The First Choice For Men Who Love Life

At the Geneva Haute Horlogerie in January this year, Cartier’s debut Drive de Cartier series of watches left a deep impression on me. The Drive de Cartier series is Cartier’s new men’s watch series. This time it is the first time to come to the Geneva Haute Horlogerie Show. Although it is a new arrival, its elegant retro pincushion shape is memorable.

   Hold the watch in your hand and taste it. In addition to its unique pillow-shaped case, you will also find another feature of this series. The dial of all watches is decorated with the car radiator grille pattern. At 6 o’clock, there is a small seconds dial, the mirror is convexly raised, and the winding crown is in the shape of a bolt. Its creative inspiration comes from classic cars.

   Of course, if you are a watch lover who has strict requirements on watch decoration, this watch can still meet your requirements. The satin effect brings a solid texture, while the polishing effect highlights the delicate beauty. The simple and exquisite line design of the overall case exudes an elegant modern temperament, perfectly interpreting Cartier’s unique style.

   Like Cartier’s other collections, the Drive de Cartier collection also has a rich selection of eight watches. The case is made of rose gold or stainless steel, with white and gray dials, with Cartier’s classic Roman numerals and sword-shaped hands. .

   Cartier and Zhang Zhen once again joined hands to launch a new micro movie ‘Hand’. In the beautiful picture, Zhang Zhenlai talked about his story and transformation-calm behavior, firm and confident eyes, calm and charming charm, and his hands wearing Drive de Cartier series watches-this time Zhang Zhen, show It is pure and powerful than ever. ‘It’s always my inner self who pushes me forward.’ Zhang Zhen meaningfully talked to himself. The Drive de Cartier watch on his wrist showed the keen, independent and elegant style of this Drive man.

   As a masculine masterpiece dedicated to life-loving men by Cartier, the new Drive de Cartier watch series is a subversive and innovative design that interprets the art of life in the details, confident and elegant, respects the heart, and always pursues a better self and future. . Zhang Zhen, who has been in the entertainment industry for many years, has experienced a seemingly free and unrestrained temperament; whether it is ups or downs, he only follows his inner drive to achieve artistic purity, and now he has a relationship with Drive de Cartier. .

   Acted in Yang Dechang’s lens, the Lingling Street boy, the infatuated Luo Xiaohu in ‘Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon’, the lover of Sansheng III in ‘The Best Time’, the boxer in the ‘first generation of masters’ and the chess master ‘Wu Qingyuan ‘In this micro-film, Zhang Zhen finally became himself and performed a story of’ Heart and Hands Connected ‘. Through one hand, you can see everything about a person. When I was young, I thought, ‘A good actor is not how to be himself, but how to be better.’: Acting as a rebellious teenager, they have taken the knife. At that time, it was not clear whether reality was a movie or not. Shaking in sorrow and anger; acting as historical figures, they have to take up biographies of history books, turn them page by page, and read them in; for acting, these hands have learned a lot, diving, playing Go, and taking a long time They also learned boxing and kung fu. However, with the years of maturity and maturity, with open hands, he finally realized that ‘returning to the heart is more important than playing others’, because only by returning to himself and knowing how to steer the direction, the power of these hands has become more calm .

   As the best interpretation of Drive men, this micro-movie is not only a portrayal of Zhang Zhen’s journey, but also a statement: Follow Drive with Cart de Cartier to control his own life. ‘Only by following the heart’s drive can we achieve the perfect fire in art.’ Zhang Zhen said, ‘just like the Drive de Cartier in my hand, always reminding me that only respect and follow my heart can we control it.’

   Five of the eight Drive de Cartier watches were launched in May, including an advanced watch with a 9452 MC floating tourbillon movement, which won the “Poinçon de Genève” (Geneva Seal of Quality); Four Drive de Cartier watches are equipped with the 1904-PS MC movement, with hour and minute display, small seconds and date display. The Drive de Cartier watch series is bound to become another classic of Cartier men’s watch.