Tag Heuer Launches Major League Soccer Special Dial For Connected Modular 45 Smart Watch

Swiss avant-garde watch brand Tag Heuer is the brand’s second-generation smart watch-Connected Modular smart watch (45mm)-launched the special dial of the Major League Soccer (MLS). The brand will provide dials for all 22 football clubs. Fans can choose their favorite team and use the Connected Modular smart watch (45mm) to customize their personalized experience. TAG Heuer interviews the top players in each club and asks them how they feel for the team, city and fans, and uses the answer as a creative inspiration for the dial. Major League Soccer smart watch faces are available on the App Store starting August 2.

   On Tuesday, August 1, 2017, TAG Heuer announced a partnership with Tim Howard and launched the Smart Dial of the Major League Soccer. On Wednesday, August 2nd, top players from the Major League Soccer 22 football clubs formed the All-Star team to face the 2017 Champions League and La Liga champions Real Madrid at the Chicago Military Stadium. This is also the 22nd All-Star event since the establishment of the Major League Soccer.

   In 2016, Tag Heuer reached a long-term, landmark partnership with the American Football Association, serving as its official timekeeper, cementing the brand’s position as one of the leading football sponsors in the United States. Today, Tag Heuer has become the official watch and official timekeeper of the Major League Soccer and professional referee organizations. TAG Heuer has become a ‘ ‘Beauty Movement’ is a leading sponsor worldwide.