Montblanc Wolverine Ascends To The ‘peak’ To Make The Pole

To celebrate the 90th anniversary of Meisterstück, MONTBLANC has launched the new watch series ‘The Meisterstück Heritage Collection’, demonstrating MONTBLANC’s continuous innovation and perfection. The watch creations created in Switzerland have classic design and perfect functions, showing the core values ​​of Swiss traditional watchmaking craftsmanship in the details.

 In addition, MONTBLANC exhibited new series of this year in the exhibition hall, demonstrating MONTBLANC quality and comprehensive ability across categories. At the media preview, MONTBLANC also officially announced in Hong Kong that Hugh Jackman has become the new global brand spokesperson, and for the first time in Hong Kong, he broadcasted the leading commercials and behind-the-scenes footage. He thoroughly interpreted all the characteristics of MONTBLANC’s brands: elegant, talented, forward-looking and dedicated to the promotion of art.

 Meisterstück has inherited a 90-year history and has become a leader in the field of writing instruments. It is loved by professionals from all walks of life. The famous musician Mr. Zhao Zenghuan is an important all-round creator in Hong Kong’s music industry. He attended this event to share his love for Meisterstück. ‘Excellent writing tools are the best composers for composers, such as Meisterstück’s historical writing tools It also became the source of inspiration for my writing. The meisterstück (Masterpiece in English) writing music has always reminded me to strive for perfection and create ‘Masterpiece-like works.’ In addition to the writing tools, Mr. Zengzhao Zhao He also appreciated the MONTBLANC Meisterstück Heritage Perpetual Calendar watch he wore on the day of the event.

 For more than a century, the MONTBLANC white hexagonal star symbol of Mont Blanc has been deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. With the highest peak in Europe as the target, it represents the brand’s endless desire for manufacturing technology and technological development, and strives to reach the top in all fields . MONTBLANC’s purpose is ‘Crafted for New Heights’, constantly creating works that are always new, and to accompany everyone through all important moments in life, as you climb the peak.

 Hugh Jackman becomes MONTBLANC’s new global brand spokesperson

 Hugh Jackman’s mature and handsome charm has become the best representative of MONTBLANC classic series Meisterstück.

 The star charm of Hollywood, Hugh Jackman perfectly interprets the MONTBLANC Meisterstück Heritage Perpetual Calendar.

Category Adjustment Glashütte Original After-sales Service Price List

Before the ladies of the Lingque series came out, Glashütte’s originals had almost no quartz watches, and the Lingque watches specially designed for the women’s market were not only exquisite in shape, elegant in design, but also in price. It will not be as expensive as the usual mechanical watches, and the threshold is not high. It is a very popular female watch series. As a result, in terms of after-sales, Glashütte Original also categorized this separately and took a look together.

Glashütte Original Lady’s Watch

New after-sales service price list

The quotations before the category adjustment are as follows:

Original after-sales service price list

   We found that in addition to increasing the price of the Lingque series quartz watch, the after-sales service prices of other models have risen after adjusting the after-sale price on April 1, 2017, and some service prices have been adjusted to 1,000 yuan. The price of some services is 500, and the price has doubled. In addition, we have seen that the prices of chronographs and models with large calendars have increased sharply. The 95th movement, the 60th series movement, and the simple tourbillon are separately classified, and the price is clear. It is because these complex movements often need to be sent to the headquarters for repair, and now technicians in China may be able to repair them, so it is not necessary to send them to the headquarters to provide quotations.
   At the same time, the prices of polished watch heads and polished watch straps have been increased to 1,000 yuan and 600 yuan, respectively. Generally speaking, the adjustment range is relatively large.