Beauty’s Moon Phase Watch Shows Hundred Years Of Elegant Temperament

Since ancient times, watching the moon is the most romantic and symbolic expression of time. The moon is the love of literati and poets. The number of related poems and songs is endless. On the moon phase table, looking at the new moon, eyebrow moon, first quarter moon, convex moon, full moon, interim month, second quarter moon and waning moon on the dial, week after week, taste the beauty of the dome on the wrist.
    With the change of the time series, the relative position of the moon and the earth constantly changes, and reflected sunlight, so you can see different phases of the moon every day, and the moon phase table shows the profit and loss of the moon on the watch. Design art is also one of the complicated crafts. The time that the moon actually orbits the earth on average is 29 days, 12 hours, 44 minutes, and 2.8 seconds, which is 29.530588 days. Therefore, most moon phase tables show a scale of 29.5 days, which is between astronomy and time Embodiment of deep roots.
Classique 7137
Movement: Cal. 502.3 DR1 self-winding movement
Kinetic energy: 45 hours power reserve
Vibration frequency: 21,600 revolutions
Case: 18K yellow gold case
Table diameter: 39 mm
Caseback: Sapphire crystal
Water resistance: 30 meters
Dial: 18K silver-plated dial, hand-engraved pattern, independent number and Breguet signature
Bezel: Roman numerals
Hands: Breguet blue steel hands
Function: Moon phase / date / power reserve display
Strap: Crocodile strap
    The clocks and moon phases display various forms, such as sculpted human faces, simple moon phases, moon phase realities, fan-shaped displays, etc. Among them, the most classical and ingenious Breguet watches show the exquisite craftsmanship of fine watchmaking, and delicately depict the moon phases The anthropomorphic expression outlines the vivid image and active life, the romantic poetry that touches the senses, and is a masterpiece of watch decoration art. The Breguet Classique 7137 watch is inspired by Breguet’s famous N ° 5 pocket watch, a classic style that is not forgotten by time. The decorative patterns on the dial give a lot of time to the display, and the sun and the moon show perfect balance: the moon phase dial at the two o’clock position, a round of bright moons under the embrace of the little stars, interpreting the profit and loss, and the six o’clock The sun-patterned date indication of the position echoes each other, making this watch show strength and femininity at the same time, it is a masterpiece tailored for elegant men with both temperaments.
    The Reine de Naples 8908 ladies moon phase watch launched by Breguet inherits the classic watchmaking craftsmanship of Breguet and the distinguished taste taken from the French royal family. It is a masterpiece of elegance and performance, both inside and outside. The vintage goose egg-shaped case contains a creative moon phase and power reserve display: the slightly luminous mother-of-pearl dial is like a dense cloud, and the moon is hidden in the shameful face peeking in the clouds, following an energy display trace across the sky Leaping on the dial, this unique watch is decorated with bright diamonds on the ladies’ wrist. The unique charming charm contains the intellectual characteristics and elegant image of modern women.

Reine de Naples 8908
Movement: Cal. 537DRL1 automatic movement
Kinetic energy: 40 hours power reserve
Case: 18K white gold case
Table diameter: 36.5 × 28.45mm
Caseback: Sapphire crystal
Water resistance: 30 meters deep
Bezel: set with 128 diamonds (total weight approximately 0.83 carats)
Dial: 18K silver-plated dial, hand-engraved motif, mother-of-pearl, partial signature
Function: Small seconds / Energy display / Moon phase
Strap: black silk strap with diamond-studded folding band set with 26 diamonds (total weight about 0.134 carats)