Swatch Celebrates The 25th Anniversary Of The Swatch Club! – For The First Time, Chinese Collectors Gathered Together To Show ‘this Is My Collection World’

Since its birth, Swatch has captured many young hearts with his positive rebellious personality, pursuit of the joy of life, and his unstoppable playful heart. In 1990, the Swatch Club was established. Here, Swatch watch collectors and enthusiasts gathered together to share each other’s enthusiasm and obsession with Swatch, just for this swept the world, bringing together entertainment, fashion and art , Technology, fun and distinctive personality. Now the Swatch Club celebrates its 25th birthday.
Ms. Chen Suzhen, President of Swatch Group China, with collectors present

   On the glamorous May afternoon, the Swatch Peace Art Center, located on the bustling Bund, was decorated like a grand birthday party. Swatch collectors from all over the country met and gathered here for the first time. To celebrate the 25th anniversary of the establishment of the world-renowned fashion watch brand SWATCH.
25 Swatch Club watches on display

   As melodious live music enters the celebration-filled Shanghai Swatch Peace Hotel Art Center, colorful ’25’ years old words can be seen everywhere. These commemorative figures seem to be cheering for the 25th anniversary of the Sworth Club . The Swatch Club was founded in Switzerland as early as 1990. Since its establishment, the club has regularly held a variety of colorful activities to bring fans who love Swatch together. Even more memorable is that Swatch cooperates with artists every year to design exclusive club watches for Swatch club members. Today, with the continuous expansion of fan teams around the world, the Swatch Club has developed into a global brand support community, and is the home of all Swatch fans.
Ms. Chen Suzhen, President of Swatch Group China, with Swatch Watch 2015

   In China, Swatch also has many loyal collectors and enthusiasts. It is because of their recognition and pursuit that Swatch, a Swiss watch brand, can sprout in the soil of China Take root and continue here and achieve Swatch’s brand philosophy. Today, at the scene of the Swatch Peace Hotel in Shanghai, many Swatch collectors from all over the country are gathering to celebrate the birthday of the Swatch Club. At such a rare moment of celebration, Ms. Chen Suzhen, the president of Swatch China, also talked on the scene: We are currently planning to establish the Swatch China Club. The club’s distinguished founding members will be officially announced when it is established in the future.
Collector Ms. Huang Qin shares a touching story with Swatch

   Swatch also invited three distinguished Swatch collectors to come to the stage and share their journey of collecting Swatch with all the guests present. The three Chinese Swatch collectors have an average collection of more than 100 years and nearly 100 models. Each Swatch watch is like a treasure, recording the moving story between him and Swatch. Good times, and what is more moving for everyone is their dedication and love for the Swatch brand for more than ten years.
Ms. Chen Suzhen, President of Swatch China, tells the story of Swatch Club watches

   Ms. Chen Suzhen talked about the 25 years of growth of Swatch Club since its establishment in 1990, and told the guests the story of Swatch Club watches. In 1990, the first Swatch club watch ‘Golden Jelly’ was based on extremely elegant design, and it is still a collectible watch today. The 1995 Club Watch ‘POINT OF VIEW (GZ146)’ is the work of distinguished Swiss artist and art designer Karl Gerstner. Gerstner replaced the hands with rotating circles. Each circle has a small angle: the small angle represents the minute hand, and the large angle represents the hour hand; the bright red dot is constantly turning, and it counts the elapsed seconds as it ticks. number. The 1996 ‘SMILLA (GZ701), LOOKA (GZ700)’ is a very special pair of watches. In the hands of designer Stefano Pinavano, a perfectly matched watch was born. 2004 ‘LES AVENTURES DE TINTIN (GM165)’ Tintin Adventures Special Limited Edition watch (special packaging) launched in Brussels, Belgium. In 2009, ‘STREET CLUB (SuJZ111)’ was created by well-known French rapper and outstanding graffiti artist Grems. The 2011 club watch ‘SWATCH-TENNIS PRO (GZS49)’ was created by Spanish artist Frank Kuzek. In 2015, we celebrated the 25th anniversary of the establishment of the Swatch Club. The special launch of ‘This is my world’ represents a lifestyle open to everyone. Let everyone share the joy of life and love of Swatch with friends here. .
Collector’s watch display

   At such a rare gathering of Swatch collectors for the first time, Ms. Chen Suzhen also shared with all guests the collection events that Swatch collectors were extremely interested in. The Blum Collection and the Dunkell Collection are the two largest Swatch collections in the world to date. More than 4,350 Swatch classics, fully collected by Swiss businessman Peter Blum, including special collection watches that have never been released publicly: prototype watches (early design models of watches), custom watches (with top fashion Designers, limited editions co-designed by the brand), and special-shaped watches (different from standard watches in the shape, color and style of rare watches). The history of many of the initial design models of these watches can be traced back to the official release of the first Swatches in the early 1980s, which shows that these are extremely rare and rare collections of watches. The Blum Collection series has also launched world tours in New York, London, and Shanghai, China. The 5,800 Swatch watches collected by Luxembourg-based Swatch collector Paul Denkel in 25 years have been hailed as one of the world’s largest private collections-‘Denkel Collection and Art’ ‘, At Sotheby’s Hong Kong auction house after close to 30 bids by 3 bidders, at a price of HK $ 46.7 million / US $ 6 million.
The winning team receives the 2014 Swatch Club Watch

   At the site of the Swatch Club’s 25th anniversary celebration, the founding members of the Chinese Club embarked on a new and interesting competition-‘This is my collection world’. The Swatch collectors were divided into eight groups, creating artistic paintings for a limited time, using colorful colors and unlimited imagination to express their talents, interpreting and interpreting their Swatch collection world and mental journey, and finally selected two groups through selection winner.
Toasting the 25th Anniversary of the Swatch Club

   Finally, in a festive atmosphere of toasting, the Swatch Club’s 25th anniversary came to an end. Collectors not only deeply felt the profound heritage and exquisite creativity of the Swatch brand, but also witnessed the steady growth of the Swatch club for 25 years, and injected a continuous spiritual force into the Swatch brand to support Swatch. Qi brand’s rooting and growth in China.
This is our world-the 25th anniversary of the Swatch Club

   This year is undoubtedly a special celebration for Swatch fans around the world: because the Swatch Club is 25 years old! For a long time, Swatch has captured many young hearts with its positive rebellious personality, pursuit of life fun and that unstoppable playfulness. In 1990, the Swatch Club was established. Here, Swatch watch collectors and enthusiasts gathered together to share each other’s love for Swatch, for this set of entertainment, fashion, technology, rebellion, fun and iconic, from Switzerland. The endless obsession of the perfect Swatch. Since then, the Swatch Club has organized events to bring fans together, such as art shows, Swatch launches, fashion shows, new store openings, overnight parties, and exciting sports games. But what really brings everyone together around this Swiss watch industry ‘little urchin’ Swatch is their love for the brand-and the touching stories with the brand.
   With the continuous development of Swatch, it has swept the world more and more wrists, its fan team around the world is growing, and the Swatch club is also expanding. Now it has grown into a global brand community, bringing all Swatch enthusiasts together to celebrate their wholehearted love for this iconic Swiss watch brand. The club’s gatherings are usually held in cultural hotspots, allowing Swatch’s hardcore fans to communicate with Swatch elite athletes, co-artists and celebrity friends, and their common point is the recognition and pursuit of Swatch watches. Every year, Swatch works with talented artists to design and produce exclusive new club special edition watches for Swatch club members.
   The new Swatch Club special watch is a New Gent (SUOZ195) watch called ‘This is Minecraft.’ The dial is characterized by a see-through movement, with engraved patterns on the upper and lower ends: ’25th Anniversary’ (25th anniversary) is engraved on the top, and a Swatch watch pattern is on the left and right. The lower end of the case is hieroglyphic-a row of patterns that reflect the essence of the Swatch Club: a cow, four partners in hand and a watch gear. The cow stands for ‘100% Swiss Made’, the four friends who join hands represent the ‘fan community’, and the watch gear stands for ‘watch movement’. The special packaging of this watch has four color combination designs: silver and purple, silver and green, silver and blue, silver and red. ‘This is my world’, which is the world of Swatch Club, represents a lifestyle open to everyone, let everyone share the joy of life and love of Swatch with friends here.

SUOZ195 This is my world
Model: New Gent
Dial: Silver see-through dial with red and blue prints and silver glitter engraving
Case: Milky bright plastic with shiny silver edges
Strap: matte milky white silicone, red buckle ring with metal decoration, milky white plastic buckle