Tissot Incheon 2014 17th Asian Games Unfolds 100 Day Countdown

TISSOT, the official designated timing company for the 17th Asian Games of Incheon 2014, officially announced the countdown to the 17th Asian Games of Incheon 2014 – one of the world’s largest and most important sports events, to be held in 2014 Grand opening on September 19,

 Starting from the 2014 Incheon Asian Games, the scale of the Asian Games will be reduced to 35 major events, including 28 Olympic events and 7 non-Olympic events. The Incheon Asian Games Organizing Committee announced in Beijing a few days ago that the Incheon Asian Games will pass the torch in four overseas cities: Guangzhou, Weihai, New Delhi, India, and Hanoi, Vietnam.This is the first time the host country has passed the torch abroad in the 63-year history of the Asian Games. The torch relay in China will begin on August 12, 2014. The South Korean side said that the choice of these four cities has its own significance.

    TISSOT T-Race Touch 2014 Incheon Asian Games Special Edition

 After two years of careful preparation, TISSOT confidently prepares time for 36 different sports. TISSOT guarantees that it will provide unparalleled precision timing equipment in a hundred days, bringing justice and fairness to the Asian Games.

 To ensure that athletes and sports fans do not miss this event, TISSOT even created a special watch series with its world-renowned precision timekeeping. The TISSOT Tissot Asian Games Collection not only reflects the splendid vitality of the event, but also covers classic models and sports watches. Watch.

Mr. Rolf W. Schnyder, President Of Athens Watch, Died

Rolf W. Schnyder, president of Ulysse Nardin, a Swiss watchmaker, died in Switzerland on April 14, 2011. ‘The death of Rolf W. Schnyder is not only the loss of Ulysse Nardin’s watch brand, but also the entire watch industry. We are deeply saddened by his sudden death. Now, we would like to express to his wife and three children Our sincere condolences, ‘said Susanne Hurni, spokesperson and media account manager for Ulysse Nardin. With the succession plan already in place, current members of management can maintain ongoing operations without interruption and will inherit the spirit of Rolf W. Schnyder.
  Rolf W. Schnyder acquired the family-owned Ulysse Nardin Athens Watch Factory in 1983, and since then he has served as president and chief executive officer, at the helm of this traditionally wealthy manufacturer. Under his leadership, with many innovations like the first astronomical watch, Ulysse Nardin once again rose to the supremacy of the mechanical watch industry.