New Rolex 21st Century Bill Factory Completed

Bienne, October 16, 2012 – The new factory of Rolex’s calibre manufacturing plant in Biele is officially completed today. Influential politicians and business people such as Johann Schneider-Ammann, member of the Swiss Federal Council (Head of the Department of Economic Affairs), Andreas Rickenbacher, Chairman of the Executive Committee of the Canton Bern, Bern Parliament Hans Stöckli, and Mayor Erich Fehr Attend the inauguration ceremony. After the traditional ribbon-cutting ceremony, Rolex showed guests and its media friends its brand-new movement manufacturing facility. Rolex will perfectly combine high value-added manual skills with cutting-edge technology. The new manufacturing plant is of great significance and is one of the largest industrial construction projects in Switzerland in recent years. As the world leader in luxury watches, Rolex can perfect the production model of its movements with new manufacturing. This extremely modern movement manufacturing plant covers a total area of ​​92,000 square meters and a total volume of 400,000 cubic meters, of which the new plant has a volume of 230,000 cubic meters. While Bill Movement manufactures to achieve superior productivity, it also provides employees with a comfortable working environment and respects the environment. The new manufacturing facility sets a new example for the watch manufacturing industry, continuing the pioneering spirit of the Rolex brand and the passion for excellence.
Rolex enters a ‘new era’
    Mr. Maître Bertrand Gros, Chairman of the Manufacture des Montres Rolex S. A., said: ‘Today, Rolex has entered a new era. The new Bill Manufacturing, which started in 2009, shows Rolex’s unwavering confidence in the future. Today, strategic parts are Supply has become a huge challenge for the watch manufacturing industry. Our manufacturing facilities in Bill and Geneva constitute a strong and sturdy production system to ensure that Rolex can produce independently and has the freedom to create independence and innovation, while also meeting the brand Demanding quality. ‘
Johann Schneider-Ammann, member of the Swiss Federal Council, emphasized the important role of Rolex.
    As the image ambassador of Swiss manufacturing, Rolex has proved to the world the high quality and high-tech level of Swiss manufacturing. He said: ‘Rolex’s huge investment in the facilities of the new manufacturing facility shows that Switzerland is still a first-class production place even in the depressed world economy.’ The brand controls the entire production process.
    The completion of Bill’s new manufacturing facility marks the successful completion of Rolex’s strategic plan for more than ten years-integrating the production of important parts of watches, and the production process is completely under the control of Rolex. Rolex internally controls the production of all the important parts of the watch, including the case, the movement, the surface and the strap, through four new or converted manufacturing facilities (three in Geneva and one in Bill). This forward-looking strategy not only ensures that Rolex can produce independently, it also has unmatched productivity. Efficient production
    Concentrating all movement production in a new manufacturing facility is conducive to improving production efficiency and productivity, improving various production operations, and optimizing the allocation of personnel and materials. Bill Manufacturing employs a large and efficient automated storage system. This fully automatic system has more than 46,000 storage cells, which can safely store parts and finished products, and quickly deliver parts to the workshop through 22 receiving and dispatching stations and 1.2 kilometers long conveyor belts.
    The new building has a simple architectural style and rigorous structure, providing employees with a spacious and bright working environment. Ample natural light enters the building through the lighting patio, and the design of the lighting patio is inspired by the movement structure.
The new manufacturing facility has a top-view restaurant and several staff rest areas. Fully consider environmental factors
    At each Rolex facility, the design and construction of new plants must adhere to strict safety standards, integrate into the surrounding landscape and respect the environment, and meet sustainable development requirements. Not only that, the new Bill’s manufacturing facility also meets the Swiss sustainable housing energy standard MINERGIE ®, which is extremely rare in buildings of this size. The new manufacturing facility is particularly eye-catching. It makes good use of energy, has excellent thermal insulation layers, and uses renewable energy to deeply integrate building design and production needs. More than 2,000 employees work at Bill’s Manufacture, while more than 4,000 employees work at Rolex’s Geneva headquarters and other manufacturing facilities. They are responsible for the manufacture of other watch parts and assembly of watches.