Longines Longines ‘bird’s Nest’ Event Goddess Gracefully Appeared

The Longines Equestrian Beijing Masters 2014 was staged in the ‘Bird’s Nest’ of the National Stadium in China. The famous Swiss watch manufacturer Longines has been named as a race partner, official timekeeper and Designate watches and continue naming the event, setting off a wave of elegance in the ancient capital.

Longines Elegant Ambassador Ms. Lin Zhiling attended the ‘Longines Masters’ event with an elegant appearance

This highest level of professional equestrian events in China has attracted top domestic and foreign riders to compete in the same field, and also gathered ladies and gentlemen together. Ms. Chen Suzhen, President of Swatch Group China, and Mr. Li Li, Vice President of Longines China, joined hands with Miss Long Zhiling, the elegant ambassador of Longines, to lead the bright stars and help the greenery event. Led by the Longines Conquest Classic equestrian theme, more than 20 Longines classic timepieces and landmark equestrian timers were unveiled on the scene, praising the brand for more than 180 years of purity Watchmaking traditions and lasting enthusiasm for equestrian sports.
Top events for an elegant equestrian time
The 2014 Longines Beijing International Equestrian Masters has an excellent lineup of riders, including the top three British celebrities Scott Brash and Ben Maher in the ‘FINA Longines Ranking’ and the German ‘Equestrian of ‘Father’ Ludger Beerbaum, as well as world-class riders from 7 countries, such as Longines Ambassador of Elegant Image, the famous Swiss rider Jane Richard. Liu Tongyan, the number one equestrian in the standings of Chinese riders, Zhu Meimei, the number two Chinese national equestrian team, and Li Zhenqiang, a former Beijing Olympic rider and personal champion of the 2013 National Championships, led many domestic racecourse leaders Strive for a total prize money of 1.3 million yuan.

Winner Kevin Staut and Love Horse leap moments gracefully

On the day of the ‘Longines Masters’, although the riders had fine raindrops on their faces, the cool raindrops could not extinguish the sincere passion of the riders and the audience for equestrian sports. 32 top domestic and foreign riders arrived as expected, staged a battle of heroes. In the end, the French rider Kevin Staut rode the love horse Collard heroically. Ludger Beerbaum and steed Cinetto finished second with a slight gap. Jane Richard rides Urema, and with his steady performance, he will earn more than the season’s army. Zhu Meimei, a high-profile Chinese player, took fourth place in riding the horse Cheval De Blanc, and ranked first among domestic riders. At the same time, live events such as “Longines Beijing International Equestrian Masters Fashion Photo Contest”, “Equestrian Training Camp”, “Equestrian Knowledge Lecture”, and “Children’s Experience Zone” have also started. Orientation explains the elegant meaning of equestrian sport.

Ms. Chen Suzhen, President of Swatch Group China, Mr. Li Li, Vice President of Longines China, and Ms. Lin Zhiling, Longines Ambassador of Elegantity, presenting awards to winners (from left to right: Ms. Chen Suzhen, President of Swatch Group China; winner of the race) ‘Lord of German Equestrian’ Ludger Beerbaum; Mr. Li Li, Vice President of Longines China; Winner Kevin Staut; Third Place Winner, Longines Elegant Ambassador, Famous Swiss Rider Jane Richard; Longines Elegant Ambassador Miss Lin Zhiling)

Adhering to the common pursuit of precision, elegance and superior quality, Longines has been supporting this equestrian event since the inception of the Beijing International Equestrian Masters. Mr. Li Li, Vice President of Longines China, said: ‘We are very honored to be the title partner, official timekeeper and designated watch of the Beijing International Equestrian Masters. This exciting top-level event perfectly combines sport and elegant timeless charm, It is exactly the same as Longines’ watchmaking tradition. During the race, Longines will accompany audience friends to appreciate the outstanding style of the world’s top riders and experience the exciting and elegant equestrian charm. ‘
Celebrities and Asters Gather Together, Demonstrating Bright Fashion
Equestrian is known as the ‘King of the Kings’ for its noble and ancient traditions and strict requirements for the cultivation of riders. The magnificent knights and the handsome horses are well-deserved protagonists on the racetrack. The colorful top hats and decent dresses along the court, accompanied by dignified ladies and handsome gentlemen, constitute another beautiful and fashionable style. view. On the day of the final, Ms. Chen Suzhen, President of the Swatch Group China, and Mr. Li Li, Vice President of Longines China, joined hands with Miss Long Zhiling, the elegant image ambassador of Longines, at the blue carpet ceremony and led the acting stars such as Duan Yihong, Dai Jiaoqian, Yang Ye, and China. Mr. Xu Lei, a contemporary master of art, appeared elegantly to help the equestrian event. The elegant guests who walked in added a touch of bright blue grass under the blue sky with their exquisite dress and graceful style.

Longines’ elegant ambassador Lin Zhiling joins the stars Yang Yang, Dai Jiaoqian and Duan Yihong to help Longines watch equestrian events

Mr. Li Li, Vice President of Longines China, introduced Longines ‘Equestrian Timer to Longines’ Elegant Ambassador Lin Zhiling

In order to welcome the grand opening of this international equestrian event, Longines joined hands with Xu Lei, a well-known contemporary Chinese artist, to design the poster for the event with the inspiration of the painting ‘Night and Day’. In the faint blue background of the dreamlike world, the tulle-like transparent veil coincides with the white horse of Shenjun who looks back leisurely. The four looming chronograph dials above the white horse symbolize Longines’ support for the Beijing International Equestrian Masters for four consecutive years. The mysterious and noble white horse and the quiet passage of time silently interpret the elegant temperament pursued by Longines and equestrian sports perfectly. Subsequently, following the watchmaking tradition of ‘elegance, true personality’, Longines watched every fashion scene on the court and held the ‘Longines Most Elegant Dress Award’ selection. Longines Ambassador Lin Zhiling, the ambassador of elegance for Longines, led the stars, presented awards to the award-winning guests, and presented exquisite timepiece masterpieces from Longines to express the elegant essence of equestrian fashion social culture.

 International actress Lin Zhiling took a group photo with Ms. Chen Suzhen, President of Swatch Group China, perfectly displaying the elegant and dignified star temperament

Longines’ elegant image ambassador Lin Zhiling wears the race-designated watch Longines Compang series stainless steel rose gold diamond women’s watch, elegant style attracts everyone’s attention

Star guest Ms. Dai Jiaoqian wears Longines Compaq watches to express the equestrian social style

Equestrian themed timepieces, praise for a century of elegance and tacit understanding
Longines has a glorious watchmaking tradition of more than 180 years. Between the steeds and leap forwards, write down an elegant legend dedicated to the equestrian sport for nearly a century. With superb watchmaking technology and classic elegant attitude, Longines has timed equestrian sports for nearly a century. It has also created many classic watches for this aristocratic sport and a series of top events. At the event, the Longines Companion series of beautiful timepieces for equestrian sports, led by more than 20 antique watches from the Longines Museum and the landmark equestrian timer, all appeared in the hands, Affectionately praise the century-old elegance of Longines and equestrian sports. At the same time, Longines will also launch the ‘Living Elegance-Longines and Equestrian Online Theme Exhibition’ grandly, inviting watch and horse culture enthusiasts to experience an ingenious new media interactive feast. The exhibition has refined the three themes of ‘domain, encounter, and control’, and traces its roots, showing the long journey of Longines and equestrianism over a century. Accompanied by Longines’ elegant image ambassador Lin Zhiling’s audio guide, the audience will appreciate the common pursuit of Longines and equestrian sports for concentration, precision and elegance.

Longines Companion rose gold diamond women’s watch, stainless steel and rose gold case and bracelet, set with 30 gorgeous diamonds on the outer ring, dazzling and touching

The Longines Companion series watches are created for the equestrian sport, which is a symbiosis of elegance and speed. Incorporating modern technology and precise quality, it illustrates Longines’ passion for equestrian sport for nearly a century. The magnificence of the wrists and the elegant knights are seamless, and the equestrian sports viewers witness the exciting moments together. The Companion series combines Longines ‘elegant attitude and sporty spirit, adding a beautiful view to Longines’ watchmaking tradition.

Longines Companion series stainless steel rose gold men’s watch adds a beautiful scenery to the classic series