The Big Star Chooses Omega, This Matter Is Related To The Constellation

A little girl replied cheerfully: ‘My volunteer is to be a big star!’ The director of the teaching asked: ‘What kind of big star?’ The little girl smiled like a flower, ‘Nicole Kidd Man! ‘The little girl grew up and wanted to be a big star like Nicole. This is a scene from the 2008 release of Zhou Xingchi’s movie’ Yangtze River No. 7 ‘. Director Cao asked the students what their dreams were. Because of the superstar Nicole, countless people remember this classic bridge. In 2018, you may also hear that many watch brands have begun to cooperate with celebrities: Luhan, Eason Chan, Jay Chou, Jolin Tsai, Wu Yanzu … Borrowing the influence of celebrities to increase the attention of the brand and drive sales. It is a reliable and effective business tool that can stand the test of time. In terms of inviting popular stars to cooperate, the person who has the most say is probably Omega, which everyone knows today-the superstar Nicole, has long been the Omega celebrity ambassador. Nicole’s commercial for the Omega watch 011995, Omega officially signed model Cindy Crawford as its celebrity ambassador, and invited her to China to attend the event. The word ‘supermodel’ was not popular at that time. If it is in accordance with today’s standards, the number of fashion covers or the ability to attract gold, Cindy is undoubtedly the first in the supermodel list. In the era of just entering the fast track of reform and opening up, the world’s supermodels do propaganda, no doubt bringing greater than expected popularity to the Omega China market. Wearing the Omega Constellation series watch, accompanied by a sentence ‘Cindy Crawford’s Choice’, this classic advertising picture remains in the memory of many people. Cindy filmed an ad for the Omega Constellation series of watches. Cindy and Omega have been working together since the 1990s. They also participated in the design of the new Omega Constellation series of watches. Ten years after signing Cindy, Omega has found superstar Nicole. In the first decade of the early 21st century, Nicole was undoubtedly a Hollywood superstar all over the world. Whether it is a film achievement or a beautiful appearance, she has been in the media spotlight. I still remember that ‘Nicole’s Choice’ was the new Ladymatic watch of the Omega Saucer Series. There were huge advertisements everywhere in Shanghai’s commercial district. A college student was planted by Nicole at that time. When Nicole wore an Omega Ladymatic watch ad campaign, she reunited with her classmate many years after graduation. When I saw her, she wore a gold Ladymatic watch on her wrist. 02A month ago, the superstar Nicole, supermodel Cindy, came to China again together. Along with them, there are two omega celebrity ambassadors: Chinese actress Liu Shishi, and Brazilian supermodel nicknamed ‘AA’-Alessandra Ambrosio. The luxury star lineup gathered in Shanghai for the global launch of Omega’s new Constellation Collection Manhattan ladies watch. Omega’s four celebrity ambassadors were in Shanghai Liu Shishi, and they became brand celebrity ambassadors in 2017. Omega is clearly in order to go more stable in the Chinese market. AA is the first time to attend the event as an Omega celebrity ambassador. Everyone understands that signing AA is to better manage the Brazilian and South American markets that are rich in supermodels. Brazilian supermodel AA wears the new Constellation series Manhattan ladies watch, plus Cindy daughter and post-zero rookie model Kaia Gerber, you will find the omega female celebrity ambassador, has completed the ‘old middle youth’ all-round no dead end layout. When we look at the high frequency of Omega, especially the Constellation series watches, we should understand that this situation is not without reason, it is the result of Omega’s hard work for more than 20 years. At the Shanghai conference, Liu Shishi shared with us his views on ‘Chinese consumers especially like constellation watches’: ‘Chinese women are very restrained but very tough inside, which is very similar to constellation watches.’ Liu Shishi wears The new Constellation series Manhattan ladies watch is probably Liu Shishi’s personal experience when she was on the same stage with three other western women as the only Oriental celebrity ambassador. Different growth environments, age gaps … especially the differences between eastern and western cultures, Liu Shishi does have many differences from Cindy, Nicole and AA. However, the four ambassadors have one thing in common: that they have achieved outstanding results in their respective fields, and are confident, independent and powerful women representatives. The 03 Omega Constellation series was born in 1952, but at that time the constellation watch was really different from today, and the gap was a little big. Except for the Constellation on the dial and the pentagram logo, everything looks no different from a regular round watch. Early constellation series watches have one of the most punctual ‘inner hearts’. Constellation watches are made by Omega for high travel accuracy. The entire series is certified by the Observatory and the dial is printed with the word Chronometer. The back of the case is covered with 8 stars around the constellation emblem of the observatory, representing the eight championships Omega won in the observatory competition from 1933 to 1952, which means that the Omega watch is accurate and reliable. The pattern of the astronomical star logo on the back of the constellation watch has been used to this day, and has become one of the prominent signs in the series. Some people even think that the reason this series of watches are called ‘constellations’ is because of the constellation represented by the eight stars behind it. However, it is not appropriate to understand this way, although the constellation series is indeed inspired by the vast sky. In 1982, a constellation watch named ‘Manhattan’ was born, which laid the foundation for the appearance of today’s constellation series, which is also the source of the new constellation series Manhattan ladies watch released by Shanghai. The first generation of the Constellation Manhattan watch at the time Omega wanted an ultra-thin watch, but also had to take into account the waterproof function. The designer removed the thick bezel, and let the sapphire crystal and waterproof gasket be directly buckled on the case, clamped with four supporting claws and locked with screws. This tool-type claw design has since become the most iconic feature of the constellation watch. After several iterations, the four-claw has long been deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. At the Shanghai conference, the fifth upgrade of the Constellation Manhattan watch was completed. There were 101 new watches, 25mm and 28mm were quartz watches, and 29mm models were mechanical watches. The new Constellation Manhattan Lady’s Sedna® 18K gold style continues the classic elements since 1982, while the details have been more modified in accordance with modern aesthetics: for example, the bezel ‘thin’, the Roman numerals on it are also much thinner, and All are presented in a vertical direction for easy reading; the claw design is also more ‘slender and thin’, and the case transition is similarly chamfered to make the bezel and the case more naturally and smoothly; for example, the bracelet, the sides of the edge Chamfering, polishing, mirror-polished joints, more refined overall; the new constellation series Manhattan ladies watch bezel, claws, bracelet and other details are refined in addition to appearance, the new constellation series Manhattan ladies watch in accuracy Shang also adheres to its original intention more than 50 years ago: the 29 mm mechanical watch uses the best coaxial Omega chronometer movement. The movement not only needs to be certified by the Swiss Official Astronomical Observatory (COSC), but the entire watch must also complete eight rigorous tests required by the Observatory, including resistance to a strong magnetic field of 15,000 Gauss. As Liu Shishi said, the ‘inside and outside’ Omega constellation models are very similar to the characteristics of Chinese women. 04 In Omega’s official propaganda, we see that Liu Shishi has been wearing a Constellation series watch. In 2017, it was the newly launched Zodiac Observatory small seconds watch; in 2018, it was just the new Constellation series Manhattan ladies watch just released. In 2017, Liu Shishi wore a constellation series Zhizhen Observatory small seconds watch to shoot a large movie. But in reality, Liu Shishi said that she would match different models according to the needs of different occasions. ‘I think wearing a beautifully designed and high-quality watch will make people hope to cherish every moment in life. On many occasions, I will wear a watch.’ Liu Shishi interpreted the meaning of wearing a watch. In daily life, especially when you want to show women’s self-confidence through some neutral wear, Liu Shishi said that she would choose the ‘007 watch’, which is the Haima 300 model, or the Supermaster watch. Although Liu Shishi has always been a ladylike figure, she can see that she is extremely confident and independent. Liu Shishi wears the new Constellation series Manhattan ladies watch. This is also the female power that Omega has always wanted to convey through the celebrity ambassador. It is also probably the reason why Omega and Liu Shishi cooperate. In her two years as an omega celebrity ambassador, Liu Shishi said that her biggest gain was her deeper understanding of the meaning of time: ‘These will make me cherish life more, cherish work and every moment.’ Reader group, please send name + occupation + WeChat to [email protected]

How Can There Be No Red For The Spring Festival? Three Red Element Watches Are Recommended

The Spring Festival has arrived. In this Spring Festival, it is inevitable to dress up to give yourself a good spirit. From clothing to accessories, different choices bring different mental looks. In this traditional festival, how can the atmosphere of this festival be reflected without red dots? Cater to the festival atmosphere of the Chinese people, with a little red accessories, this is the most correct attitude towards this festival! If you want to choose a watch friend with a red element watch when the Spring Festival is approaching, you may wish to take a look at my recommendation for the Spring Festival watch today, which will not let you down.

Omega Seamaster GMT Watch (Red and Black)

Watch model:
Domestic public price: RMB 84,000
Watch diameter: 45.5 mm
Movement type: automatic machinery
Case material: Ceramic
Water resistance: 600 meters
Watch details: DG42C9SMCVDCH watch

Watch price: RMB 38,900
Watch diameter: 42.5 mm
Watch thickness: — —
Movement type: automatic machinery
Case material: composite materials such as magnesium alloy, PEEK, and ceramic
Water resistance: 100 meters
Watch details: The Magnesium series has a distinctive personality and publicity, showing its exquisite and agile qualities. The color of the dial is consistent with the color of the case. The red element is enlarged and displayed, which is classic and vibrant. On the three small black dials decorated with snail pattern, the small seconds at three hours, the thirty-minute counter at nine hours and the twelve-hour counter at six hours form a functional landscape . The date display window is located between the four and five hours on the dial. This design makes the reading more convenient and clear at a glance.

Breitling Super Ocean Series A1334102 / BA81 / 228X / A20BASA.1 Watch

Watch price: RMB 44,200
Watch diameter: 44 mm
Watch thickness: 17.2 mm
Movement type: automatic machinery
Case material: Stainless steel
Water resistance: 500 meters
Watch details: Breitling / 41637 /
Watch Comments: Of course, everyone’s favorite pilot watch is indispensable. This time, red is used as a marginal decoration of the function plate, adding a beautiful landscape to the pilot watch. The sense of sight of the aircraft dashboard is derived from the contrast of these few red elements. 44 mm stainless steel case, atmospheric and delicate. The three small dials on the black dial have a reasonable layout and are beautiful. Excellent polishing makes the watch’s case and bezel feel very good. With Superocean (red edge) belt, the entire watch looks elegant and stylish.
In summary: the Spring Festival is coming, it is a relatively uncommon choice to go home with a red watch with a strong flavor. If you have a plan and have no specific direction, you may wish to take a look at the three models recommended by the watch home editor today. Red element watch for reference only. Finally, I wish you all a Happy Chinese New Year!

The Heroism Of Speed And Racing-related Chronograph Recommendations

In the sound of the engines, the thrilling moments are played between the high-speed wheels on the racing track. Motorsport symbolizes passion, adventure and a little heroism, and decides which hero to cheer for The standard is speed. The measurement of speed is also a kind of calculation of time. In addition to high-performance racing cars, motor sports also require high-precision chronograph watches. The two types of machinery together perform the wonderful 300 + km / h.
TAG Heuer Carrera CV2A1S.BA0799 watch

Domestic public price: 34,500 RMB
Watch diameter: 43 mm
Movement type: automatic machinery
Case material: stainless steel / ceramic
Water resistance: 100 meters
Watch details: RMB
Watch diameter: 40 mm
Movement type: automatic machinery
Case material: Stainless steel
Water resistance: 100 meters
Watch details: 674 7725 8764-07 4 24 50BT watch

Watch diameter: 44 mm
Movement type: automatic machinery
Case material: carbon fiber titanium alloy
Water resistance: 100 meters
Watch details: oris / 44550 /
Watch Comments: Oris has been a timer partner of the F1 Powerhouse Williams team since 2003. The newly created Williams series watch condenses the passion and technology of racing in the wrist. This watch has a 44mm carbon fiber titanium alloy case with a black rubber strap and a black plated stainless steel buckle. Inside the black dial, a date display window at 6 o’clock and a small 12-hour chronograph dial, a small seconds dial at 9 o’clock, and a 30-minute small dial at 12 o’clock. The watch is equipped with the Oris674 automatic movement, which can provide the watch with a 48-hour power reserve.
In summary: Some people say that the increasingly perfect performance of racing cars has made racing drivers lose a little personal charm, and the original heroic complex has gradually decreased. In motorsport, the performance of the car can be less perfect, and if there are regrets, the driver can make up for it. But watches don’t work. They must be precise about time and precise in measuring speed.


When playing antique di, I often encounter the luminous part that has passed away, but I still love the yellowed uniform scale on the dial. How has this magical luminous substance evolved to this day? Let me summarize. –Mr. Ye, after the aging of the luminous paint on the antique disc on June 20, 2019, the daytime will appear a yellow 1910, Radium Ra around 1910, because the Radium ra In terms of cost and output, it already has the conditions for industrial mass production, coupled with the demand for war, so it will soon be popularized in military instruments and watches. The radioactive Radium radium luminous paint has its advantages. The half-life of 1600 determines that it will not easily age as long as it does not touch water. But the hidden danger of this material is also very obvious-radioactive. Although the watch contains less radium and is covered by glass, there are risks associated with prolonged contact. Here, there is one more point to be noted, because the waterproofness of antique watches is not very good, so the original luminous paint made of radium made in the modern world is very small. In 1949, Tritium 氚 was extremely restricted in the civilian market after being popular for some time due to its extremely radioactive nature. In its place, tritium (3H)-Tritium 氚. Similar to radium, it can emit light without absorbing energy from the outside, but its radiation is much smaller than radium, and it is naturally much safer in use. The only problem is that the half-life of plutonium is only 12.5 years. Therefore, a watch with 氚 as a luminous paint, after more than ten years of use, the time scale will gradually turn yellow until it loses luminous. This is also the reason why antique Lau Yeguang will discolor or even lose color. Antique Rolex’s luminous paint gradually aged. In January 1949, Panerai produced luminous paint under the trademark Luminor on the base of plutonium. Since then, it has unveiled its supremacy in the watch and luminous field for nearly 50 years. There are two main ways of labeling the disk, one is ‘T Swiss Made T’, which means that the amount of radon used meets safety standards; the other is ‘T <25', which represents less than 25 curie units of radon radiation. In 1993, Luminova. In 1993, Luminova, a new kind of luminous material, was born. It originated from Radical Specialty Chemicals Co., Ltd. and consisted of inorganic aluminate and other elements. Compared with the previous radium or thorium, on the one hand, the luminescence mechanism is different, because the material does not have any radioactivity, so it is not self-luminous, but requires photoluminescence to cause luminescence; on the other hand, it has excellent chemical stability. It is not prone to aging during its life. In 2000, Super-Luminova In 1998, Swiss RC TRITEC Ltd. and Japan's Nemoto & Co. Ltd. established a joint venture LumiNova AG Switzerland, and in 2000 launched an enhanced version of Luminova-Super-Luminova, which is also today Luminous paint widely used by the brand. Compared with previous generations of luminous materials, Super-Luminova has the following three major advantages: ① The luminous color is richer. In addition to green and blue, it has not only white, yellow, and purple, but also special colors can be modulated by mixing various colors. . Among them, the colors are distinguished by the code of 'C + Arabic numerals'. For example, C1 = white, C3 = yellow, C7 = green … ②The main component of non-radiation Super-Luminova is strontium aluminate, which is not a radioactive substance, so it cannot emit light by itself, and it needs a stage for energy storage. It is reported that 10 to 20 minutes of irradiation can continue to glow in the dark for 8 to 10 hours. ③The color is constant for a long time. The color and brightness of the night light of Super-Luminova theoretically will not age with the passage of time. In other words, when the watch is bought, it is blue night light. Rolex ChromalightSuper-Luminova is the mainstream of the current watch market, but it is by no means the only. For example, Rolex has been using DEEPSEA since 2008, which is Chromalight luminous material (phosphorescent powder, blended into liquid resin, and then applied to luminous display parts). The blue light is very dazzling in the dark environment, exceeding the standard of the watch industry. In the patent of Powell, the world's first noctilucent micro-painted enamel leaves accompanied Super-LumiNova to remind them of its current popularity. HYT, which is famous for its creativity, launched the unique light-emitting motor in the watch industry in 2015. After starting through the crown at 4:30 on the case, the generator in the movement will convert the mechanical energy into electrical energy to light up the included LED lights. Under the illumination of this light source, the transparent composite dial loaded with fluorescent nanoparticles absorbs light energy and starts to emit light. Just like the H4 Neo introduced in 2017, it is usually transparent. Once activated, it constitutes a dazzling scene like purple neon lights. | Psalm 119: 105 | Your words are a lamp under my feet, a light on my way. Ta parole est une lampe a mes pieds, Et une lumiere sur mon sentier .

Longines 2012 Valentine’s Day Couple Recommendations

The Longines Saint-Imier collection is inspired by the birthplace of the brand’s long tradition of pure watchmaking. Fluent lines and lugs independent of the case give these new products a A wonderful balance between classic and modern design. The models in the series are made of rose gold. The rose gold case, the stainless steel rose gold bracelet and the dial rose gold moments perfectly match the hands. The women’s style exudes freshness and purity, and the men’s style is full of gentlemanishness. The warm glowing metal quietly releases a fascinating energy, and as time passes, it always witnesses a true love that will never fade.

Longines Soimia women’s styles Model: L2. Market price : RMB18,400
Case diameter is 26 mm, stainless steel and rose gold case and bracelet, non-reflective sapphire crystal, black dial with 10 rhodium-plated luminous hour markers, an Arabic numeral, date display window at 3 o’clock, Rose gold hands, hour and minute hands with long-lasting luminous treatment. Equipped with L595 self-winding mechanical movement, transparent sapphire crystal case back. Water-resistant to 30 meters or 3 atmospheric pressures.

Longines Somia series men’s styles Model: L2.763.5.52.7 Market price : RMB24,500
Case diameter is 38.5 mm, stainless steel and rose gold case and bracelet, non-reflective sapphire crystal, black dial with 10 rhodium-plated luminous hour markers, an Arabic numeral, date display window at 3 o’clock, Rose gold hands, hour and minute hands with long-lasting luminous treatment. Equipped with L619 automatic mechanical movement, transparent sapphire crystal case back. Water-resistant to 30 meters or 3 atmospheric pressures.

Longines Soimia series women’s styles Model: L2. Market price : RMB18,400
   Case diameter is 26 mm, stainless steel and rose gold case and bracelet, non-reflective sapphire crystal, silver dial with 10 rhodium-plated luminous hour markers, an Arabic numeral, date display window at 3 o’clock, Rose gold hands, hour and minute hands with long-lasting luminous treatment. Equipped with L595 self-winding mechanical movement, transparent sapphire crystal case back. Water-resistant to 30 meters or 3 atmospheric pressures.
Longines Soumea Chronograph Stopwatch Model: L2.753.5.72.7 Market Price : RMB32,000

   Case diameter 39 mm, stainless steel and rose gold case and bracelet, non-reflective sapphire crystal, silver dial with 8 rhodium-plated luminous hour markers, an Arabic numeral, small seconds at 9 o’clock, 4 At 30 o’clock, there is a date display, at 30 o’clock, at 30 o’clock, at 12 o’clock, at 12 o’clock, rose gold hands, and the hour and minute hands are treated with long-lasting luminescence. The chronograph model uses the brand’s exclusive L688 column-wheel movement. With cutting-edge technology, the brand’s excellent watchmaking tradition can be inherited in the 21st century. Transparent sapphire crystal case back. Water-resistant to 30 meters or 3 atmospheric pressures.

Longines romantically recommends the Longines Sommia series stainless steel rose gold pair watch for Valentine’s Day 2012, and show your love to TA boldly with you! Named after its birthplace and place of origin, this brand new Zhenpin traces the source of elegance of the brand, condensing a long tradition of watchmaking, perfect and pure. It is a gift that expresses true love, is given to the loved, and cherished.

Seiko Vivace Series New Products Listed Sasaki Nozomi Design

Japanese popular model Nozomi Sasaki has conquered the hearts of many male friends with sweet smiles and fresh and refined temperament. Since 2011, Nozomi Sasaki has become the spokesperson for the Seiko Vivace series, whose image and product echo each other. Great points. This time, Sasaki not only endorsed the brand again, but more specifically, she participated in the design of Seiko Vivace watches, launching a total of four works with two themes, ‘Heartful Hours’ and ‘Sparkling Party’.
New image advertisement of Seiko Vivace series.
     ‘Heartful Hours’ comes in two colors: ‘purple silver’ and ‘dazzling gold’, with a compact case shape and a bracelet-like design, the dial is embossed at 3, 6, 9, and 12 o’clock The heart pattern echoes the theme of ‘Heartful Hours’. In addition, in the ‘brilliant gold’ style, 8 SWAROVSKI crystals are set, which is more luxurious and dazzling. As always, the watch is equipped with a solar movement, which promotes the theme of environmental protection.
Purple Purple (left) and Brilliant Gold (right)
     The ‘Sparkling Party’ is divided into two colors: ‘Xingyao Gold’ and ‘Sparkling Pink’; the watch model also maintains a small and delicate appearance, and the bezel full of rhombus cut surfaces adds a three-dimensional layer to the whole. On the dial, a single SWAROVSKI crystal is set at 12 o’clock, looking at the star-shaped hour markers in the 7 o’clock direction, plus the sparkling embellishment on the right half, adding a cute expression to the mature color. The two models of ‘Xingyao Gold’ and ‘Shining Powder’ are limited to 150 pieces respectively.
“ Starlight Gold ” (left) and “ Sparkling Pink ” (right)

Classic And Modern Interpretation Tasting Girard Perregaux Laureato Laurel Series Chronograph

Girard Perregaux Laureato series has a variety of characteristics, which is what Girard Perregaux has always been proud of. The Laureato laurel series was born in 1975. It has many different designs and changes in appearance. It is specially designed for men of different styles to suit their watches. It can be flexibly matched on any occasion. This is another charm of it. One aspect. In 2018, the brand launched a number of different chronograph watches, which once again captured the hearts of the people with their classic designs, unique sports shapes and practical functions. Next, let’s enjoy the blue-faced steel chronograph. (Watch model: 81020-11-431-11A)

Interpretation of classic and modern

    The blue-faced steel chronograph retains the brand’s original design elements. Its strong shape and exquisite details highlight the watch’s sporty style and are suitable for a variety of occasions. The unique design of the octagonal bezel, the integrated case structure design, etc., combines classic and modern sports, making the watch quite refreshing.

Watch real shot

    The 38mm case is made of 904L stainless steel. This material contains high chromium content, but has strong corrosion resistance. After polishing, the gloss is even more beautiful. The side of the octagonal bezel, the round part underneath it, and the edge of the case have been polished, and the metal luster is very bright. The other parts are polished with a brushing process. Two different polishing processes reflect each other on the case, bringing full visual enjoyment.

    The crown is presented in an octagonal shape and echoes the bezel. The brand LOGO is engraved on it, which reflects the brand’s exclusive aesthetic style. The streamlined crown bridge protects the watch’s internal security. On both sides of the crown are timing buttons with twist locks, which can activate the pause and zero timing devices.

    The blue dial is decorated with CloudeParis, and the finely-protruded pyramid pattern crisscrosses the dial.

    The three function dials are distributed on the dial in a classic three-eye style. The dial is decorated with a snail pattern, which contrasts sharply with the Paris stud pattern. A date display window between the 4 and 5 o’clock positions adds another useful feature to the watch.

    The movement is equipped with a GP03300-0138 self-winding movement, which is water-resistant to 100 meters and can provide a power reserve of approximately 46 hours. The bottom of the watch is designed with a dense bottom to better ensure the safety of the movement between the wrists.

    The design of the stainless steel bracelet is also unique. The H-shaped wide chain links are frosted and polished, and the arched middle links are polished. Comfortable to wear.

Summary: It has been 3 years since the Laureato Laurel crown series returned to Girard Perregaux. Through the ever-changing design changes, a new chapter has been written for this series. Today, this Laureato laurel series blue faced steel chronograph introduces modern aesthetics with classic design elements, and provides more daily matching options for those who seek taste. Reference price: ¥ 106000 (Wu Fengqi, the home of the picture / text watch)

The Price Rise Of Luxury Goods Is Quietly Coming Hermes Is Rising Due To Raw Materials

At least once a year, the tide of luxury goods prices is quietly coming. Recently, Hermès released price increases, citing rising prices of raw materials such as silk and leather and fluctuations in exchange rates. In this regard, netizens yelled too much, ‘This reason is too nonsense. When are luxury goods priced according to the cost of raw materials?’ Some netizens said that luxury goods are nothing more than a reason to routinely increase prices.

 Every year, luxury brands will increase their prices once or twice. The reporter visited GUCCI, Dior, Celine and other brand counters and found that in recent months, many brands have indeed raised the prices of some products, but compared to overseas Regional and previous years, this year’s actions are relatively ‘low-key’.

 Hermes announces price increase next year

 Recently, the luxury goods giant Hermes Group announced plans to raise prices next year, citing rising prices of raw materials such as silk and leather and fluctuations in exchange rates.

 The latest results show that Hermès sales in the first half of fiscal 2013 reached 1.672 billion euros, an increase of 11% year-on-year, and net profit increased by nearly 14% year-on-year. Among them, the Asia-Pacific region except Japan maintained a growth momentum, an increase of 17% year-on-year. Hermes said that the Chinese market continues to show strong vitality. However, due to the general downturn in the watch industry, sales of Hermès watch business fell 1% in the first half.

 Hermès attributes the price increase next year to the increase in raw material costs, which can alleviate the impact of exchange rate fluctuations on the brand. For example, the yen weakened against the euro, while the Japanese market accounted for almost a fifth of Hermès’ global sales.

 The reporter learned the information about the price adjustment plan from the Hermes counter, and the other party said that it was not clear. He called Hermes Shanghai and did not get a clear answer.

 GUCCI, Cartier, Celine and other recent price increases

 Dior women’s clothing counters have also quietly raised the price of some products recently, mainly involving some leather goods. ‘Classic LadyDior series, Diorissimo and other styles of bag prices have been increased, but not much, at around 500 yuan. For example, the original price of 32,500 yuan, LadyDior bags, now adjusted to 33,000 yuan.’ Dior counter staff told reporters that this The counter has only increased its price since August last year.

 Prior to Dior, GUCCI, Cartier, Celine and other brands also successively adjusted prices in recent months.

 In April, the prices of some GUCCI leather goods increased by about 5%. ‘It only involves a small amount of bag money, and the price increase is basically around a few hundred yuan.’ The relevant person in charge of the mall revealed.

 At the end of April, Cartier also adjusted the prices of watches and jewelry online. The store manager said that the increase was not large, basically within 5%. ‘Under the influence of rising raw material and labor costs, the company will adjust the prices of goods from time to time. ‘

 In early May, Montblanc also adjusted the price of goods across the board. The prices of watches, belts, writing instruments, etc. all rose by 3% -5%.

 Just over a month ago, Celine also raised the price of some leather goods, involving its signature smiley bags and other bags, with price adjustments ranging from 5% to 10%.

 And LV, CHANEL, LOEWE and other brands, in recent months have not adjusted prices. People in the mall said that CHANEL has not adjusted the price for one and a half years, ‘but the price of its classic models has increased a lot in the past few years, such as the 2.55 chain bag, from about 20,000 yuan in 2009 to the current 40,000 yuan, the price has more than doubled in 4 years. ‘

 Purchasing sellers say overseas gains are even greater

 ‘A message from a friend from the United States today, CHANEL began to adjust the price of classic models by more than 15% from September 1, which means that after September 1, the price increases of CF, 2.55, leboy and other models are at least 700-900. US dollars, equivalent to 4200-5400 yuan! ‘The day before yesterday, Miss Zhang lamented on Weibo that the price of her favorite brand was rising again this time.

 A seller engaged in overseas purchasing of luxury goods told reporters that since September CHANEL has increased prices across Europe, with an increase of 8% -30%. ‘Classic models are bound to rise. Chanel 2.55 is up 20%. The price of the original medium bag was equivalent to approximately 29,000 yuan. Now it is almost 35,000 yuan.’

 In addition to CHANEL, Prada, GUCCI, LV, Dior and other brands have all experienced price increases in the European market recently. ‘The main price increases are bags. Prada and GUCCI discounts also have price increases, most of which range from 8% to 10%. For example, Prada discount wallets have also increased by 20 to 30 euros.’ One in Italy Disclosed by sellers engaged in overseas purchasing.

 Since July this year, LV has raised the average price of leather products such as handbags and wallets in the Japanese market by about 8% to counter the weak yen.

 Many overseas purchasing sellers are busy selling the goods before the price increases. ‘The key recommendation is that the Lady Dior that the owner bought before the price increase has now increased by 100 euros, and it is still sold at the price before the price increase!’ A seller is touting a black patent leather Lady Dior bag from France.

 Insiders: China’s luxury goods outflow has further intensified

 Due to rising factors such as raw material prices and labor costs, and in order to maintain the brand’s status, considering the consumer’s “buy up or not buy down” mentality, each luxury brand generally adjusts its price once or twice a year. In general, prices are adjusted in Europe first, followed by domestic ones, and corresponding responses are made about a month later.

 However, in terms of the frequency and range of price adjustments this year, compared with previous years, compared with overseas regions, the movement of luxury goods in mainland China is considered to be ‘low-key.’ Insiders analyze that in the current economic environment, consumers are more sensitive to prices. ‘From the second half of last year, the growth rate of luxury goods in the Mainland of China has slowed down. It may be more unfavorable to increase prices if they increase prices; but in order to maintain the status of luxury brands, prices must be increased.’

 Even after experiencing price increases, the prices of luxury goods overseas are still lower than domestic counters without price adjustment. Many industry insiders have pointed out that overseas purchasing is a major reason for the shrinkage of the domestic counter luxury market, and the price difference between domestic and foreign luxury goods has made Chinese consumers’ luxury consumption further overseas.

 According to the 2013 China Tax Exemption Report released by the Wealth Quality Institute, China may or may become the second largest tax-free consumer country in the world; on the other hand, the outflow of Chinese luxury goods has further intensified this year, with only 20% of the people Buy luxury goods in mainland China.

Hermès Thousand Flowers Blooming Season

In order to make Arceau Millefiori Thousands of Flowers, HERMÈS combines watchmaking and crystal crafts to make this extraordinary encounter. Unique Arceau Millefiori watch and pocket watch, the crystal dial and cover are from the 19th century Cristallerie Royale de Saint-Louis Millefiori (Millefiori) manufacturing process, and produced in The mechanical movement of the Swiss Hermès watch factory shines each other.

   Today, as always, everything in Saint-Louis starts with a crystal furnace called ‘pot furnace’. The crystal craftsman extended the metal torch into these furnaces, took out crystals or enamels of different colors, and rotated the molten crystals or enamels to form a homogeneous substance without bubbles, called gob. The crystal masters began to work patiently and staged a silent ballet that only they could understand. The metal torch is passed in the hands of each person, bred in the breath, and walks between the workshop and the workshop until the monochromatic crystal is cooled and formed into a crystal stem that creates the ‘Millefiori’ pattern (Millefiori is a combination of Italian words , Meaning ‘Thousand Flowers’).

 These stems look like malt candy bars, and the crystal and enamel are layered on top of each other to give a contrasting hue. Sometimes they are combined into richer patterns. But no matter how the color or design changes, the process is the same. When the crystal craftsman took out the assembled crystal and the molten crystal, the second craftsman held another blow tube to attach to the other end of the molten crystal, and quickly pulled out a few meters of fine crystal core before the crystal or enamel cooled. The column, which is only a few millimeters in diameter, is then cut into sections. The formed mandrels were cut into small pieces of about 10 mm each, and crystal craftsmen who specialized in making thousands of flowers stood upright in an iron bowl to form a flower bed pattern.

 When the crystal craftsman prepared the ‘semi-circle-cap’ or ’round-cap’ -shaped molten crystal tightly attached to the metal torch, another craftsman laid the iron bowl with the thousand flower patterns flat on the workbench. The first craftsman pressed the transparent fused crystal clinging to the top of the torch, pressed the molten crystal on the Qianhua iron bowl at a precise position, and covered the transparent crystal with the Qianhua pattern. The blowpipe is then moved back to the furnace and reheated to shape the softened Qianhua crystal with a wooden long-handled tool, and sometimes even paper to process it into the desired shape. The final finishing step of the paper town is that the crystal craftsmen specially shaped the shape of a gourd neck to cut the required thousand flower crystal parts. Thousand flower crystals only show the full picture of the pattern at the final cutting stage. The colorful and vivid flower bed, with its unique beauty, will become the dial or cover of one of the Arceau watches or pocket watches.

 Arceau Pocket Millefiori Unique Cover Made of Qianhua Crystal

 Glossy raspberry-colored alligator skin sets off the precious and unique pink thousand flower crystal face plate

 Matte indigo blue alligator leather with ingenious thousand flower crystal

30,000 ~ 50,000 Yuan: The First Strike Of Middle-class People

For middle-class people, when they first entered the world of watches, the following watches are more in line with personal needs. For mechanical watches, the real value lies in the heart of this watch, which is basically equipped with its own special movement, which basically belongs to the basic models of mid-range brands. Hublot Classic Fusion
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    For middle-class people, the following watches are more in line with personal needs when they first enter the world of watches. For mechanical watches, the real value lies in the heart of this watch, which is basically equipped with its own special movement, which basically belongs to the basic models of mid-range brands.