Hermès Thousand Flowers Blooming Season

In order to make Arceau Millefiori Thousands of Flowers, HERMÈS combines watchmaking and crystal crafts to make this extraordinary encounter. Unique Arceau Millefiori watch and pocket watch, the crystal dial and cover are from the 19th century Cristallerie Royale de Saint-Louis Millefiori (Millefiori) manufacturing process, and produced in The mechanical movement of the Swiss Hermès watch factory shines each other.

   Today, as always, everything in Saint-Louis starts with a crystal furnace called ‘pot furnace’. The crystal craftsman extended the metal torch into these furnaces, took out crystals or enamels of different colors, and rotated the molten crystals or enamels to form a homogeneous substance without bubbles, called gob. The crystal masters began to work patiently and staged a silent ballet that only they could understand. The metal torch is passed in the hands of each person, bred in the breath, and walks between the workshop and the workshop until the monochromatic crystal is cooled and formed into a crystal stem that creates the ‘Millefiori’ pattern (Millefiori is a combination of Italian words , Meaning ‘Thousand Flowers’).

 These stems look like malt candy bars, and the crystal and enamel are layered on top of each other to give a contrasting hue. Sometimes they are combined into richer patterns. But no matter how the color or design changes, the process is the same. When the crystal craftsman took out the assembled crystal and the molten crystal, the second craftsman held another blow tube to attach to the other end of the molten crystal, and quickly pulled out a few meters of fine crystal core before the crystal or enamel cooled. The column, which is only a few millimeters in diameter, is then cut into sections. The formed mandrels were cut into small pieces of about 10 mm each, and crystal craftsmen who specialized in making thousands of flowers stood upright in an iron bowl to form a flower bed pattern.

 When the crystal craftsman prepared the ‘semi-circle-cap’ or ’round-cap’ -shaped molten crystal tightly attached to the metal torch, another craftsman laid the iron bowl with the thousand flower patterns flat on the workbench. The first craftsman pressed the transparent fused crystal clinging to the top of the torch, pressed the molten crystal on the Qianhua iron bowl at a precise position, and covered the transparent crystal with the Qianhua pattern. The blowpipe is then moved back to the furnace and reheated to shape the softened Qianhua crystal with a wooden long-handled tool, and sometimes even paper to process it into the desired shape. The final finishing step of the paper town is that the crystal craftsmen specially shaped the shape of a gourd neck to cut the required thousand flower crystal parts. Thousand flower crystals only show the full picture of the pattern at the final cutting stage. The colorful and vivid flower bed, with its unique beauty, will become the dial or cover of one of the Arceau watches or pocket watches.

 Arceau Pocket Millefiori Unique Cover Made of Qianhua Crystal

 Glossy raspberry-colored alligator skin sets off the precious and unique pink thousand flower crystal face plate

 Matte indigo blue alligator leather with ingenious thousand flower crystal