Tag Heuer New Pendulum Concept Table

Calera Pendulum Concept Table (1)
Calera Pendulum Concept Table (2)
The TAG Heuer Pendulum concept watch not only overturns the inherent tradition of the watchmaking world for three centuries, but also represents an incomparable technological leap forward; it completely solves the problems of hundreds of years and greatly improves the accuracy (time division) and performance (Frequency accuracy and stability).
At the same time, it is also the world’s only magnetic oscillator. While maintaining the basic principle of the Swiss anchor escapement, it can completely get rid of the reaction torque provided by the spring, which can generate higher frequencies; it can also oscillate at very fine angles (oscillation (The basic principle of the accuracy of the device) without changing its reaction torque, the theoretical accuracy is significantly improved, and it will not cause geometric deformation.
Calella Pendulum Concept Table (3)
Calera Pendulum Concept Table (4)
TAG Heuer (Heuer) Calera Pendulum concept table design, completely loyal to Calella’s unique and noble rules: sharp angled polished beveled edges, bilateral black titanium steel curved case. The special dial window at 9 o’clock is not only a collection of Carrera, but also a model of breakthrough advanced watchmaking technology.