Classic Girard Perregaux 49535-53-152-bk6a From 1966

Girard Perregaux has been regarded as a good brother-level brand in the industry. Founded in 1791, it has a rich history of more than two hundred years, which makes this brand rich in history. At the same time, Girard Perregaux is also a very good brand, especially in the past two years, it has developed very quickly.
 In 1966, the brand launched the world’s first high-frequency movement, Gyromatic HF, which achieved a frequency of 36,000 times per hour. The higher the frequency, the higher the accuracy and accuracy of the travel time, but the loss of energy The larger, at the same time, the metal fatigue of the hairspring is a great test, Girard Perregaux’s movement undoubtedly played an important role in advocating the improvement of clock frequency. In the same year, the Neuchatel Canton of Switzerland decided to award Girard-Perregaux with the ‘Hundred Years of Observatory Award’. In 1967, 73% of the precision timer certificate of the Neuchâtel Observatory in Switzerland was awarded to Girard-Perregaux. It was announced that it would no longer apply for any certification, but instead used the Eagle emblem to prove quality. In order to pay tribute to this historic moment, Girard Perregaux launched the 1966 series in 2006, most of which were inspired by the design of the time.

Girard Perregaux 1966 series launched platinum annual calendar models on the eve of Basel 2011. Prior to this, rose gold, platinum and palladium metal models were available. The addition of platinum has undoubtedly enriched the family. At the same time, the platinum models are more black and white. The choice of dials and diamond-set bezels can be said to have worked hard to meet the needs of more people. Today, using 49535-53-152-BK6A as a sample, admire Girard Perregaux’s exaggerated shape, return to the timepiece itself, and interpret the classic taste with a simple attitude.
In the 1960s, the definition of luxury watches at that time was: refined, slim, precious metal. Although the definition of luxury watches is still the same today, there are many different standards, such as highly complex, ultra- High precision, retro design, etc., and it varies from person to person, but Girard Perregaux 1966 series integrates these standards, so it can be accepted by more people.
The Girard Perregaux 49535-53-152-BK6A watch case is made of white gold and has been carefully polished to show a beautiful luster. The crown has a very compact design, which is thinner than the average crown. The watch continues the design style of the first watch when the series was launched. The dial hands are designed with leaf-shaped hands. The 3, 6, 9, and 12 o’clock positions are equipped with gold rod-shaped hour scales. The remaining scales are replaced by lightly drawn black lines. , The lines and three-dimensional hour markers are slim design, giving a strong texture. In addition, the extremely long second hand is also very characteristic. The oval design at the tail of the second hand is a prominent style of the series. Another major feature is the two windows at 12 o’clock. The 1966 series always likes to show the importance of the day of the week and the date with different color fonts. The color of this watch is very fresh and elegant. The hands are slightly lighter. The moon phase disk is relatively small, but the ratio is indeed appropriate. It is more appropriate to use a small description. Unfortunately, the date pointer always covers the moon phase disk and affects the aesthetics.
Of course, the back with a transparent design also has some flavor. The large automatic gold rotor is very eye-catching, but the strap is somewhat inadequate. It is not hand-stitched. The surface texture is not the best crocodile leather.
In general, the appearance has a commendable design, but also has flaws.
Function is an external manifestation of the performance of this watch, and the accuracy of the function indicates the internal perfection.
This watch has annual calendar and moon phase functions. Neither of these features requires a highly complex structure, but combining them adds a lot of difficulty, which is one of the reasons why this watch is not cheap.
In the calendar embodiment of the watch, there are calendars, dual calendars, annual calendars, and perpetual calendars. Calendars are the most basic. Dual calendars have one more week or date. Annual calendars generally have the date, week, and month display. Leap year indications, of course, these are the basic presentation methods. In its essence, the almanac is a structure that can recognize big and small months (not leap years), so many almanacs may display dates alone, and so are leap years. The annual calendar function of this watch is obviously the basic annual calendar, with the complete display of the day, date and month, especially they are highlighted by different fonts. And all of these functions are adjusted using a hidden adjustment button design.

The function of the moon phase is very interesting. In the early days, it was to make up for the purpose of making up for the lack of knowledge of the ebb and flow of the sea due to the lack of an unknown moon at sea. Of course, this is a long time ago. Until now, the moon phase is more fun to enjoy and play. It is the most interesting and best function of basic functions. In the current city, it is no longer possible. Seeing the starry sky, of course, the moon can still be seen, but there is no meaning of the moon to watch the moon. It would be better to look at the ‘starry sky’ on the wrist, to recall the vast sea of ​​stars in memory.
Girard Perregaux 1966 series is the brand’s tribute to the glorious era of the 1960s, while the 49535-53-152-BK6A watch continues the design style of the series, combining exquisite, precious metals, high precision and complex functions into a family One of the new stars, although launched in 2011, has been two years, but classic watches will taste more with the passage of time.
 Girard Perregaux 49535-53-152-BK6A watch is a platinum watch after platinum, rose gold and palladium introduced in previous years. It can be said that in this family, precious metals are complete, of course, there can also be titanium , Ceramics, etc., but these materials are innovative materials. The biggest feature of this movement is that it inherits the design style of the series. It uses different metal materials to make this family member more dazzling, especially the appearance of diamond-studded models. This family has become the most noble of the brand. Family.
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