Ball Bmw Series New Product Release Netizen’s Reception

Boll’s new BMW series watch was released last week at the Macau Centre, 8 Wangfujing East Street, Beijing. A grand media conference was held on the afternoon of the launch. The operating officer Mr. Daniel Irios, the famous celebrity Hu Jun, the supermodel Miss Pei, the supermodel Ms. Zhou Wenxuan and the chief technical director of Philip Anteliere unveiled the BMW series.
  After the media conference was successfully concluded, a netizen reception party was held that night. Apart from inviting some celebrities to participate in the netizen reception, most of the invited guests were senior watch fans and BMW owners. Our watch home also has 20 senior members. The table fans came to the event to participate in the event. Next, let’s take a look at the report of the event that day.

  First of all, we took a group photo of the netizens who came to the house of our watch. Because there were too many people at the event, most of the netizens had already separated from us when we took a group photo, so this group photo was only part of the people.

The corridor from the Hilton Hotel to the event site is quite luxurious.

There was just an art exhibition full of literary arts.

  There are still a lot of people signing in to Taiwan. The netizens of our Watch House also sign in here, as well as the registration of Guanya Watch City and other media.

The sign-in to Taiwan was the exhibition area of ​​Guanya Watch City. All the watches are Bol, including new models and some classic models.

The scene lighting is quite complicated.

Group photo of some celebrities, but unfortunately did not introduce who it is.

The netizens who have signed up are waiting in the corridor to start the reception.

The reception started with a passionate speech by Mr. Daniel Irios, COO of Ballwatch.

  Immediately afterwards, Mr. Daniel Irios, the global chief operating officer of Ball Watch, Mr. Hu Jun, a famous star, and Mr. Philip Antilles, the chief technical director of Ball Watch, jointly unveiled the release of the Ball BMW series watches.

Next is everyone’s free activities, you can chat and wine tasting.

Hu Jun and Gong Xinliang.

Some supermodels.

  Next is the foreign supermodel catwalk, they are wearing the Boer BMW series kinetic energy display models, the Boer BMW series two time zone models, and the Boer BMW series classic models.

Two time models of the BMW BMW series.
  Summary: This time the new series of Bol BMW series can be launched in China and asked the media and watch fans to go together to witness this moment. It shows that Ball attaches great importance to the Chinese market. Netizens and all guests, let us wish Boll better and better.
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