Omega And George Clooney Join Together To Feast At The Shanghai Hidden Garden

On May 16th, OMEGA and celebrity ambassador George Clooney, who had cooperated for many years, gathered in Shanghai for a feast. The presence of the award-winning actor and producer added even more starlight to this star-studded event. At the event, Omega also exhibited a series of new products in the Aqua Horse watch series. In addition to George Clooney, Omega Global President Stephen Urquhart and President and CEO of International Orbis Organization Jenny Hourihan also attended the scene and addressed the invited guests. At the end of the dinner, the live performance of French female singer France Owlle brought the event to a climax.

 Omega has created a ‘Hidden Garden’ in Shanghai for this Le Jardin Secret (谧 · 夜夜) event, creating a brand-friendly atmosphere. The innovative transparent roof design presents guests with the bright starlight of the natural night sky; under the starry sky, Omega watches are shining, and many celebrities also show charming style. The furnishings of the garden also introduced the highly recognizable design element of the Aquamar series Aqua Terra watch-the vertical texture of the ‘teak concept’ on the dial.

Surprise night
 George Clooney has been an Omega celebrity ambassador since 2007. He is one of the most acclaimed geniuses in the film industry, and has been unprecedentedly nominated for six Academy Awards. In the warm applause of the guests at the scene, he was invited to the stage to talk about his indissoluble bond with Omega.
 ‘My father wore an Omega watch for many years. When I became an Omega celebrity ambassador, I immediately told the good news to my father. He told me that the watch was hidden in the attic, when After he re-wound the watch, the watch was still running. Then I gave the watch to Omega, and they repaired it with great care. Eventually I was able to return the watch as a birthday gift. My father. I really have a very deep historical connection with Omega. ‘George Clooney said.

 After Mr. Okewa gave a welcome speech to the guests, the lights dimmed, and a short but shocking short film appeared in front of the guests. The short film introduced the outstanding achievements of the international Obis supported by Omega in the world. Work, the organization and its Eye Flying Hospital are committed to providing high-quality treatment of eye diseases in remote regions of the world.
 Following the short film, President and CEO of International Orbis Organization, Jenny Hurian, described the organization’s achievements since its founding in 1982.
‘I think any one of us is enthusiastic about contributing to humanity. And our mission at Orbis is always clear, clear and practicable, to help people restore light and prevent preventable blindness worldwide. She said, ‘Thank you, and thank you again for Omega, and thank you for taking the time to understand Orbis’ work.’
 After Jenny Hurrian’s speech, George Clooney also talked about the importance of the International Orbis Organization and similar institutions. He said: ‘We are all members of society and we must go forward with each other. Jenny is in Obis has done an outstanding job, and Omega has decided to take on its social responsibility and assist the international Obis organization. I am really proud to be part of the Omega family. ‘

 Subsequently, Cai Hairong, an ophthalmologist from Orbis, talked about the treatment provided by the organization for two Chinese children. In the expectation of guests at the scene, George Clooney accompanied the two children to the stage again.

 George Clooney fulfilled the child’s wishes and danced with her on stage. Then, he took off the Omega Sauvignon Hour Vision Blue “Bright Blue” almanac, and signed the watch strap and gift box. This particular watch was then exhibited on-site and will be on tour in six domestic Omega flagship stores in the coming months. Later this year, this watch will also be auctioned, and all funds raised in the auction will be used to fund the outstanding cause of the international Orbis organization.
 Speaking of George Clooney’s friendship with the brand, Mr. Okewa, the global president of Omega, said concisely and emotionally: ‘We are very honored to cooperate with George Clooney. Today he attended this event not only because he He is a member of the Omega family because of his deep love for Omega. ‘

 Le Jardin Secret (谧 · 境 夜) successfully concluded in the touching voice of the famous French singer Francis Oviere.