the watch to resist the excellent readability in the severe deep sea. The various designs of the watch are all designed for diving watches. In recent years, the popularity of sports watches has become more and more popular. Diving watches have gradually entered the daily life from the deep sea. Blancpain has also broken the traditional framework of diving watches, giving the 50-year-old diving watches more practicality for daily wear. There are more changes in the appearance of the watch, especially the precious metal diving watches are relatively rare in the market. Blancpain’s Fifty Fathom Flyback Chronograph watch has entered the daily life with gorgeous appearance, which is a good example.

Different from the ordinary chronograph dial, the watch has the English word ‘Flyback’ in the small seconds at six o’clock, which is highly recognizable

Feature two: practical flyback timing function
The Blancpain Fifty Fathoms diving watch series has a variety of watches with different combinations of functions, from simple three-hand date, GMT, tourbillon, moon phase, perpetual calendar functions, as mentioned earlier, diving watches in In the later period, it is no longer exclusively for divers. Although this Fifty Fathoms Flyback Chronograph introduced in this article is not the most complex model in the Fifty Fathoms diving watch series, its Flyback Timing function does give great convenience. In order to measure the length of multiple time periods continuously, the wearer must press the button three times in a row: once to stop the chronograph, once to reset it to zero, and once to start timing again. For watches equipped with the flyback timing function, press the ‘Flyback’ button once to stop recording the first period of time and return the hands to the zero position. Immediately after you release the button, the chronograph hand will start running again. This complex function can save operating time. Compared with ordinary chronographs, flyback timing not only reduces the wear and tear due to multiple operations, but also enables fast and accurate timing, which is convenient and energy-saving for the wearer.

The watch is equipped with the automatic movement F185, which has a 40-hour power reserve and excellent anti-magnetic properties.

Feature 3: Convenience of daily wear
Flipping to the case back, the lettering of the Fifty Fathoms series is engraved, forming a contrasting beauty with the watch’s sporty dial design. The reason why the watch does not have a transparent caseback is not difficult to understand. Although it is put on a new coat of precious metal, it is still an uncompromising professional diving watch. The design of the solid screw-in caseback is to keep the watch still. A weapon that can accompany the owner to conquer the deep sea. In addition, a series of words ‘Antimagnetic’ is engraved under the name of the case back series, implying the antimagnetic performance of the watch F185 automatic winding movement, which can reduce the magnetic field common in daily life. It includes refrigerators, televisions, computers and electronics. The magnetic nature of the industrial workplace environment keeps the watch accurate.

BLANCPAIN Fifty Fathoms Flyback Chronograph

18K rose gold material / F185 self-winding movement / hour, minute, second, date display / flyback timing function / sapphire crystal mirror / water resistance 300 meters / diameter 45mm