Jacques Dro Launches Two New Art Workshop Series With The Theme Of The Year Of The Sheep

As the year of the sheep is approaching, the brand has launched two new watches with the theme of sheep. Sheep is a symbol of imagination and creativity, and it is more reminiscent of Yiran’s idyllic world. Presenting such valuable animals on the dial of the Petite Heure Minute is a real aesthetic challenge.

   The master craftsmen of the brand art workshop are not afraid of difficulties and are determined to present three goats wonderfully-not just one. Three lifelike goats stood on the top of the mountain, showing success in the coming year. The master craftsman uses the skill of ingenious craftsmanship to outline every detail of the sheep.

   The simple and elegant plum pattern on the dial complements the goat image more vividly. Plum blossoms are known as the ‘Four Gentlemen’ along with orchids, bamboo and chrysanthemums, and they have appeared in ancient Chinese paintings more than 1600 years ago. The plum blossoms bloom in the winter, indicating that spring is coming. It opens brilliantly on a white mother-of-pearl or black onyx dial. The oscillating weight with a sheep head pattern also uses these two precious materials.
   In order to make the plum blossom more attractive, the brand art workshop specially uses the extremely difficult champlevé process to create a wonderfully delicate effect: the master craftsman engraved the metal and filled the groove with enamel , And then polished by hand. The finished dial pattern looks like a piece of Chinese paper-cut art, an ancient art that has been around for thousands of years.

  The two new watches are paired with fresh white gold and Jaquet Droz blue, warm red gold and fuchsia. Each is limited to 28 pieces. As lucky ones that will bring success and good luck to the new year, they will surely be highly anticipated by watch lovers and professional collectors.