Richard Mille Rm 017 Slim Tourbillon Watch Asia Edition

At the 2015 ‘Watches and Miracles’ Asian High-end Watch & Clock Fair, Richard Mille is about to exhibit the Asian version of the RM 017 ultra-thin tourbillon watch with ATZ white ceramic and TZP black ceramic case. The new RM 017 Asian dial has a unique design and is decorated with Chinese numbers to highlight Chinese cultural characteristics. Like every RichardMille piece, RM 017 represents the tradition and exquisiteness of fine watchmaking technology. The new work’s splints, screws and even hands are all handmade.
   Following the first introduction of the RM 016 rectangular case, the RM 017 Tourbillon is the first tourbillon watch with a rectangular case. The RM 017 ultra-thin tourbillon watch measures 49.80 mm x 38.00 mm x 8.70 mm. It is designed to fit the curve and taper of the wrist at 12 o’clock and 6 o’clock, meeting the expectations of all Richard Mille enthusiasts. The RM 017 movement has 23 jewel bearings with a wobble frequency of 3 Hz. Its dimensions are 31.20 mm x 29.45mm and its thickness is only 4.65mm. The RM 017 manual-winding movement is one of the thinnest tourbillon movements ever made.

   In addition, the RM 017 tourbillon uses ribbed grade 5 titanium alloy and black PVD coating on the bottom plate, plywood and balance plate, which can improve the overall rigidity and surface smoothness of the movement. This is good for the good operation of the gear train. The essential. The hard materials make it extremely time consuming to manufacture these titanium alloy parts; at the same time, due to the flammable nature of titanium during processing, additional safety precautions are required during the manufacturing process. The base plate and all titanium parts of this ultra-flat tourbillon model are independently and extensively tested to ensure optimal strength requirements.
   The function display of the RM 017 also continues Richard Mille’s passion for mechanical innovation. This concept is similar to a car’s gearbox. As long as the crown is pulled out, three functions can be selected: W (winding), N (neutral) and H (manual). With this special gear system, the stress on the crown is minimized and the function of the crown is prevented from affecting the movement. In addition, a block-type gear safety system and a torque-limited crown are designed to prevent the ultra-flat manual winding movement from being damaged due to excessive winding.

   The RM 017 Asian version of the three-piece case is available in ATZ white ceramic or TZP black ceramic with a 5N red gold main case. ATZ and TZP ceramic materials are excellent in shock resistance and scratch resistance, and have a matte effect after a long period of processing and grinding. The design and manufacture of this watch case are all expressing the movement, case and dial. Set of design concepts. The fine craftsmanship is almost rigorous. For example, the outer ring is no longer used, but the movement is fixed to the fixed rubber (ISO SW) of the chassis with 4 titanium screws. RM 017 borrows the elements of motorsports and marine sports from the watch series into a perfectly smooth and ultra-thin case. It has beautiful lines and is one of the thinnest watches.
   The RM 017 Ultra-thin Tourbillon Watch Asia Limited Edition is limited to three white ceramic cases and four black ceramic cases, which are only available in Richard Mille stores in Asia.