Swiss Watch Manufacturers Zenith And Levinson Jewellery Host An Elegant Watch Display Dinner In The United States

The unique social event will let everyone appreciate the exquisite masterpieces carefully
Paul Ziff, President of Zenith North America, and Robin Levinson, Partner of Levinson Jewelry, greeted their VIP customers. At the same time, Zenith’s latest design meets everyone.

Paul Ziff, President of Zenith North America and partners of Levinson Jewelers Robin and Mark Levinson
Zenith and Levinson Jewellery Alliance have jointly organized this elegant event. More than 90 influential business leaders in South Florida watched Zenith’s latest watch and enjoyed cocktails, snacks and exquisite food together.
The display cabinets in the separate rooms display exquisite Zenith boutiques, everyone can try on their favorite styles, and can also appreciate these unique masterpieces of Zenith.
Source: LVMH