Introduction Of Piaget’s Dragon And Phoenix Watch

In this wave of ‘Happy New Year’, the earliest and most complete works are Piaget. In order to pay tribute to Chinese culture, Piaget released a series of jewelry watches with the theme of dragons and phoenixes on the eve of the Dragon, bringing together its designers, watchmakers, goldsmiths, jewelry inlayers, engravers, and enamel painters. Experts from various fields worked together to show not only the superb craftsmanship, but also the fusion of Chinese mythology and fables with Western artistic thinking, which stirred up a unique oriental beauty.
Family members on the timepiece
 The dragon and the phoenix symbolize honor and authority, and have a sacred status in Chinese culture. The earl vividly reproduced the figures of the couple of gods hovering in the sky on the square dial with the timepiece, whether it is three-dimensional metalwork inlaid, hand-carved dragon-shaped decoration, or drawn by enamel technique, All captured the charm of the charm. The dial is full of dragons and phoenixes. Every scale and feather is extremely detailed. The craftsmanship under the dial is just as wonderful. From the ultra-thin movement to the complex floating tourbillon movement, all are made by La Cote-aux-Fees. The workshop is designed and produced by itself.

 The most gorgeous of this series is the two unique advanced jewelry mysterious watches, which create smooth dragons and phoenixes with smooth metal lines, delicately set with round and square cut diamonds, and delicately embellished egg-faced cut gemstones, adding more atmosphere. luxurious. It is worth mentioning that in order to achieve different texture effects, Piaget especially used a variety of enamel techniques in the series. Enamel has been used in clock making since the 15th century. Although it is not the mainstream decorative technique of the 20th century, with the recent popularity of retro fashion, this traditional technology has become more and more popular. The unique oriental flavor of enamel is just like dragons and phoenixes. Totems coincide.
 Those who are interested in echoing the theme of dragons and phoenixes are also Chopin and Cartier. The former LUC Urushi di-painted watch series is based on the Chinese concept of ‘five elements’ of gold, wood, water, fire, and earth. The Kirin and other five kinds of spirit beasts are decorated with Japanese national treasure-level lacquer painting on the dial. They were drawn by lacquer master Masaru Kiichiro himself, which is more collectible. The latter is assisted by Western dragons, inspired by Greek mythology. In the Chimera series, a water dragon set with emeralds and diamonds surrounds a large opal that sparkles in ocean tones, adding a fantasy color to this brooch.