1.297 Million Blancpain Watches Hangzhou Houzhiyin

Since entering the Forbidden City last year, successfully as the first contemporary watch to be collected by the Palace Museum, Blancpain’s Qiankun Caruso has been the object of global watch lovers. Although it is impossible to duplicate this unique watch, Blancpain later used Carloso technology to create a Chinese Dragon limited edition Caruso watch for the world’s top watch enthusiasts, limited to 50 pieces.

Liao Yu, Vice President of Blancpain China
Recently, this precious watch, priced at 1.297 million yuan, came to the Hangzhou National University Store and will continue to be displayed until January 31. At the same time, it will also display the entire Blancpain series of complex watches. For Liao Yu, Vice President of Blancpain China, the significance of Hangzhou and the Chinese market is far more important than what he sees.

‘In fact, since Carloso entered the Forbidden City, this incident has attracted the attention of many collectors around the world, but this watch cannot be copied as it is, so we later produced the’ Chinese Dragon ‘limited edition in the function Carrousel is used on the top, but the design has been changed. The oscillating weight on the back of this watch has carved the dragon totem in K gold, a complete Chinese element. ‘Liao Yu said,’ This watch currently only has more than 10 finished products, and then accepts customization from customers around the world. Since each watch is from the hands of an artisan from beginning to end, the production cycle takes at least six months, so this is a During the waiting process, collectors and enthusiasts have already sent purchase information at the Swiss headquarters and other European and American countries. Customers have also previously placed orders in other cities in China. One of them was a Chinese guest who had collected all our complicated series watches. This time he is still here, and we will definitely leave it to him. & rdquo;

For Blancpain, Carloso has always been proud of the technology. Since its launch in 2008, it has broken the embarrassing situation of the tourbillon without breakthrough. Carloso can also be coaxial, and it can also take 1 minute. Take a turn, and before that only the tourbillon could do it. The famous watch collector Zhong Yonglin also called the one-minute coaxial Carloso a great masterpiece beyond the tourbillon. ‘We judge that guests cannot simply use money. I hope our guests really understand and understand this watch, and really love this technology and the meaning behind it. ‘Liao Yu said,’ In fact, for Blancpain, it is the first time in the world to formulate a similar customized plan for an independent market. This shows the importance of the Chinese market. Hangzhou is the strongest market in the Yangtze River Delta region except Shanghai and overseas. Hangzhou has a lot of customers who know how to watch, but most of them focus on the degree of commercial style. Of course, in the long run, there is still potential to be tapped, and some of them have personality The guests with the requirements of culture will be nurtured. Although we are relatively late in Hangzhou, we are still very optimistic about this. & rdquo;