Bulgari’s Century-old Classic History Review

‘A person must learn to go through the history, understand the past, and use the past experience as the basis for future development, Nicola Bulgari once said.’ The same is true for Bulgari. So here, let us review the development history of Bulgari more than 150 years since its establishment.
Bulgari Memorabilia Historical Milestones

1857 Sotirio Bulgari was born in Greece and later became a silversmith.

1881 Soderio moves to Rome and begins selling silverware in Trinità dei Monti.

1884 Sotirio opens its first store at Via Sistina 85.

1894 The business address is moved to the shop at Via dei Condotti 28.

1905 Bvlgari’s boutique at Via Condotti 10 in Rome is officially opened, and it will later become Bvlgari’s historic flagship store.

In 1932, Sotirio died, passing on his career to his two sons, Giorgio and Costantino, who bet their passion on the precious gems and jewelry business.

In the 1960s, the design of Bulgari broke away from the rigorous norms of the dominant French academy at that time, merged the essence of Greek and Roman classicism, and was gradually influenced by the Italian Renaissance and the 19th century Roman goldsmith school. Unique style. In addition to the extremely precious, valuable and unique Bulgari High Jewellry Collection, Bulgari has launched many successful jewelry designs for decades.

1970-1979 Bulgari boutiques opened in New York, Geneva, Monte Carlo and Paris. These actions marked the beginning of the Bulgari Group’s expansion into the international market.

The 1977 Bulgari-Bulgari watch was launched, becoming the best-selling classic model of Bulgari to date. In the early 1980s, Bulgari Time was established in Switzerland to manage the design and production of all Bulgari watch collections. Today, Bulgari watches are more complete and the product range covers a wider range, including classic, sports, luxury and many other series.

1984 Giorgio’s sons Paolo Bulgari and Nicola Bulgari become the company’s president and vice president, respectively. Their nephew, Francesco Trapani, was named chief executive officer (CEO).

1991 Bvlgari launches the Naturalia series of jewellery and supports WWF’s international biodiversity program by producing the film ‘Anima Mundi’, directed by Godfrey Reggio and scored by Philip Glass.

1993 Bulgari launches its first perfume Eau Parfumee, Cologne au the vert worldwide, marking the first step in Bulgari’s diversified business strategy.
Bvlgari BVLGARI watch

1994 Bulgaripour Femme new women’s fragrance launched, sold in top perfume shops in Italy and around the world.

In March, the Chandra jewelry collection in gold and high-end ceramics was launched in Paris. To celebrate the event, Bvlgari held a luxurious and elegant party, and Robert Altman recorded the images at the time as an important scene in his film Prêt-à-porter.

In April, Bvlgari launched the new Sport and Scuba watch series with automatic mechanical movement and the first Grande Complication watch series: Répétition Minutes and Tourbillon ).

1995 Bulgari launches its first men’s fragrance, Bulgaripour Homme.

On July 17, Bulgari S.p.A was listed on the Milan Stock Exchange.

In May 1996, the complete Trika series was launched and was praised for its intricate design and unique weaving process. Bulgari further implements a diversification strategy and launches the first scarves in Italy.

1997 Bulgari scarves are launched worldwide. And signed an agreement with the Italian company Luxottica for the production and distribution of glasses. The first eyewear and leather goods collections are launched in the Italian and American markets.

Introduced the XL ring series, which is characterized by huge volume and unique shape.

1998 Introduced the Aluminium innovative watch collection in aluminum and rubber.

Launched first eyewear and leather goods collection in other regions of the world.

At an international event in London, Bulgari launched a unisex fragrance Black for men and women.

1999 B.zero1 became Bulgari’s first ring in 1999. This ring builds the road to the new millennium.

2000 Bulgari acquires Gérald Genta S.A. and Daniel Roth S.A., Switzerland’s top high-end watch manufacturing brands. The new company that was restructured after the acquisition is called Daniel Roth & Genta Haute Horlogerie S.A.

Combining innovative materials such as rubber with precious crocodile skin details creates a new handbag collection.

Introducing Blu perfume, cool and enthusiastic, suitable for elusive women.

2001 Bulgari announced the establishment of a Bulgari Hotels & Resorts joint venture with the Luxury Group of Marriott International, the Luxury Group, with the goal of building luxury hotels in major cities and resorts around the world.

In June, Bulgari launched the Lucea jewelry collection at an international event in Rome.

2002 Bvlgari acquires a 50% stake in Crova, the leader of the Italian high-end jewelry making industry.

2003 With the launch of the Omnia perfume, Bulgari enters the world of oriental fragrances.

2004 The first Bulgari hotel opens in Milan. Completed 100% acquisition of Crova in the same year.

At an international event in St. Petersburg, Bulgari launched its Astrale jewelry collection in platinum and diamonds, inspired by contemporary nostalgia. Introducing the Ergon watch, this truly unique chronograph features a dynamic, transcendental style and avant-garde design.
Bvlgari Eden Jewellery Watch

2005 Bulgari acquires two Swiss high-end watch manufacturing companies: Cadrans Design, which makes the dials, and Prestige d’ Or, which makes steel bracelets and precious metal bracelets. In the same year, in order to further develop the production of high-end leather accessories, Bulgari acquired Italian company Pacini, which specializes in making leather, rare leather and custom fabric bags. In the same year, Bulgari’s first accessories store opened in Osaka, Japan.

The iconic Twist handbag was released with the Spring / Summer 2006 Leather Collection.

Sapphire Flower jewelry collection launched, inspired by flowers and sapphires. The Assioma watch is launched, the name comes from the unique elegance of its shape ***.

Introducing Aqua pour Homme. This masculine fragrance is vivid, deep, fresh and pleasant, permeating the essence from the ocean, orange orchard and natural elements.

2006 Bulgari Hotels & Resorts opens second hotel in Bali.

Bvlgari re-launched the fashionable and classic Pour Femme, Pour Homme and Pour Homme Extrême perfumes, and also released two new women’s fragrances Voile de Jasmin, Rose Essentielle and new men’s fragrance Pour Homme Soir.

In the same year, Bulgari continued to develop the accessories business, opening the first and second European boutiques in Milan and Florence specializing in leather goods, eyewear, perfumes, silk and silverware.

2007 Bulgari’s Fifth Avenue flagship store in New York, which was originally opened in 1989, has reopened as Bulgari’s largest boutique in the United States.

Launch of the new Elisia jewelry collection, this delicate and feminine collection combines creativity with tradition.

In October, a new accessories boutique opened in Via dei Condotti, Rome. This is Bulgari’s third boutique in Italy specializing in accessories.

The Leoni handbag was released in the 2007 autumn and winter leather goods series, which is a contemporary interpretation of the unique charm of the 60s. The 1910 collection was first introduced in the Spring / Summer 2008 Leather Collection. This original style pays tribute to the traditional elegance of Bulgari.

Bulgari opened Il Ristorante, Il Café and Il Cioccolato in Tokyo to provide a distinguished and unique lifestyle experience rendered by Bulgari.

Il Ristorante occupies the highest 4 floors of the new Bulgari flagship store in Ginza, and the open terrace on the top floor includes an Italian-style garden and a bar. II Café and Il Cioccolato handmade chocolate specialty stores are located in Bulgari Omotesando.

The Bulgari Group acquires 100% of Finger SA, a Swiss company that specializes in the design and manufacture of precision cases, which are used in high-end complex wristwatches produced by the world’s most prestigious watchmaking brands table.

Bvlgari’s beauty research and development department launched the first skin care product series (Precieuse series, Lumiere series and Cleansing series) in Italy. All products contain the unique formula and essence of BVLGARI GEM ESSENCEò. The distinctive formula contains the essence of four precious gems: sapphire, malachite, tourmaline and crystal (in international patent applications).

During the 2008 Milan Fashion Week, Bvlgari held its first international event in the Bulgari Milan Hotel, launching a new autumn and winter accessories collection.

At the international launch event in Istanbul, Bulgari launched a new female fragrance Jasmin Noir.

Bvlgari celebrates the opening of its new Paris flagship store, located at the junction of Fran ois 1er Street and George V Boulevard. As the fourth boutique in Paris, the two-storey 1,500-square-meter retail space also makes it the largest Bulgari boutique in Europe.

Bulgari skin care products have been launched in France, Switzerland, Spain, the United States, Hong Kong, Singapore, Vietnam and South Korea, and another brand of skin care products (Source Defense) has been launched in Italy.

2009 Bulgari celebrates its 125th anniversary (1884-2009).

As one of the celebrations of the 125th anniversary of the brand’s founding in 2009, Bulgari chose to support Save the Children. Save the Children is the largest independent international charity organization that safeguards and advocates for children’s rights and interests, with assistance programs in hundreds of countries and regions around the world.