Louis Vuitton Louis Vuitton Challenges The Sea With Precise Timing-shoulders The Important Timing Of The America’s Cup Official

mentioned LOUIS VUITTON Louis Vuitton (hereinafter referred to as LV), its brand is famous in the global fashion industry. Lenovo. However, in the America’s Cup, which will be held in 2013, LV is about to play an important role in official timing, shouldering the important mission of accurately recording the progress and results of the game.

LOUIS VUITTON Louis Vuitton must not only be the title sponsor of the event, but also the official timing data provider

The 160-year-old America’s Cup is the world’s most important sailing competition. Its name actually came from the British World Exposition in 1851. At that time, the boat competition attracted the top British fleet to compete. Ordered to invite foreign fleets to participate, but only a few Americans from New York accepted the challenge and took part in the ship named ‘America’. However, they unexpectedly exploded and defeated 14 past teams in one fell swoop. The British fleet that dominated the sea won the bid and named the trophy ‘America’ ​​(American), which became the so-called America’s Cup ‘American Cup’ today.
The Louis Vuitton Cup, which was held in 1983, was supported by Louis Vuitton at that time. The conference held a series of preliminary rounds. The winning team that won the Louis Vuitton Cup was qualified to enter the finals to challenge the defending US team. Afterwards, the trial was officially named the Louis Vuitton Cup, and at that time also witnessed that the Australian team won the Louis Vuitton Cup and defeated the US team in the final, ending the 132-year history of the American dominance.
Ten years after 1987, the Louis Vuitton Cup became the outpost of the America’s Cup. Among the seven Louis Vuitton Cup champions, four teams won the America’s Cup at the same time. The 34th America’s Cup in 2013 consists of the America’s Cup World Series, the Louis Vuitton Cup and the America’s Cup. The Louis Vuitton Cup will be held in Held in San Francisco from July 4th to September 1st, 2013, the final winner officially became a challenger, competing with the defending Oracle Racing fleet for the America’s Cup from September 7th to September 22nd, 2013. And this is exactly 30 years away from the first Louis Vuitton Cup held in Newport, Rhode Island in 1983.

Captain Bruno Trouble (left) of the first Louis Vuitton Cup French team, this time with LV Jewellery and Clock Director Hamdi Chatti (right) at the San Diego station, representing the important moment of LV’s return to the America’s Cup

In the field of fine watchmaking, LV knows that its design must be supported by professional technology. Just like high-quality luggage or leather goods, it must have qualified senior craftsmen and skills. As a result, LV planned to cultivate its own watch technology in stages, in addition to establishing a core production base in La Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland, and cooperating with different third-party factories to obtain technical assistance in the early stages of brand development.
With the strong resources and determination of the Group, LV now has a variety of complex functions including three questions, tourbillon, mysterious watch, chronograph and stopwatch, etc., and gradually completed the pyramid structure of the advanced watchmaking at that time. Hamdi Chatti, Director of Jewellery and Watchmaking, said that the development strategy of LV watches, in addition to establishing the brand DNA featuring the Tambour case, in addition to other functions, will be based on LV history-related travel and navigation as the main axis of design.
Hamdi emphasized that the most important thing now is to prepare for the 2013 America’s Cup. LV must provide real-time information about the game and ensure the outcome of the game. LV sought the assistance of satellite and time measurement technology expert Virtual Eye, and designed a Real-Time broadcast system to transmit the actual situation to the referees in real time, as well as audiences around the world who know the situation through computers or television. In order to show the race condition more clearly, a set of artificial virtual sailing race chase system is also developed, which is updated every tenth of a second to make the audience better understand the race conditions.

LOUIS VUITTONTambour Regatta America’s Cup QuartzLOUIS

At the same time, LV also launched two America’s Cup commemorative watches in 2012. They are Regatta’s mechanical and quartz movement models with a countdown function. In addition to the commemorative words on the faceplate, the entire watch is also covered with black rubber. Overlay, creating a contrast of black and red. In addition, the outpost battle Louis Vuitton Cup also launched two commemorative watches, one of the most important is Tambour Spin Time Regatta, combined with an exclusive flip cube mechanism and countdown function, is unprecedented sailing watch design, the other is It is a chronograph that displays the countdown of five minutes into two positions. Each has its own characteristics. It seems that from the actual event to the surrounding activities, LV is fully prepared!