Love Ta, Take Ta Away. Qixi Citizen Global Multi-station Radio Control Watches Accompany Your Romantic Journey

Take TA with you if you love TA. No matter the horizon and the sea, as long as you have your hands together, TA is the most beautiful scenery in your heart! When the Qixi Festival is approaching, Citizen specially selects the light kinetic energy global multi-wave radio watches to present a beloved gift to your ‘TA’. Witness the romantic journey that you have traveled throughout the world with accurate time in seconds.

 Citizen Global Multi-Band Radio Controlled Watches CB0131-59E and EC1042-51A

 Citizen Multi-Circle Radio Controlled Watch CB0131-59E

 ‘He’ is mature and stable, giving you the most reliance to rely on, and accompany you to see the beauty of the world. His heart is just like the Citizen CB0131-59E watch on the wrist, exuding the wisdom and thoughtfulness peculiar to a man between minutes and seconds. The titanium alloy case strap is light and anti-allergic, and the DURATECT surface protection technology allows the charming appearance to continue to the end. Multi-wave technology of light and kinetic energy helps to easily convert jet lag, and it can show calmness wherever you are. The aviation ruler function fully displays the technological innovation of this watch, and adds a journey to every hand-in-hand flight Playful.

 Citizen Global Radio Round EC1042-51A

 ‘She’ is elegant, intelligent, and daring to think and act, always acquainted with your gentle friends. Citizen Xinyue Tour EC1042-51A is her declaration of love and true love, and it is worth your life to taste. The different shades on the pearl-white dial are like the spring sun pouring down, which always makes people warm. The rose gold-plated titanium case strap is light and magnificent, just like the beauty of love. The time display of 24 world cities records the footprint of love during a romantic journey, and the red ‘Mark of the Heart’ on the dial at half past four is the best testimony of the vow of love, which makes people throb.

 From China to the United States, from Europe to Japan, as long as there is light, there is energy, and as long as it can receive radio signals, there will never be errors. ‘He’ and ‘her’ are accompanied during the journey, and every time lag change is as calm as the partner gets along. This Tanabata, bravely take your ‘TA’ and set off for happiness!