Ball Bmw Series New Product Release Netizen’s Reception

Boll’s new BMW series watch was released last week at the Macau Centre, 8 Wangfujing East Street, Beijing. A grand media conference was held on the afternoon of the launch. The operating officer Mr. Daniel Irios, the famous celebrity Hu Jun, the supermodel Miss Pei, the supermodel Ms. Zhou Wenxuan and the chief technical director of Philip Anteliere unveiled the BMW series.
  After the media conference was successfully concluded, a netizen reception party was held that night. Apart from inviting some celebrities to participate in the netizen reception, most of the invited guests were senior watch fans and BMW owners. Our watch home also has 20 senior members. The table fans came to the event to participate in the event. Next, let’s take a look at the report of the event that day.

  First of all, we took a group photo of the netizens who came to the house of our watch. Because there were too many people at the event, most of the netizens had already separated from us when we took a group photo, so this group photo was only part of the people.

The corridor from the Hilton Hotel to the event site is quite luxurious.

There was just an art exhibition full of literary arts.

  There are still a lot of people signing in to Taiwan. The netizens of our Watch House also sign in here, as well as the registration of Guanya Watch City and other media.

The sign-in to Taiwan was the exhibition area of ​​Guanya Watch City. All the watches are Bol, including new models and some classic models.

The scene lighting is quite complicated.

Group photo of some celebrities, but unfortunately did not introduce who it is.

The netizens who have signed up are waiting in the corridor to start the reception.

The reception started with a passionate speech by Mr. Daniel Irios, COO of Ballwatch.

  Immediately afterwards, Mr. Daniel Irios, the global chief operating officer of Ball Watch, Mr. Hu Jun, a famous star, and Mr. Philip Antilles, the chief technical director of Ball Watch, jointly unveiled the release of the Ball BMW series watches.

Next is everyone’s free activities, you can chat and wine tasting.

Hu Jun and Gong Xinliang.

Some supermodels.

  Next is the foreign supermodel catwalk, they are wearing the Boer BMW series kinetic energy display models, the Boer BMW series two time zone models, and the Boer BMW series classic models.

Two time models of the BMW BMW series.
  Summary: This time the new series of Bol BMW series can be launched in China and asked the media and watch fans to go together to witness this moment. It shows that Ball attaches great importance to the Chinese market. Netizens and all guests, let us wish Boll better and better.
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Unique Tasting Piaget Polo Watch

Piaget’s Polo series was born in 1979. This series is not only a high-end watch series, but also a symbol of Piaget, symbolizing Piaget’s creative talent. This revolutionary design is reflected in the strap, The perfect combination of case and bezel. No matter when and where, the PIAGET Polo series brings together the art of life and time, showing the legendary color. Today, the Watch House will bring you a watch of the Piaget Plol series. The official watch model is: G0A33219.


 Piaget Polo watch style is unique

   The Piaget Polo watch has a unique style-the perfect integration of the case and the bracelet, the horizontal round engraving and decoration, and the polished and matte light and shadow design, which have completed the Piaget’s signature watch. The small and soft shape of the watch subtly reflects its original charm which is praised by celebrities.

The watch is designed with a diameter of 38 mm

   This watch uses a 38 mm diameter design, 18K white gold case, 18K bracelet, the perfect connection between the case and the bracelet, and the clever use of polishing and matte polishing techniques, making the watch become the luxury watch classic work.

Small and soft shape of the watch

   The small and soft shape of the watch subtly reflects its original charm which is praised by celebrities. It follows the prevailing retro trend and presents the classic beauty in a modern way. The curved shape has been redesigned to ensure maximum wearing comfort.

The contour gently fits the curve of the wrist

   The contour gently conforms to the curve of the wrist, making it appear unaware when worn. Free and easy temperament and exquisite essence are fully displayed. The watch bracelet is made of 18K white gold, and the buckle has an integrated design, which is convenient and beautiful to wear.

Perfect connection between case and bracelet

   The perfect connection between the case and the bracelet, and the clever use of polishing and matte polishing techniques, make the Piaget Polo watch a classic in today’s luxury watches. The exterior reinterpreted with modern spirit, showing an avant-garde style never seen before. The case made of platinum is equipped with Piaget’s own movement, which reflects the extreme elegance of time.

Date display at 6 o’clock

   The date display window of the watch at 6 o’clock can display 3 date numbers at the same time. Such a large window is very simple and convenient to read the date.

Piaget Polo watches are made for polo

   Piaget Polo series watches were born specifically for polo. At that time, Piaget took inspiration from the elegant atmosphere of polo sports. In 1979, it launched a unique and novel watch with real gold to create a carved and integrated strap. With the case, plus the interlaced polishing of shiny and matte, the watch was all the rage immediately after its release.

Inside the watch is a Piaget-made 504P self-winding movement

   The watch is equipped with Piaget’s self-winding 504P self-winding movement, which perfectly reflects the spirit of Piaget’s second-generation self-winding mechanical movement. This calibre is sturdy and reliable, with a skeleton movement oscillating weight in the center and a balance stop device. The movement is exquisite and elegant, with a central seconds hand and a large date display at 6 o’clock. Decorative details such as the circular Geneva wave pattern, the round-finished main splint, the chamfered bridge, and the blue steel screws show the aesthetic standards that this Swiss watch brand upholds, making this movement even more outstanding.

In summary: Piaget Polo watches not only reflect Piaget’s spirit of advancing with the times, but also interpret a new way of wearing gold watches, elegant and chic, not only stunning, but also fascinating. At present, the price of this watch in the Earl’s Store of Beijing Oriental Plaza is 280,000 yuan, and interested friends can go to learn more.

Chopard Chopard London Bond Street Boutique Dress Up Opening

On June 17, local time, the Swiss top jewellery and watch brand Chopard opened a new boutique flagship store in BondStreet, the iconic shopping landmark in central London, and held a ribbon-opening ceremony for the new store. The expansion and refurbishment of this boutique store is built with local environmentally friendly materials. The opening ceremony of the new store also reflects the brand philosophy of Chopard, which will continue to cultivate sustainable luxury roads in the future.

   At the scene, Caroline Scheufele, the co-president and artistic director of Chopard, and Karl-Friedrich Scheufele, the co-president of Chopard, assisted the opening of the new store. The scene also welcomed the French actress Marion Cotillard, American actress Julianne Moore, British actor James Norton, Colin Firth and his wife Wei Livia Firth, supermodel ArizonaMuse, Chopard brand ambassador Araya Hargate, actor AlexaChung and model Petra . PetraNemcova, a group of stars, added a lot of beautiful scenery to the ceremony.

   After the cocktail party, Caroline Scheufele, co-president and artistic director of Chopard, and Karl-Friedrich Scheufele, co-president of Chopard, also hosted at the BanquetingHouse in London. The gala dinner hosted a host of beautiful ladies, and opened a new chapter of Chopard’s BondStreet boutique flagship store in London with fine dining and cricket music.

   American actress Julianne Moore is wearing a black elegant little dress at a cocktail party, wearing Chopard high-end jewelry earrings at her ears, and round emeralds are set in ethical standards of ‘fair mining’ certification On the base, the bracelets and rings from the same series with the wrist and fingers complement each other.

   French actress Marion Cotillard chooses Chopard RedCarpet earrings and Chopard L’HeureduDiamant series watches with pure black knitted dresses, pear-shaped sapphires like water droplets flowing in the ears, and Chopard fine jewelry between fingers The series of rings complement each other, and the dazzling jewellery together creates the mysterious charm of the modern girl.

   British actor James Norton wore a Chopard L.U.CTwistQFFairmined watch with a grey elegant dress, giving a glimpse of the person.

   Colin Firth and his wife Livia Firth attended a cocktail party to celebrate the opening of the new store. Colin Firth debuted in a black suit and wore a Chopard L.U.CTwistQFFairmined watch on his wrist, demonstrating elegance. His wife, Livia Firth, wore a long dark dress, Chopard high-end jewelry necklaces and rings on the neck and fingers, sparkling white diamonds and elegant sapphires added charm to the overall shape.

   Supermodel ArizonaMuse appeared gorgeously against the Chopard high-end jewelry series earrings. Colorful diamonds dangled from the ears, complementing the same-colored suit suit, and showing the beauty of simplicity.

   Chopard brand ambassador Araya Hargate also attended the event. The white silk dress complemented the necklaces, earrings and bracelets from Chopard’s RedCarpet series, and the gorgeous ruby ​​lining showed its charming appearance.

   AlexaChung wears Chopard’s high jewelry series earrings and necklaces in a bright red brick dress, and suddenly a pair of 18k white gold earrings set with 40.7 carat delicate pear-shaped yellow diamonds are cut to the neck The flower-shaped necklaces echo each other, blooming chic and romantic in Ambilight.

   Model PetraNemcova wore a very fashionable silver bag dress, paired with Chopard’s RedCarpet necklace and matching earrings. The 16.7-carat emerald embodies its natural noble charm. Chopard high-end jewellery ring embellishment with your fingers, release elegant elegance.