Tang Yan And Domineering Zhang Tianai, Who Are Sweet And Domineering, Even Like This One

Tang Yan, who we are familiar with, has always appeared in front of us with a sweet image whether inside or outside the play. And Zhang Tianai, who is known as ‘The Domineering Chief Attack’ in ‘The Prince’s Promotion’, is familiar to the audience. It seems that they have different styles, and they all like the same one when they appear on the same occasion?

(From left) Actors Tang Yan and Zhang Tianai
 BVLGARI’s new LVCEA in Beijing on May 9
Tubogas halo watch shines. The four stars who attended the event that day were all our favorite actors-Tang Yan, Zhang Tianai, Tang Yixin and Yang Rong. At the event, we saw Tangtang, who had not seen me for a long time. She was wearing a pink skirt that day, she was sweet and cute. Zhang Tianai chose a suit-made skirt that was tough. Four actresses with different styles but equally charming are on the same stage for the same watch-Bulgari LVCEA
 Tubogas halo watch.


Actor Tang Yan
 As an actor, Tang Yan has shaped many roles in the play, whether it is the gentle purple Xuan in ‘The Legend of the Sword’, or the brave summer beauty in ‘Thousands of Gold in the Xia Family’, ‘Why is the Sheng Xiaomo’ In the innocent Zhao Mosheng, she can master the character of the characters very well.

Tang Yan plays Zi Xuan in ‘Sword and Magic III’

Zhao Mosheng played by Tang Yan in ‘He Yi Sheng Xiao Mu’
 ‘The mud is not stained with green lotus, and Beiruo does not fight for beauty if it contains jade. The black wind has gone through thousands of waves, and the childish flower is laughing.
‘Zhao Mosheng played by Tang Yan did not smile, he smiled, silence was quiet like water, and Jiao Yan was cute and adorable. After the storm, after the glitz, he still carried the childlike heart and was as gorgeous as one. This is Tang Yan’s version of Zhao Mosheng brought me the most real beauty.
 This is a film critic who commented on Zhao Mosheng interpreted by Tang Yan in ‘He Yi Sheng Xiao Mu’. Tang Yan’s acting has gradually gained more recognition in recent years.

Tang Yan’s private photos in life

 Outside of the show, Tang Yan and her boyfriend Luo Jin have also issued ‘sugar’ from time to time. Quiet, she prefers to enjoy the ‘little luck’ in life. Whether it is painting or going out to see the world, she will record it and share it with her friends. Choose Bulgari LVCEA
Tubogas halo watch, she said ‘is growth, metamorphosis, and even belongs to your halo’. I think that Tang Yan, who is constantly challenging herself and bravely moving forward, is the time to truly have a halo of her own.

Zhang Tianai’s ‘Passing Through Your World’ with Deng Chaobiao

 Zhang Tianai, who appeared together on the day of the event, brought us more amazing works after the ‘Prince’s Promotion’. ‘Passing by your world’ starring Deng Chao on the same stage as Diao Chao, as well as ‘Army of the Army’, ‘Biography of the Demon Cat’ and other excellent films. In addition, Zhang Tianai’s general appearance in the recently-seen variety show ‘I’m the Great Detective’ is also astonishing ‘Master Attack’!

Zhang Tianai’s general in the variety show ‘I’m the Great Detective’ looks stunning

 As a rising star in the entertainment industry, Zhang Tianai still needs to make more attempts to find her true self, but we have reasons to believe that she will give us a satisfactory answer sheet. Regarding the Bulgari LVCEA Tubogas halo watch, she said that ‘no need to deliberately pursue, growth is day-to-day cultivation.’
 Also present at the event on the same day were Tang Yixin, a ghost and horse elf who was “salt and sweet,” and actor Yang Rong, who constantly challenged himself. The two also showed us the different charms of diverse women.

Actor Tang Yixin
 The ghost horse elf Tang Yixin appeared in a pink dress that day, and the sweet smile seemed to be the sunshine that this girl will always bring to us. With a Bvlgari LVCEA Tubogas halo watch, she said that ‘everyone has their own halo’.

Actor Yang Rong
 Actor Yang Rong can be regarded as an ‘old play bone’, and rarely saw her attending brand events. She has been running around in the crew for many years, and she can take advantage of this opportunity to breathe. She also showed us the unique charm of Bulgari. For the impression of Bulgari’s LVCEA Tubogas halo watch, she said, ‘make the brilliance brighter and make your halo more dazzling.’

(From left to right) Yang Rong, Zhang Tianai, Bvlgari CEO Jean-Christophe Babin, Tang Yan, Tang Yixin
 This LVCEA released by Bulgari on the day of the event
The Tubogas halo watch is the epitome of Bulgari’s Italian-style life attitude. In the feminine style, it interprets the charming and rich connotation of contemporary women. Every woman has the power to express herself, only because ‘your halo always shines’. Also attending the event was Jean-Christophe, CEO of the Bulgari Group.
 Babin. He said ‘LVCEA
The Tubogas halo watch has a strong feminine character, is fashionable and modern, and is very suitable for daily wear. It reflects the rich creativity of Bulgari, and also interprets the style of decorativeism. ‘

Bvlgari LVCEA Tubogas Halo Watch

 The new Bulgari LVCEA released this time
Tubogas halo watch, available in two sizes of 28 mm and 33 mm, made of stainless steel and rose gold, Tubogas bracelet with a combination of many links, meandering, and the circular dial of the LVCEA series watches form a distinctive Visual contrast, showing the beauty of harmonious symmetry. New LVCEA
 The Tubogas halo watch has 5 brand-new works, which meet the daily wear requirements of modern women, reflecting the self-aura of women whenever and wherever possible.

Bvlgari LVCEA Tubogas Halo Watch

 Entangling, interlocking and blooming, this is your charm, this is your aura, this is the ultimate gift that Bulgari has given you. The new LVCEA Tubogas halo watch has captured the hearts of the four goddesses Tang Yan, Zhang Tianai, Tang Yixin and Yang Rong. What are you waiting for? Don’t hurry up yet?