Olympian Chen Mei, A Famous Violinist, Visits The Omega Winter Olympics Pavilion

On the afternoon of February 8th, Omega Celebrity Ambassador and Famous Violinist Chen Mei was warmly welcomed by the global media at the Omega Winter Olympics Pavilion. The Winter Olympics player and Omega Global President Mr. Okehua discussed the meaning of time for her and her goals and expectations at this Winter Olympics.

From the concert hall to the ski slopes: Cross-border superstar Chen Mei shares his time and understanding of his music and sports career.
‘The Olympics is the world’s top sports event. This time, being able to participate in the Sochi Winter Olympics with Omega is simply a dream come true. Sometimes I even need to poke myself to believe that I am not dreaming All this is true, ‘Chen Mei said. Speaking of her goals in this Winter Olympics, Chen Mei said: ‘I must say that there are many experts at the Winter Olympics. My purpose of participating is not to compete with the best athletes in the world. , But to be able to participate in this event with them, this is the true Olympic spirit and the message of the Olympic Games. ‘
‘Chen Mei was chosen as a celebrity ambassador because we are convinced that she can reflect the connotation of Omega’s brand,’ said Okewa, the global president of Omega. ‘We will invite Omega celebrity ambassadors to participate in our theme activities at each Olympic Games. This time our This celebrity ambassador is not only a world-renowned musician, but also a participant in this Winter Olympics, which is really rare. ‘

Chen Mei started playing violin and skiing at the age of 4, and soon became a well-known musical prodigy. By the age of 13, Chen Mei had completed her world tour and had released three classical music albums. Since then, she has pioneered classical cross-border music and has continued on this extraordinary musical journey.
Talking about her relationship with time, Chen Mei said: ‘As a musician, I don’t always have to calculate the time accurately when playing. I can be more inspired by the freedom of freedom. After participating in ski competitions, Only then did I realize that time is the source of life. Without time, how to build my own life. All these experiences must be viewed from the perspective of time. Life is composed of every day and every step. This is how I compare skiing with Understanding of a musical career. ‘
After interacting with the media and audience, Chen Mei received a special gift from Omega: a live performance brought by a young violin rookie inspired by Chen Mei.
Elizaveta Stakhurskaya, 11, is the champion of several important local music competitions in Russia. She performed Georg Taylorman’s ‘Seventh Violin Solo Fantasia in E Major’ for Chen Mei live. After the performance, she sought guidance from her idols and wished Chen Mei good results in the competition.
Chen Mei encouraged Elizaveta to say, ‘Be persistent and pursue your dreams bravely.’
Omega is proud to work with such a versatile and talented celebrity ambassador, and looks forward to Chen Mei’s excellent performance in the Sochi Winter Olympics Swing and Grand Swing projects.
Omega Pavilion
The Omega Pavilion is two stories high. During the Winter Olympics and the Winter Paralympics, Omega will host a series of themed activities here, including watchmaking craftsmanship and interaction with many omega celebrity ambassadors. The Omega Pavilion opens daily at 9 am local time and closes at 1 am.