Seiko Vivace Series New Products Listed Sasaki Nozomi Design

Japanese popular model Nozomi Sasaki has conquered the hearts of many male friends with sweet smiles and fresh and refined temperament. Since 2011, Nozomi Sasaki has become the spokesperson for the Seiko Vivace series, whose image and product echo each other. Great points. This time, Sasaki not only endorsed the brand again, but more specifically, she participated in the design of Seiko Vivace watches, launching a total of four works with two themes, ‘Heartful Hours’ and ‘Sparkling Party’.
New image advertisement of Seiko Vivace series.
     ‘Heartful Hours’ comes in two colors: ‘purple silver’ and ‘dazzling gold’, with a compact case shape and a bracelet-like design, the dial is embossed at 3, 6, 9, and 12 o’clock The heart pattern echoes the theme of ‘Heartful Hours’. In addition, in the ‘brilliant gold’ style, 8 SWAROVSKI crystals are set, which is more luxurious and dazzling. As always, the watch is equipped with a solar movement, which promotes the theme of environmental protection.
Purple Purple (left) and Brilliant Gold (right)
     The ‘Sparkling Party’ is divided into two colors: ‘Xingyao Gold’ and ‘Sparkling Pink’; the watch model also maintains a small and delicate appearance, and the bezel full of rhombus cut surfaces adds a three-dimensional layer to the whole. On the dial, a single SWAROVSKI crystal is set at 12 o’clock, looking at the star-shaped hour markers in the 7 o’clock direction, plus the sparkling embellishment on the right half, adding a cute expression to the mature color. The two models of ‘Xingyao Gold’ and ‘Shining Powder’ are limited to 150 pieces respectively.
“ Starlight Gold ” (left) and “ Sparkling Pink ” (right)