Good Things Double Valentine’s Day Couple Watches Recommended

In the blink of an eye, we have finished the Chinese Spring Festival, and we will soon have a Valentine’s Day full of flavors. At this time, it is the favorite festival for handsome guys and beautiful women. A gift that is suitable for the other party is a very troublesome thing. Sometimes the beginning of a relationship is only a momentary wave. Your expression, eyes, and gift may make the other party love, so it’s still very important One important thing.

The meaning of sending a table:
 In addition to having very practical functions, giving a watch has many meanings for couples. For example, my time is now yours. For example, in the future, I can see every day, every time, every minute and every second together. So sending a ta watch should still be a good choice. If you choose a couple and take them out together, it will be even more exciting.
Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Tuxedo 15154BC.ZZ.D004CU.01

Watch Series: Top Sports
Movement type: automatic machinery
Movement model: Caliber2120
Case material: 18K gold with diamonds
Strap Material: Calfskin
Table bottom: Sapphire crystal back
 Comment: Audemars Piguet has always impressed users with its rigorous craftsmanship. To this day, it still retains the maker’s name printed on the back of each watch to show responsibility. Although this watch belongs to the top sports series, its luxurious appearance does not affect your daily wear and is suitable for high-end people.
Watch details: 2892-A2
Case material: stainless steel
Strap Material: Crocodile Leather
Table bottom: Sapphire crystal back
Price: & yen; 18,200
 Comment: This brand from the United States may not be familiar to everyone, but it is deeply loved by the American people in the United States. This commander series watch is equipped with 31 self-luminous miniature gas lamps, and is shock-resistant: it can meet the needs of people who like sports outdoors through a 5,000Gs impact test.
Details for men: 754 7628 4361-07 8 20 78

Watch Series: Flying
Movement type: automatic machinery
Movement model: Oris 754, base SW 200
Case material: stainless steel, rose gold coated outer ring
Strap material: stainless steel, rose gold coating
Table bottom: mineral glass back
Price: & yen; 13,400
 Comment: This brand from Switzerland has sponsored Formula 1 racing many times and Schumacher Jr. has also spoken for it. This product is a perfect combination of sturdiness and fashion, with excellent shock resistance and The stainless steel case and rose gold coating make it look more like a business watch for daily wear, which is more suitable for daily wear.
Watch details: Bottom: stainless steel, non-back-through
Price: & yen; 2,399
 Comment: Citizen’s brand from the Japanese department gives more impressions than electronic products, quartz watches will be more, and this Citizen is mechanical, affordable price plus calendar and week display function, more suitable for daily life Working class wear.
Details of the watch: summary: whether it is the top Audemars Piguet or the entry-level Citizen, more often the gift we give represents a mood and love, everyone can choose a gift that suits them or the other party is success Yes, I wish you all a Happy Valentine’s Day.