Passion For Rolex Is Actually A Kind Of Paranoia

Photographer Yu Yizhou’s passion for ROLEX is actually a paranoia. Although I know that other timepieces have many advantages over ROLEX, I still love it. There can certainly be a positive understanding of this paranoia. For example, Master Zhong’s words are still lingering in his ears-‘If you can only buy a good watch in life, choose Rolex’, ‘Buy a watch for daily use, and want some value retention, I always recommend people to buy Rolex’ … Similarly, HODINKEE in In the article ’12 Mistakes That New Watch Fans Make Easy’, there are also two paragraphs on ‘less respect for Rolex’. Since watch fans began to hang in, from knowing only ROLEX-‘seeing’ ROLEX after understanding top brands-after some time-consuming, labor-intensive tossing or changing hands-& quot; Hmm, maybe a Rolex ain ‘t so bad & quot ;. Indeed, judging from the strength of a well-known brand, a durable oyster-like structure, a rigorous and easy-to-repair movement quality, and a hard currency-like ability to maintain value, if you have a watch in your lifetime, you may need to change hands. . However, the work of ‘only respect for oneself’ (even modest P.P.) is a little bit funny. As a watch-loving person, although he has a love for ROLEX, he does not need to be indifferent to other timepieces, or even speak evil. In the book ‘The Art of Watches and Clocks’, Master Wang Jinlong laughed at the ROLEX factory’s good feng shui at the beginning. Nearly half of the pages are about ROLEX. It can be seen that he has a deep preference for his research. However, the line to the speculation department still expressed strong grievances and regrets: lamenting the price of the well-known watch brand’s painstaking work, ‘It can’t be beaten by the mediocre ROLEX’. He also hopes that in the future, there will be a penny for a watch, and watch fans have good eyesight. Unfortunately, the situation may be the same as it was in the past two decades. ROLEX is naturally a good watch. Looking back, its historical significance cannot be underestimated. It was because of the popularity of the Oyster Waterproof Watch in 1927 that people at that time began to understand the reliability and practicality of the watch, gradually changing their habits of using pocket watches, and promoting the popularity of watches. In addition, ROLEX’s red wheel two-way winding mechanism, straddling balance wheel bridge, four-arm beam temperature-resistant alloy balance wheel and other technologies are all worthy of praise and praise. ROLEX is not an old man lying on the fame, in fact, it is more like a charming child, too much ‘adored’ by watch fans, of course, including me. I hope that in the future, I will have the opportunity to work with all kinds of classic timepieces, feel the watchmaking spirit of watchmakers, and relax the obsession with an open attitude.

Corum Kunlun Flag Flutters In The Wind Over Mexico

Temposatis and Corum Kunlun established a new cooperation relationship in Baselworld on March 20, 2010. The successful signing of this document will bring the Temposatis brand and Corum, the leading Swiss watchmaker, to a new brand in the Mexican watch market.

Antonio Calce Corum CEO
For Corum, this collaboration marks another milestone in its strong sales strategy, and is also a window to build a brand image. Write a successful chapter with a dedicated merchant, Temposatis. Looking ahead, the move is dedicated to expanding its brand awareness and stimulating unparalleled growth potential in the Mexican market. The Corum flag flew over Mexico on June 16.

Edouard Perret, Marc Antoine Dor, CEO of Antonio Calce Corum, Cédric Doffey (Photo by Guillaume Corpart.)
At Baselworld on March 20, CORUM CEO Antonio Calce and Temposatis S.A de C.V brand manager Cédric Doffey signed an exclusive distribution agreement for the two companies.
Less than three months later, on the evening of June 16, 2010, on the 51st floor of the Torre Mayor Hotel in Mexico City, Corum and Temposatis received more than 150 guests, bringing together the most important retailers and their customers in Mexico, as well as the most well-known in the industry. Reporter.

Antonio Calce Corum CEO with model (Photo by Guillaume Corpart.)
Mexican sailor Tania Elias Calles attended the event and was awarded the ‘Libertad & Conquista’ medal, which is a great affirmation of her sailing career. Corum CEO Antonio Calce presented her with Admiral’s cup 40 mm Chrono Steel & Diamonds watch.

Tania Elias Calles (Photo by Guillaume Corpart.)
The event also marked the latest partnership with Temposatis, and in addition, for Corum, it was a moment of celebration for the two anniversaries of the brand.
 -50th Anniversary of Admiral’s Cup
 -30th Anniversary of Golden Bridge watch, a masterpiece of baguette movement
Source: Corum
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