Le Méridien Watches The Ultimate Mechanical Watch

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Le Méridien Date / Mémoire 1 mechanical watch / Ingenuity limited edition calendar dial watch / limited edition double dial watch
Le Méridien has branches in Germany, the United Kingdom, and the United States. It has its own R & D center, production plant and case manufacturing plant, which is rare among Swiss watchmakers.
Maurice Lacroix model
Le Méridien relies on its top-of-the-line mechanical movement, advanced innovative technology, and new and beautiful designs to create elegant and ingenious watches. The classic work Mémoire 1 is the world’s first mechanical watch with memory function, which was unveiled at the Basel International Watch Fair in 2008.
Le Méridien’s goal is very clear, that is, to maintain the long-standing rigorous, fine and high-quality tradition of Swiss watchmaking technology, while continuously innovating complex functions, developing the craftsmanship of the movement, integrating fashion design, and paying attention to the perfection of details. Make high-quality watches.
创新 Innovation of the world’s ingenuity mechanical watch
Many creative, experienced, and professional designers, engineers, constructors, and watchmakers have come together to form the ‘L’Atelier de Maurice Lacroix’ studio to study various creative aspects of movements and complex functions Development of ideas, dedicated to improving the accuracy of mechanical watches, and constantly setting new milestones for the brand. Le Méridien combines innovation in watchmaking technology, and strives to achieve greater breakthroughs and enterprising.
ÉMémoire 1 launched at the Basel International Watch Fair in 2008 is the first creative work of Atelier’s studio. Le Méridien has fully developed a new complex and versatile version of this limited chronograph: it is the world’s first mechanical watch with a memory function. The success of Mémoire 1 reflects the endless creative power of Atelier de Maurice Lacroix.
Each watch series, showing style
L Atelier de Maurice Lacroix: The studio brings together many creative, experienced and professional quality designers, engineers, constructors and watchmakers to study creative ideas on movements and complex functions to improve the accuracy of mechanical watches Sex, and constantly set new milestones for the brand. The new GrandeComplication, developed in 2008 by the studio, is a major innovation in the history of watchmaking, and successfully launched the first mechanical watch with memory function Mémoire 1.
Galaxy Series Limited Edition Shine Date Watch:
带来 Bring a miracle to female wearers: the essence of women as a watchmaking technology, so that technology and complexity more closely meet their actual needs. The limited edition of Le Méridien Sparkling date watches is only 250 pieces. The complex structure of the fully automatic movement is completely designed and developed in the Le Méridien watch factory. The ML 127’s movement records the callback date and the moon phase, showing it in an unprecedented and innovative way. With the concept of continuous innovation and the pursuit of the perfection of women’s watches, Amy has once again brought us surprises, and related technologies are in the process of patent application.
The white gold case is dazzling, and the overall shape of the diamond inlay is dazzling and impressive. The smooth sapphire mirror of the arc is the finishing touch. It exudes a charming temperament; the illusion of light and shadow makes the time clear at a glance against the colors of purple and black. The conversion of the hours is ingenious and the eccentric arrangement is selected: a series of scales and time scales are arranged in order, which is delicate and accurate, and extends to the entire face plate.
Ingenuity Series Limited Edition
Calendar dial and limited edition dual dial
New limited edition watch with mechanical movement. The warm tone of the rose gold case is luxurious and distinguished. The elegant decoration of the movement, the innovative design of the dial-back, and the delicate combination of the dial-turn the watch of the professional connoisseur’s dream into reality, all from the limited edition of Le Méridien.
The hands and dials on this dial have been specially polished. The precious rose gold and silver dials complement each other, which better complements the display of the dial-back function. The most important is the ML 150 movement of the dial-back watch and The movement of the ML 151 double-return watch is exceptional. The elegant and slender rose gold hands and the special treatment of the black gold surface are even more brilliant after being tuned by the watchmaker’s hands, showing the powerful function of the callback display and the time charm of the original watch.
机 This movement is specially made for limited edition watches. It is decorated with special craftsmanship and the rose gold case perfectly protects the precious movement. The surface of the plywood is hammered flat, and the edges are polished with a rose gold plating. The limited edition number is engraved on the 3/4 plywood position, ensuring that each wearer’s product is unique and embodies a distinguished status.
Ingenuity Series Calendar Dial Watch and Dual Dial Watch
Amy has continuously developed high-quality mechanical movements, and has applied the callback display function to the Amy calendar dial watch and the Amy dual dial watch. The elegant and pure design of the ingenuity series will definitely subvert the traditional watchmaking concept and bring a new luxury experience.
Aimei’s latest dial-back watch and double-return watch belong to the ingenuity series and are the crystallization of the collective research and development of Amy. The aesthetic interpretation of its unique appearance and elegant and high-end internal structure have made the two watches attract attention as soon as they were released.
The hand-wound movements used in the calendar callback and double-return watches are also completely designed and developed independently by Amy. Amy has also opened up a new way in grooming and fine processing: the black gold surface treatment and large-area curling pattern make the movement design even more icing on the cake.