Thanksgiving, Warm And Loving Montblanc Dedicates To Mother’s Day

From the ignorant child who learns the language to grows into a young and energetic person, transforms from a promising young man into a smart and elegant urban elite. The mother’s love has always been warm and caring, like the sunshine in May, gentle and bright, as if the arms are gentle, hugging people in the tender embrace. On this special day, Montblanc’s sincere blessings for mothers are presented with a series of touching ladies’ works.

Montblanc Bohème Day & Night Watch

   The Montblanc Bohème Day & Night watch combines feminine temperament, wearing practicality, superb watchmaking skills and top aesthetic standards, making it the best companion for modern women. The main tone of the watch is white, and the unique machine-engraved dial is elegant and pure, which is refreshing. As a small complication watch with a day and night display function, Montblanc is unique in its functional design presentation-the delicately carved light blue sky with the golden sun represents daylight, and the deep Tibetan blue sky with a smile The full moon represents night, supplemented by scattered stars, and looks beautiful. In addition, the 34 mm diameter bezel is set with 72 top Wesselton diamonds, which highlights the noble and elegant feeling.

Montblanc Souvenir d’ Etoiles

Montblanc Souvenir d’ Etoiles

   The new Montblanc Souvenir d’Etoiles series of jewellery uses feminine rose gold and colorful mother-of-pearl to create a hexagonal white star shape that is very feminine, or single or assembled, dotted with necklaces, bracelets and earrings On the other hand, the warm and lustrous color is like the shining starlight that shines in each other, shining between the hands and feet, imprinted in each other’s beautiful memories.