Leading The New Trend Of Fashion Tag Heuer Global Brand Ambassador Press Conference

On April 10, 2015, Tag Heuer once again ushered in the big event of the brand. That is, today, the Asian popularity Deng Ziqi has officially become the latest global brand ambassador for Tag Heuer, injecting new vitality into the brand. Hundreds of media and huge fan groups witnessed this historical moment at the Shanghai Mall Theatre.

 The opening of the event is a moving video of the history of Tag Heuer’s development history, allowing the audience to understand the important historical moments of the brand. With a dream-filling ending picture, Deng Ziqi made his debut. She is a new generation of popular in Asia. With her powerful voice and stylish personality, she has won countless honors and praises in the music field at the age of 24. Many young people are familiar with and love her music.

Deng Ziqi shared her understanding of watches and time with the media and fans, and told her inextricable relationship with Tag Heuer. She also held a grand signing ceremony with the brand’s senior leaders, and officially announced that Deng Ziqi became the first of Tag Heuer. Chinese female global brand ambassador, and presented her with a brand new F1 ceramic watch.

 This watch is gentle and elegant, the 32 mm case is more refined, the ceramic material has a delicate texture, and has strong anti-scratch, anti-sensitivity and
Strong anti-rust characteristics, screw-in crown with sapphire crystal, all time indexes are hand-embedded, 12 top diamonds corresponding to the time indexes are more noble and elegant, faceted hour and minute hands and the top of the time indexes With fluorescent label
Remember, the date is displayed at 3 o’clock, and the butterfly clasp is made of ceramic and stainless steel, which is exquisite. Forty-eight diamonds with a diameter of 1.20 mm are set on the periphery of the bezel. The brilliant light of the diamonds intersects with the hour markers, blooming an irresistible charm without exaggeration.

 Deng Ziqi is an all-round musician. She performed a number of songs for us on the spot, including the new single ‘Single Track’, to warn us to cherish time, cherish the people around us, and also sang ‘We ‘will rock you’ and ‘Like You’, a large number of fans who attended the scene sang along with each other, the scene atmosphere was very active, which also corresponds to the brand’s slogan ‘Let’t Rock’!

 According to Zeng, president of the watch department of LV Group, although Deng Ziqi is only 24 years old, she is already a new generation of idols. She is a dynamic singer with a bold personality. Her energy can make the surrounding people infected infinitely, and I believe that it will definitely bring more positive energy in the future. Because of the high popularity of Deng Ziqi, she will go to the United States Mojave Space Station for a space trip and become the first Chinese singer to climb into space.

 At the end of the event, the well-known Beijing graffiti art troupe ABS Crew also presented a huge special graffiti work for Tiger Heya and the new image ambassador Deng Ziqi. .
Summary: The TAG Heuer brand is full of fashion and aggressive positive energy. Whether it is Jeremy Lin, Cara Delevingne, David Guetta, Cristiano Ronaldo or Deng Ziqi, they are all the latest and most dynamic young leaders today, bringing us endless power. On the way to the future, I believe that Tag Heuer will get better and better, let us look forward to its wonderful future!