Sea Elite Brief Comment On Omega 300 Meter Waterproof Observatory Watch

A simple and stylish 300-meter water-resistant watch, closer to friends who like the middle-level consumption level of diving watches. As the Omega (Omega) men’s Sea Master (Sea Horse) series watches, certified by the Swiss official observatory certification center, it is also called ‘300 meters astronomical watch’. Next, the Watch House will unveil the ‘elite in the sea’ for you, the Omega Sea Master (Sea Horse) series 300 meters waterproof astronomical watch. The official model is:
   The simple, stylish and elegant chic diving watch gives a sense of impulse. The watch as a whole is mainly sleek and streamlined. The matching stainless steel bracelet and dial present a harmonious and unified beauty. Omega represents the extraordinary qualities of perfection, extremeness, excellence and achievement, which are reflected one by one on this watch.

   This watch is made of stainless steel for the case and bracelet. The 12-angle bezel shows an alternative beauty. The corners of the bezel are made of stainless steel, so it has both curved and flat-angle designs.

   The minute scale on the black-coated bezel is large and eye-catching. The number ’50’ at 10 o’clock is treated with dark red paint. The outside of the case at the corresponding position is a helium exhaust valve. When we need to discharge the helium in the table, When the gas is on, twist the helium exhaust valve.

   The middle part of the right side of the case is a knurled crown, which has the same design style as the helium exhaust valve. The crown’s shoulders are very streamlined, and the raised parts are created in the same way as the bezel corners.

   The classic round black lacquered dial is embedded with multiple ‘007’ pistol patterns. An innovative dial design is shown as the biggest highlight of the watch; the dial hour markers are staggered by white dots and rectangles, at 12 o’clock The position time scale is represented by two rectangles side by side. The hour marker at 7 o’clock is relatively unique, inlaid with a bright white diamond;

   The hollowed-out hour and minute hands add more highlights to the watch. The tip of the hour hand is set with a circle, while the tip of the minute hand is set with a triangle. The slender second hand also has a circular design at the quarter. All show different geometric elements for the entire watch.

  The bracelet made of stainless steel is the unity of the watch, and it is also one of the necessary bracelets for diving watches. The linked bracelet design ensures the safety of the watch more effectively.

  As shown in the figure, the design of the closed case back made of stainless steel is very prominent. The outer ring is fixed by five screws. The middle part is engraved with a spiral mark. Decorated with a 9mm ‘bullet’ design with the English name of James Bond engraved on it. ‘00001/11007’ is engraved on the outer ring of the case back, indicating that this watch is the first of 11007 limited editions.

   This watch uses Omega’s self-developed coaxial movement 2507, which can guarantee a power reserve of up to 44 hours, and the movement frequency of the movement is 28,800 times per hour.

Summary: Omega’s seahorse 300-meter water-resistant watch was released as the 50th anniversary of James Bond 007. The watch incorporates many geometric elements and the 007 logo. This stainless steel watch is equipped with a one-way rotating bezel that is easy to grasp, and integrates the essence of design to better explain the breakthrough of diving watches in new fields.

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