Sports Marketing For Luxury Brands Such As Cartier, Hermès, Rolex, Hublot, Etc.

As the global luxury consumption environment changes, brands are more willing to participate in different types of activities to make their images more vivid and full. There are endless activities such as holding various exhibitions, building museums or brand houses, and selecting annual art or public welfare characters. At the same time, with the public attention of major sports events, sports marketing that promotes corporate image and development has also become a mainstream marketing method.

   Mature sports marketing is to achieve the integration of sports culture and brand culture. What sports marketing emphasizes is not a product, but a culture, an emotion that resonates with consumers for sports. Sports itself is healthy and vibrant, and at the same time has a sense of competition, which is in line with the basic culture of many luxury brands. What companies need to consider more is how to choose competitions that match the brand characteristics while avoiding competitors, which has also created a diversified development of sports marketing.

   Fortunately, there are many sports events; and, in the past few decades, sports marketing has matured relying on the development of science and technology and economics; and there are many people involved in sports performance and timing, which has brought the luxury timepiece closer The distance between the product and the playing field. These have paved the way for the diversified development of luxury sports marketing.

Cartier sponsors international polo tournament

   Cartier hosts three splendid polo championships each year: the historic Cartier Royal Windsor Polo Tournament, the adventurous Swiss Moritz Snow Polo Tournament, and the Grass Polo Tournament in Dubai. Cartier (Cartier) pushed the polo sports belonging to elites to the realm of fashion style.

   As one of the noble sports, the polo sport represents the concept of elite life promoted by Cartier. Cartier’s deep relationship with polo goes back to 1983, and the Cartier International Polo Tournament, which began in 198, has further deepened the relationship between Cartier and the polo game. Cartier (Cartier) International Polo Tournament is the UK’s most watched sports event, the British Crown Prince Prince Charles and Prince Harry are regular visitors to the competition. In 1986, Cartier’s rich imagination created the pinnacle of the polo competition-an unprecedented snow polo tournament in Moritz, Switzerland.

Hermes’ indissoluble bond with equestrian sport

   As we all know, today’s top luxury Hermes (Hermes) was a brand that started as a professional horseman. In February of this year, it cooperated with the American Equestrian Federation and named it a sponsor. This cooperative relationship was announced recently. In the new agreement, Hermes (Hermes) fully participated in the eight events of the American equestrian team, including overcoming obstacles Competitions, fancy knight training, comprehensive all-around equestrian competitions, manipulation equestrian competitions, endurance equestrian competitions, horse jumping techniques, reins equestrian competitions, equestrian dance competitions. At the same time, clothing accessories such as saddle pads, shadbelly (a tailed coat similar to a tuxedo), breeches and waterproof outerwear are provided for team riders and horses. This collection of clothing debuted at the World Equestrian Games in Normandy on August 23 and is on sale at Hermes boutiques in New York and Beverly Hills.

   Robert Chavez, US President and CEO of Hermes, believes that the cooperation with the American Equestrian Federation represents Hermes’ continued commitment to ensure that both riders and horses receive the best reputation in the world. And meet the highest levels of competition.

   In addition, at the 2012 London Olympics, Hermes (Hermes) designed a uniform for the French equestrian team-equestrian jackets, light and highly elastic fabrics made the French equestrian team perform well. In fact, in the 2012 arena, various countries have sponsored countless big names, such as Stella McCartney of the British national team, Ralph Lauren of the US national team, Prada of the Italian national team.

Rolex joins Wimbledon for 42 years

   In the 1920s, Rolex brand founder Hans Wilsdorf (Hans Wilsdorf) first proposed the concept of brand spokespersons and sports sponsorship, more firmly believe that sports and timepieces are inseparable. Because such an idea was first proposed and acted upon, Rolex naturally has more opportunities than other brands to choose sports events suitable for its own culture.

   For nearly a century, Rolex has sponsored many prestigious sports events, including tennis, golf, rowing, equestrian, racing and skiing. Among them, tennis and golf are Rolex’s long-standing iconic sponsorships. These two sports are not only competitive sports, but also common leisure sports in today’s high-end lifestyle.

   The sporty spirit of the golf game is that participants take the initiative to consider other players and consciously abide by the rules. The essence is honesty and credit. I believe that Rolex not only saw the high-end positioning of the brand, but also considered that In its sports culture, the spirit of fit with fine watchmakers should follow the principles.

   Regarding tennis, Rolex has been the official timer of the world’s oldest and most famous Wimbledon tennis tournament since 1978. Rolex chose Wimbledon because it is recognized as one of the top Grand Slam events, and it is the highest level of competition for this high-end lifestyle on the arena. Rolex also sponsors many other top events, including another Grand Slam Australian Open and China Tennis Open.

Hublot marries football’s first brand

   HUBLOT, known as the ‘art of fusion,’ is a high-end luxury watch belonging to LVMH, a world-renowned luxury goods group. As the first luxury brand associated with football, HUBLOT became the official timekeeper of the FIFA World Cup 2010 and 2014 for the first time appointed by FIFA. It is also the first official watch designated by FIFA. manufacturer. In the World Cup competition, the HUBLOT’s Logo is dazzlingly displayed on the referee’s timeboard. At least twice and up to eight times each time, it accurately shows each player who replaces and departs, and the injury Stoppage time.

   HUBLOT, which has always been focusing on ‘diversification’ as its market strategy, has been associated with various top events for a long time. Especially in the field of football, HUBLOT has almost become synonymous with ‘football’. As early as the 2006 World Cup, HUBLOT became a partner of the Swiss national team for the World Cup. On the European continent, HUBLOT is also the official timing partner of Manchester United football team, one of the most famous clubs in the world. In 2007, Hublot announced the establishment of a partnership with the 2008 European Cup, officially announcing that this first luxury watch brand entering the football world appeared on the scene of the European Cup. HUBLOT carefully designed and produced the 2008 European Cup referee. Dedicated watch.

   The truth is that ‘it’s a natural success, you don’t need to worry about it.’ After many years of cooperation with football, HUBLOT has further established its leadership in the field of football. As the first brand to lead the luxury marriage football, HUBLOT’s diversified presentation on the South African field has attracted worldwide attention. HUBLOT global CEO Jean-Claude Beaver said that football is a very good platform for luxury brands. Among its huge audience, there are not only luxury goods at the top of the pyramid. Consumers also have many potential users currently located in the middle of the pyramid. What’s more important is to make HUBLOT more focused on the future. Children who love football now will be the mainstay of this society in the future, and may become HUBLOT’s future users. No sport can cover such a huge audience as perfectly as football. Linking HUBLOT with this enthusiastic sport that has swept the world and becoming a leader in the football field can be described as a pioneer in luxury marketing!