Joyce Donato Won The 15th Glashütte Original ‘festival Of Music Festival’

American opera singer Joyce DiDonato won the 15th Glashütte Original’s ‘Festival Award’ (MusicFestivalAward). Glashütte Original Glashütte at a concert called ‘InWar & Peace–HarmonyThroughMusic’ held by the famous mezzo-soprano singer at the Dresden Culture Palace on Monday evening. The original general manager Frank Kittel presented her with the award. Joyce DiDonato was awarded for his outstanding contribution in the field of music education. That night, she received a prize of 25,000 Euros with a graceful and decent typhoon, as well as a trophy made by two apprentice watchmakers, Glashütte Original.

 Joyce DiDonato, an internationally renowned mezzo-soprano singer and messenger of peace and humanitarianism, won the 15th Glashütte Original ‘Festival of Music Festival’. She received the award from Frank Kittel, Glashütte Original’s original general manager, at a packed concert at the Dresden Palace of Culture on Monday night. The awards ceremony was hosted by German actress Annabelle Mandeng and witnessed by 1,800 guests.

 The American singer was awarded an award for her outstanding social contribution by the German Saxony watchmaker Glashütte Original and the Dresden Music Festival. Joyce DiDonato has been actively participating in various social influence-based social projects around the world for many years, and her award-winning speech also highlights her focus in this field:

 ‘I would like to thank Glashütte Original for giving me such a great honor. I know that all the winners before me have not only contributed to art, they have also spread the power and magic of art as much as possible. I have given more people, and I am only one of them. Art changes life. In fact, it is as simple as that. ‘The opposite of war is not peace, but creativity’, which has always inspired me. Therefore, I am in This is a good decision: Donate the proceeds of my ‘War and Peace’ concert to the organization ElSistemaGreece, and I’m honored to be a patron of this organization. This organization is dedicated to caring for refugee children throughout Greece and helping change children Life, let them grow up healthy through motivation and care. ‘

 Joyce DiDonato’s performance that evening was very exciting. The Italian Baroque ensemble ‘IlPomod’Oro’ moved 1,800 listeners to the Palace of Culture. War and Peace-Music Creates Harmony) The concert features masterpieces from 17th to 18th centuries including Georg Friedrich Händel, Niccol Jommelli, Leonardo Leonardo Leo, Claudio Monteverdi, and Henry Purcell.
 As of Joyce DiDonato’s award, this is the 15th year that the Dresden Music Festival and Glashütte Original have joined forces to pay tribute to those who have made outstanding contributions to the education of classical music. As in previous years, two students from Glashütte Original’s own watchmaking school, Alfred Helwig’s own watchmaking school, created trophies, harmonizing traditional craftsmanship with modern materials. The cantilevered ‘flying’ tourbillon symbolizes the watchmaker’s superb skills and represents the highest level of watchmaking skills.

 Prior to Joyce DiDonato, Glashütte Original’s original “Festival Award” included Sir Simon Rattle and the Berliner Philharmoniker, folk singer Mariza, conductor Andris Nelsons and cellist Steven Isserlis. Glashütte Original has been a partner of the Dresden Music Festival since 2004. This year’s slogan is ‘Mirrors’. At this year’s 41st Music Festival, outstanding artists are still active in various venues for colorful performances, until the closing of the festival on June 10, 2018.