The Enlightenment Of Creation, The Concubine Of Craftsmanship, The Opening Ceremony Of Jaeger-lecoultre China Tour Changsha Station

In order to let more watch enthusiasts appreciate the handed down works, learn about the legendary history of Jaeger-LeCoultre, and experience the La Grande Maison rare crafts (Métiers Rares®) up close, The “Enlightenment of the Skills” China Tour Exhibition kicked off at the 185th anniversary of the brand’s founding in 2018 and opened in Vientiane City, Hangzhou, and successively landed in cities such as Wuxi, Ningbo, Hefei, and Nanjing. As the final stop of the tour, Changsha Station kicked off at Changsha IFS on January 9, 2019, presenting the world’s creation journey of Jaeger-LeCoultre.

Jaeger-LeCoultre “The Enlightenment of Creation • The Art of Craft” China Grand Opening of Changsha IFS Station

   During the exhibition, the design of the Jaeger-LeCoultre exhibition area was based on a calm and harmonious atmosphere. The calm dark brown with bright and clean lines was low-key and simple. Being in it is like walking into the Jaeger-LeCoultre workshop in Vallée de Joux, Switzerland, exquisite and elegant. In the exhibition area, there is also a VIP lounge for watch collectors and brand proponents. The enthusiastic and professional service of the home welcomes watch enthusiasts to come and experience a time trip full of artistic charm. At the same time, Jaeger-LeCoultre perfectly integrates the charm of timepieces with interactive experiences, and presents a series of precious watch works: Reverso series, Rendez-Vous dating series, Master series, Jaeger-LeCoultre series, etc. Jaeger-LeCoultre’s time-honored artistic achievements, up close and exquisite exquisite craftsmanship.
Latent light shines

The old look of the Jaeger-LeCoultre workshop in 1833

   Ru Gu, as the world changes, but the years are still flowing, but it seems that there are no traces left. Master watchmakers and craftsmen in the Jaeger-LeCoultre workshop, they are dedicated here, galloping in the world of technology and beauty, constantly Extend its boundaries. In the long and quiet years, the creators devoted themselves to the sun, moon, stars, morning and evening glow, flowers and leafs, and the kingfisher and kingfisher … Continuously draw inspiration from nature, condensing the enthusiasm for nature and watchmaking to Between square inches.

Left: Jaeger-LeCoultre 145 movement right: Jaeger-LeCoultre 101 movement

   As the first large workshop in Rugu Valley, the endless exploration of complex movements has begun. In 1907, the world’s thinnest Jaeger-LeCoultre calibre 145 was produced and launched at that time, and the Jaeger-LeCoultre 101-type movement launched in 1929 was the smallest mechanical movement in the world. Since the 1890s, Jaeger-LeCoultre has launched completely self-made, sophisticated and complex models. There are countless masterpieces, including flying tourbillons, spherical tourbillons, bi-wing devices, perpetual calendar, chronograph stopwatch, three questions, alarm device, wonderful audio time. , 15-day power reserve and other complex functions.
The Great Workshop has never stopped challenging and continues to present extraordinary excellence. One hundred years is like a day. With great concentration and time-consuming creation, the watchmaking masters of the big workshops have realized the creation of the creation after years of refinement.

Beibei series reappears classic

Jaeger-LeCoultre Memovox Polar Alarm Clock launched in 1968

   In 2018, Jaeger-LeCoultre launched the new Jaeger-LeCoultre Beibei series, which is inspired by the classics of the Jaeger-LeCoultre workshop-the Memovox Polar Alarm Clock, born in 1968, with its classic three-crown design, which is extremely iconic Sex. The ‘Polar’ echoes the bold and adventurous spirit of the 1960s. It not only represents freedom and avant-garde, but also heralds a revolution: a diving watch with a noisy function, a patented triple bottom cover, and can be in the water Enhance sound expansion effect.

Jaeger-LeCoultre alarm clock

Jaeger-LeCoultre Product Design Director Lionel Favre

   The newly integrated Beibei series includes three-hand automatic watches, chronographs, world time chronographs, as well as Jaeger-LeCoultre Beibei series calendar watches and Jaeger-LeCoultre series alarm watches that exude a strong retro atmosphere. Adhering to the bold and adventurous spirit of the prototype watch, with new design lines that are elegant and sporty, it opens the urban dynamic life for contemporary men.

   The creators of Jaeger-LeCoultre merged technology and aesthetics, infused ingenuity and infinite enthusiasm into the art of time, and turned them into exquisite timepieces. Perceive the realization of creation, pay tribute to the concubine of skill.

Handed-down works

Jaeger-LeCoultre Master Ultra Thin Squelette

   The Jaeger-LeCoultre Master Ultra Thin Squelette cutout watch with diamonds clearly considers brilliance as the main line of design. A series of different watch parts are engraved and decorated in different ways. Each time zone is decorated with a hand-carved natural mother-of-pearl, exquisite and delicate. Jaeger-LeCoultre has a long tradition of making ultra-thin watches, dating back to 1907. The big workshop chooses to combine the extraordinary handicrafts such as hollowwork, carving, enamel and jewelry setting with ultra-thin watchmaking technology, which is very creative.

Jaeger-LeCoultre Rendez-Vous Moon Dating Moon Phase Rose Gold

   The Jaeger-LeCoultre Rendez-Vous Moon date moon phase watch in rose gold presents a charming and passionate charm, and the exquisitely shining case is like a carol dedicated to the bright night sky. The watch showcases the superb craftsmanship of the master watchmakers with infinite poetry. The vast starry pattern is engraved on the watch, which is intoxicating. Passionate colors of fire light ‘covered’ the rose gold case, and the fuchsia aventurine dial shows the vast sky of the northern hemisphere. The dial and case are set with diamonds, and they are beautiful. The bright moon created by the mother-of-pearl slowly moves in the vast starry sky. It is made with the same process as the dial displaying the digital time scales, exuding bright and radiant. A star-shaped pointer reminds the wearer of the date of the next appointment in the most poetic way.

Jaeger-LeCoultre Reverso One Duetto Jewelry Rose Gold

   Jaeger-LeCoultre Reeverso One Duetto Jewelry jewelry watch in rose gold combines high-end jewellery and fine watchmaking craftsmanship in the Grand Workshop to present a masterpiece of jewelry that perfectly balances artistic design and functionality for women. Inspired by Art Deco, this watch features a rectangular dial, a diamond pattern on the back dial, and an 18K rose gold bracelet design with slender and slender lines that show elegant femininity. In addition, the top and bottom of the dial are decorated with iconic three decorative engravings, making this reversible watch more distinctive. Art Deco style has been leading the fashion since its birth and has always been new. This exemplary work perfectly interprets the Art Deco minimalist design philosophy.

Jaeger-LeCoultre Master Grande Tradition Tourbillon Céleste

   The Jaeger-LeCoultre Master Grande Tradition Tourbillon Céleste is a dazzling way of interpreting time. In order to fully display the astronomical characteristics of the watch, the orbital flying tourbillon displays the stellar time instead of the solar time, which is nearly four minutes shorter than the solar time. On the outer edge of the dial of this watch, the hands with the sun logo rotate on the dial 24 hours a week. The bezel shows the 24-hour scale, the signs of the zodiac, and the month. The orbiting flying tourbillon runs synchronously with the stars and constellations, and performs a stellar dance with the dial.

The Goddess Jin Xishan Perfectly Interprets Roger Dubuis’ Brilliant Halo And Courageous Courage – 2015 Watches And Miracles-asian High-end Watch Exhibition

Hong Kong, October 2, 2015: Roger Dubuis is pleased to invite Ms. Kim Hee Sun, a well-known Korean actress, to come to Watches & Wonders Asia 2015 Roger Dubuis’s ‘Star Trek’ world.
   Since appearing in the TV series ‘Dinosaur Teacher’ for the first time in 1993, Ms. Kim Hee Sun has been active on Asian screens, and is known as one of the most famous actresses in Korea. Her well-deserved good reputation and elegant femininity perfectly fit the Roger Dubuis brand image, just as the brand has consistently demonstrated its superior ability in watchmaking, construction and mechanical technology.

   Ms. Kim Hee Sun wearing Roger Dubuis’s perfect timepiece was the focus of the day. Ms. King’s jealous and sensual, perfectly interprets the essence of the brand’s women’s watch series, which is a model of the luxurious and precious Velvet celebrity series. As Mr. Alvaro Maggini, creative director of Roger Dubuis, said, ‘Velvet is an ode to women’s sexy glamour, expressing low-key luxury without losing the spirit of adventure.’
   Ms. King has won a wide reputation for her superb acting career, and is a perfect muse. With her success on the Korean screen, she was able to star in the Chinese fantasy martial arts movie ‘Flying Dance’ in 2000. In 2006, she co-starred with Jackie Chan in the movie ‘Myth’ filmed in China, Hong Kong and India-ever since The courageous actress who is constantly seeking challenges has attracted the attention of Asia.

   徜徉 In Roger Dubuis’s ‘Starry Hollow’ world, the brand’s classic Velvet high jewelry watch makes Ms. Jin Xishan radiant and elegant. This watch made of platinum highlights the exquisite style of Roger Dubuis, is the best proof of superb craftsmanship and excellent aesthetics, making this glorious Korean actress the focus of attention. Ms. King and Velvet haute jewellery watch jointly show the charming charm of feminine elegance and mature charm, as well as the extreme elegance and boldness that only the true Roger Dubuis goddess Velvet has.
   Roger Dubuis Jean-Marc Pontroué CEO Roger Dubuis personally led Ms. Kim Hee Sun to enjoy a close-up view of Roger Dubuis’ latest work, the Excalibur Broceliande jewelry watch, which debuted at the Watch Miracle Show this year.

   After visiting the exhibition area, VIPs were invited to participate in the charming and memorable Roger Dubuis Star Dinner hosted by the Asia Society. This place full of history, cultural significance and natural beauty complements this gala of stars. In the end, Ms. Kim Hee Sun and Mr. Jean-Marc Pontroué set foot on the red carpet and toasted Roger Dubuis for their upholding and bold innovation in traditional watchmaking.

Exceeding The Conventional Explosive Power 2017 Sihh Roger Dubuy Stadium Sneak Peek As Quick

Speaking of the charm of the venue, I think that visitors to the Geneva International High-end Watch & Clock Fair (SIHH) will not be able to resist the attraction of Roger Dubuis’ world mechanical atmosphere, and fully integrate into the explosive and break-through conventions. Pavilion set. This subversive scene design shows the brand’s magnificent and creative talents like a wild horse, breaking the existing codes and splitting the norms into very different pieces, and then combining them in a new way. Avant-garde visual interpretation of the watch factory building itself.

   Is there an earthquake? Haha, no. The grand venue design shows Roger Dubuis’s unique creative style. The venue set cleverly used a shocking red ‘crack’ to highlight the brand’s majestic momentum and unexpected creative ideas. Placing this new product on the ‘disconnected’ pillar allows viewers to have a completely different viewing experience while watching the watch, leaving them deeply impressed.

   The above is the latest cutting-edge information of the 2017 SIHH Geneva International Haute Horlogerie brought to you by watch house professionals. Next, we will present more and more intuitive exhibition reports, so please pay attention.

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Junghans And Bogner Launch A Sports Watch Series

Bogner GmbH & Co. KGaA and Uhrenfabrik Junghans GmbH & Co. KG jointly launch a mechanical watch series. Bogner by Junghans marks the beginning of a new partnership between two traditional German brands .

Bogner by Junghans Chronoscope ‘Willy’ Chronograph

Skier, filmmaker and fashion designer Willy Bogner personally participated in the project from the design of the first product to the naming of the finished watch. Willy Bogner has been passionate for the past 50 years, and now he is involved in designing the Chronoscope ‘Willy’ Chronograph with the same passion. This watch is the flagship model of the new series, equipped with Junghans Rong Han Baoxing calibre J880.1 automatic movement, 44.5 mm diameter stainless steel case, full of dynamic design.
The new mechanical watch series Bogner by Junghans expresses the dynamic side of the Junghans series, with scratch-resistant sapphire crystal and stainless steel or crocodile leather strap. The series also includes a three-handed ‘Willy Automatic’ model, available in 38 mm and 42 mm diameter versions. A prominent feature of this series of watches is the famous capital ‘B’ logo on the dial of the Bogner brand, located to the lower right of the Junghans logo.

The Gorgeous Display Of The Essence Of Traditional Watchmaking Vacheron Constantin Luxury Watch

Established in 1755, Vacheron Constantin is the world’s oldest watch factory and one of the world’s most famous watch factories.
    Vacheron Constantin has inherited the essence of traditional Swiss watchmaking without interruption, and has also innovated many watchmaking technologies, which has made great contributions to the watchmaking industry.
    With a history of 231 years, Vacheron Constantin is the world’s oldest and longest-lasting brand-name watch. Only over 20,000 are produced each year. The cross mark on the dial, like the Swiss national emblem, is already taste, status and wealth Symbol.
    In 1755, founder Jean-Marc Vacheron and later member Francois Constantin, with his prophetic insights and extreme watchmaking craftsmanship, ended up in the humanities and talented watch kingdom-Switzerland, and took the lead in establishing the focus on the humanistic spirit. And Vacheron Constantin, which is famous by history. After 243 years of time washing, Vacheron Constantin is now synonymous with ‘time’, and it is an irreplaceable work of art in the eyes of watch lovers.
    Vacheron Constantin has a long history and has many years of watchmaking experience. However, ‘minimum batch size, best quality, highest selling price’ has always been Vacheron Constantin’s business strategy. Today, Vacheron Constantin’s plant in Geneva produces only 6,000 watches per year. Since 1840, the production drawings, records, sales date and movement case number of each watch have been kept intact in the company’s filing cabinet. They combine superior technology, rigorous testing, exquisite craftsmanship and perfect shape to create one after another noble and elegant, amazing and collectible rare classics. In the long years of watchmaking, it has become a symbol of luxury and elegance.