Which Table Does Wu Yifan Love To Eat Large Bowls Of Wide Noodles?

Wu Yifan, no matter if you know the Chinese entertainment circle or Korean wave, you should have heard this name. The name has recently appeared in front of everyone along with the words ‘Big Bowl Wide Noodle’, ‘Lonely’ and ‘Slimming’. His new song ‘Big Bowl Wide Noodle’ is inspired by people’s ridicule, ‘Look at this bowl, it is big and round.’ It directly answers the irony and questioned his people in the field of music. The year before, he asked ‘Do you have a freestyle?’ In ‘Hip-Hop in China’. In 15 years, he and Feng Xiaogang’s passionate confrontation in ‘Old Cannon’ are still vivid. There are too many haloes and questioners in this body, and there are too many places for us to understand and explore.

Wu Yifan talked in variety show ‘Living for Life’

Wu Yifan wears Bulgari Bulgari OCTO series 102713 BGO40C14TTXTAUTO watch

   After returning from South Korea for development, Wu Yifan’s performing arts resources are considered to be better among the three members of the same group who have returned to China for development. And his qualifications and conditions are really good. He is tall enough and handsome enough (regardless of his business level). He is indeed a rare idol. However, domestic idols generally have such a problem: there are no works that can be produced.

   Last year, after experiencing an incident with Hufu netizens, Wu Yifan may want to answer these questioning voices directly. Only now has the song ‘Big Bowl Wide Noodles’. In the face of doubt and ridicule, he did not choose to avoid it. Instead, he made a song generously, and even now ‘Big Bowl Wide Noodles’ has become his masterpiece.

 The noodle shop that Wu Yifan went to became a local ‘net red noodle shop’. Later, it also led to random inspections by regulatory authorities to rectify fire protection measures.

When Wu Yifan developed in South Korea, the style was mainly fresh and big boy style.

 In 2015, his first work after returning to China was a love movie ‘There Is Only One Place We Know’, in which he played the leading role. If you have seen this movie before, I dare say, you must have watched it awkwardly. I am fair to say that the film’s acting skills from the script to Wu Yifan are very average.

‘There Is One Place Only We Know’ Movie Poster

 This film is directed by Xu Jinglei, and the heroine is Su Yan, the goddess of beauty. But even this could not save his acting skills at that time. After all, she is a singer or idol, and has no convenient acting experience. His performance in this movie is sometimes like shooting a music video.

In the movie Wu Yifan’s crying, everyone can taste it

 Of course, after that, Wu Yifan has starred in some movie works such as ‘Old Cannon’, ‘Mermaid’, ‘Jazz Trail’, etc. The acting skills should have made some improvements compared to before. But most people still remember him as a former member of a certain group, and he did not make him remember by any movie or musical works.

After returning to China, Wu Yifan gradually found his own style

 To say that Wu Yifan was scolded by group fans and sunspots when he returned to China at that time. Choosing to return to China for development at the time required a lot of courage for him. However, returning to China is indeed a correct choice. From the perspective of fashion resources and film and television resources, he has received a lot of support. After returning home, he successively won the cooperation and endorsement of Bulgari, Burberry, LV. Data show that after the endorsements of some of his brands, the brand’s sales volume will increase by about 25% in the next quarter.

In 2017, Wu Yifan wore a Bulgari OCTO series watch at the Bulgari showroom in Baselworld.

In 2018, Bulgari officially announced that Wu Yifan became their spokesperson. Although before that, Wu Yifan has worn Bulgari jewelry and watches on various occasions, but there is a ‘examination period’ for general stars to become brand endorsements. Brand friends need to observe for a period of time to see the market response and other convenient factors before making a decision. But Wu Yifan is an exception. He does not have the so-called ‘examination period’ and directly becomes the endorsement of the Bulgari brand.

Wu Yifan wears Bvlgari DANIEL ROTH series 102168 BRR50C14TLDEMR watch

He also wore the same watch in airport private service

Wu Yifan wears Bvlgari LVCEA series 102191 LUP33BGDGD1D / 11 watch

 Among the watches worn by Wu Yifan, precious metals, diamonds and hollow elements are his preferred types. Even the series launched for women such as the LVCEA series, he wears easily. Choosing jewelry is also a choice of adhering to a sufficiently flashy and publicity style.

 Wu Yifan walks the show for Burberry

 Excellent appearance conditions have brought him a lot of fashion invitations. In the entertainment circle where traffic is ‘flooding’, Wu Yifan brings tremendous energy. Not just because he has a huge number of fans, he does bring real sales figures to the brands he works with.

Wu Yifan wore a Bulgari OCTO series 103010 watch on this year’s solo

Wu Yifan concert scene

 Today, Wu Yifan started his domestic tour concert this year, and every ticket sold out. At the concert, he wore a skeleton watch from the Bulgari OCTO series.

Wu Yifan wears Bvlgari DANIEL ROTH series 102168 BRR50C14TLDEMR watch

 In ‘A Longing for Life’, Wu Yifan said that he gradually felt lonely. Born in 90, he will be 30 years old next year, and Wu Yifan, who is a senior citizen, will bring us more works worthy of taste. When idols reach the age of 30, can they still stand the test of new generations in the entertainment industry? Wu Yifan, who sang ‘Big Bowl Wide Noodles’ and ate big bowl wide noodles, hoped that he would not be alone in the future.

Colorful And Colorful In The Early Spring, Bucherer La Li Jia Diva Fancy Watch

In the early spring season, a splash of fresh colors will surely make your eyes bright. The Swiss watchmaking brand Bucherer has chosen beautiful and dazzling gemstones to embellish the Alija watch, giving the watch a new life. The colorful gemstones symbolize their own style and will not follow the flow of personality. In the early spring, let the colorful coloring on the wrist, with the light and shadow of the gem mirror, step into the rhythm of the waltz dance.
Baucher Laval Diva Fancy watch

Color interpretation of a different style

   ‘Color’ expresses rhythm, feel, and pigment. The Aliva Diva Fancy series watch accurately grasps the rhythm of time, and with its impeccable exquisite shape and dazzling gemstones, it perfectly interprets the meaning of color. In this collection, Bucherer puts its exquisite timepiece technology and outstanding jewellery art into the collection. Yalika’s ‘Majestic’ Diva series has an eye-catching 31.3 * 45 mm oversized case, which feels the atmosphere of the oncoming era; full of feminine charm and unique appearance make the wearer reveal a full of charm Elegant temperament. This series of watches has both elegant and noble temperament, is the first choice for women with noble taste of life.

Model: 00.10705.02.11.11
Movement: quartz movement
Function: hours, minutes
Case: 18K white gold set with 92 first-class natural square sapphires (8.8 carats), 154 VVS diamonds (0.8 carats)
Dial: Silver dial
Strap: Top blue crocodile strap and 18K white gold leather folding buckle
Limited edition of 25 pieces worldwide
Heritage and innovation
   Possessing unique line designs, blending distinctive features such as fashion and elegance, she cleverly combines watchmaking technology and jewellery craftsmanship, which can fully express the unique watchmaking tradition of Bucherer and the unique personality shown by the Bucherer Alija series The combination of taste and elegance, freshness and unrestrainedness, reflects the Bucherer’s commitment to the pursuit of perfection. Aliva Diva Fancy is a representative of Bucherer’s dedication to watch technology, determination of details and determination to keep improving since 1888, expressing the brand idea of ​​’not following the flow’. Bucherer is not only the code name for luxury watches, but also the life philosophy of its customers.
Model: 00.10705.02.11.12
Movement: quartz movement
Function: hours, minutes
Case: 18K white gold set with 92 first-grade natural square orange gemstones (8.8 carats), 154 VVS diamonds (0.8 carats)
Dial: Silver dial
Strap: Top orange crocodile strap and 18K white gold leather folding buckle
Limited edition of 25 pieces worldwide

Hublot Supports The Chinese Polo Open For The Seventh Consecutive Year And Join Hands To Present The Beauty Of Aristocratic Style And Sports Passion

From September 21st to 22nd, 2019, the Tang Polo Equestrian Club on the Wenyu Riverside in Tongzhou, Beijing was once again full of enthusiasm. Along with the horseshoes, the cooperation between the well-known Swiss watchmaking brand HUBLOT and China Polo Open entered its seventh year. This one of the highest level of polo events in China attracts the attention of many polo enthusiasts every year. Since 2013, Hublot has injected its love for this sport full of aristocracy into the support of the event, and continues to record every passionate moment of the event as the official timekeeping!

  The 2000-year-old polo sport shows speed and strength, as well as superb skills on horseback, and has always been one of the leisure sports enthusiastic for business elites and celebrities. Along with the wonderful rhythm of horseshoes and clubs, Hublot watched the entire race as the official timepiece, and announced that the DI team won the 2019 China Polo Championship. As a partner of many prestigious polo clubs and iconic polo tournaments, Hublot is establishing a brand image in the field of polo, a sport with noble temperament. From HublotPoloCupSotogrande, HublotPoloGoldCupGstaad, HublotPoloCupinAscona, to HublotCortinaWinterPoloCup, Yu Hublot has continued to support a number of high-level polo events for many years, showing the elegance and comfort of Hublot-style life around the world.

  In the polo arena, the knight spirit of striving for the forefront and seeking a breakthrough is even more in harmony with Hublot’s continuous innovation in the field of fine watchmaking. The Hublot BigBangMP-11 watch is the result of the concept of ‘fused art’ and superb watchmaking skills. Inspired by the MP-05 ‘LaFerrari’, the watch re-deconstructs and redesigns the already ultra-complex movement structure, and subtly integrates into the case design of the BigBang series, showing outstanding technological aesthetics and powerful performance. The BigBangMP-11 watch has a number of innovative designs. The movement is equipped with seven horizontal in-line springs that provide up to two weeks of power storage. The power transmission adopts a vertical 90-degree helical gear transmission system, which is extremely rare in the watchmaking industry, so that the clockwork power can be smoothly transmitted to the gear system that displays the hours and minutes. The in-line drum time display, loaded in a black carbon fiber or transparent sapphire case, adds a sense of dynamism to the future.

  The horses are indulging in the sun, the golfers are devoting themselves on horseback, and the pureness of nature and the superb skills of humans are here. It is a wonderful aristocratic movement, and it is also an elegant and chic Hubble life.
Technical Parameters

serial number
Brushed and polished black ceramic satin
Diameter: 45 mm Thickness: 13.25 mm
Water resistance: 3 ATM
(30 meters)
Case back
Brushed satin-finished and polished black ceramic with ‘SPECIAL EDITION’ logo and exclusive name
Brushed satin and polished black ceramic
Embossed ‘Carbon Effect’ dial
HUB6310 manual winding skeleton chronograph movement
Vibration frequency: 3 Hz (21,600 times per hour)
Power reserve: 115 hours
Number of components: 253
Number of jewels: 27
Strap and buckle
Black structured rubber strap
Stainless steel folding clasp
Black-plated titanium folding clasp with 5N king gold screws

Piaget Launches New Self-winding Watch

In the long history of 139 years, Piaget has always upheld the brand concept of ‘Always better than required’. Piaget has recently launched the new Gouverneur series of self-winding watches in rose gold. As a member of the Black Tie black belt watch series, it inherits the fine tradition of the shaped case, adopts a highly personalized design, and is equipped with a complex function mechanical movement completely designed, developed and produced by Piaget.
Piaget’s new self-winding watch Gouverneur G0A37110
 This Gouverneur G0A37110 automatic calendar watch is equipped with the 800P movement, which is famous for its excellent ruggedness. It has an hour, minute, central seconds display and a date window at 6 o’clock. The delicate rose gold oscillating weight is engraved with the Piaget family crest, matching the color of the case. This is a timepiece with pure elegance and timeless mechanical craftsmanship.
Piaget self-winding mechanical movement 800P
 Category: Automatic
 Shape: round
 Function: Date display window at 6 o’clock, seconds, hours, minutes
 Technical features: Double barrel, screw balance, balance stop
 Power reserve (hours): about 85
Frequency (vph) per hour: 21,600
 Vibration frequency (Hz): 3
 Diameter (laws): 12.00
 Diameter (mm): 26.8
 Number of jewels: 25
 Thickness (mm): 4
 Number of parts: 201
 Finishing details: Piaget brand engraved on the movement oscillating weight, chamfered bridge, polished round main plate, blue steel screws, circular Geneva wave pattern
 Piaget uses a new case design in the Gouverneur collection, which realizes the ingenious fusion of circles and ovals. The superposition of the shapes that continue into the center of the dial creates a subtle, soft and harmonious structure that is smooth, natural, flawless and ingenious. The details of the case and dial are exquisitely decorated, complementing the shape without being obtrusive at all, highlighting the Piaget’s brand concept of ‘Always better than required’.

Sophisticated Elegance With A Touch Of Freedom

Since 1931, the Jaeger LeCoutre Reverso watch series has been constantly updated while maintaining its classic features. This series of watches is equipped with more than 50 self-made movements, with classic, sports, large complex functions and jewellery models, as well as hundreds of subtle dials, which are favored by collectors and boutique lovers.

  The Reverso watch series has been enthusiastically sought after since its inception. Many artists and elites choose to wear the red dial style. Jaeger LeCoutre Grande Reverso 1931 Rouge large red dial flip watch pays tribute to them and inherits Its stylish and determined free style.
   At the same time, the Jaeger LeCoutre Grande Reverso 1931 Rouge large red dial flip watch perfectly inherits the most precious and popular models in the history of the Reverso watch series. In the 1930s, the Jaeger-LeCoultre watch factory designed many dials with different colors. Most customers who bought the Reverso watch chose the dials of white, milky white, black or gold. The reversible characteristics of the watch, the unique Art Deco style, and the personality of the back decoration are all vividly showing the original elegance that Jaeger-LeCoultre has been pursuing.

   Even in the ‘Crazy Age’ (French: Annees Folles), the use of colored dials is undoubtedly new. However, only a few people choose a chestnut brown or blue dial. The choice of a red dial reflects the customer’s passion for fashion, and the eye-catching red shows its pioneering spirit. This color at the end of the color spectrum symbolizes life, blood, desire, power, love and flames. There is a touch of freedom in the refined elegance, revealing the taste of customers.

   The Grande Reverso 1931 Rouge large red dial flip watch reinterprets the red dial of the 1930s. It is equipped with a Jaeger-LeCoultre 822 manual winding movement. The case is atmospheric and thin. It combines passion, classicism and creativity. Just like the models of the 1930s, it also expresses a firm and free style.
Jaeger LeCoutre Grande Reverso 1931 Rouge Large Red Dial Flip Watch Technical Specifications
Jaeger-LeCoultre movement 822 manual winding mechanical movement
21,600 vibrations per hour
21 jewel bearings
Thickness 2.94 mm
134 parts
45-hour power reserve
Hour and minute display
Red paint
Silver hour markers
Stainless steel
Length 46 mm
Width 27.5 mm
Thickness 7.27 mm
Case back ‘1000 hours test’ logo
Water-resistant to 3 bar

Baselworld 2012 Preview: Chopard Happy Sport Oval Watch

Chopard Happy Sport series since its introduction in 1993, its achievements are obvious to all. Dynamic and elegant, the Happy Sport watch is one of the classics of Chopard, along with the many different models in the collection. This year, the Geneva-based watchmaker will reinvent the classics with the new Happy Sport Oval oval watch.
The HappySport series of watches interprets the brand’s famous Happy Diamonds happy diamond concept in a sporty style. The new watches are exquisitely made with simple and smooth lines. The typical streamlined shape gives this timepiece a delicate and sensual temperament. 7 playful floating diamonds shine on the dial Flowing and fun, is the perfect embodiment of the Happy Diamonds spirit.


‘HappySport is the result of a combination of jewellery and watchmaking, and jewellery and watchmaking are core skills of the Chopard brand,’ explains Caroline Gruosi-Scheufele, watch designer for the HappySport collection. Modern, bold and avant-garde, and easy to wear. Just like the basic style in your wardrobe, you can mix it freely and often wear it. The watch has smooth lines, beautiful shapes, and the elegance and femininity of women. It is a new oval watch that contains the current era A new definition of precious elegance and classic. ‘