Vacheron Constantin Hollow Moon Phase Perpetual Calendar Watch

Vacheron Constantin Traditional Patrimony skeletonized moon phase perpetual calendar watch, this watch uses 1120 QPSQ automatic winding mechanical movement, its structure is derived from the elegant style of the Eiffel Tower, only 2.45 mm thick. It also features a Pt950 platinum case, anti-glare sapphire lenses, a blue alligator strap, and a Pt950 platinum buckle. 12 o’clock month indicator, 3 o’clock calendar indicator, 6 o’clock moon phase display window (moon part is gold, sky part is lapis lazuli), 9 o’clock week indication, case diameter 39 mm, power reserve Up to 40 hours

     But even if it is also taken from the building space, the difference in design orientation will lead to different ideologies derived from urban culture in watches. For example, in the Vacheron Constantin Traditional Patrimony skeleton moon phase perpetual calendar watch, the elegant lines fused with the Eiffel Tower in Paris have become the source of inspiration for its movement design. Against the backdrop of the Art Nouveau engraving pattern, the intricate movement structure is spread like a star-studded classical building, and the life rhythm and cultural connotation of the watch in the passage of time have also been revealed in this image. The rapid complexity of modern industry and the epitome of the memory of ancient civilizations. Although the ever-changing space and time constantly produce contradictions and conflicts, the spiritual beliefs contained in them are never barren.

Longines Warmly Presents Father’s Day Selection Watches

Father’s love is speechless but affectionate and broad, such as the music in old records, long and mellow, and the temperature of time. On the occasion of Father’s Day, Longines, a well-known Swiss watchmaker, carefully selected the famous craftsman series and Boya series watches, condensing elegant design and ingenious craftsmanship, entwining affectionate companionship and blessings around the wrist, and presenting deep fatherly love.

Longines Master Series Men’s Watch

  The Longines masterpiece series combines elegant style and excellent quality into a classic that inherits the Swiss watchmaking craftsmanship of Longines in 186. The silver barley grained dial with blue stainless steel hands, while showing clear reading time, with a simple, atmospheric design, set off a mature and stable male charm. The full range of mechanical movements shows precise and stable performance, just like the silent love of a father but never absent.

Longines Boya Series Men’s Watch

  The Longines Boya series, as an elegant incarnation between the wrists, creates a gentleman’s image with a sophisticated and simple design. The new model adds the brand’s iconic Longines blue to the dial and strap design, adding a bit of chic chicness to the wrist. The blue alligator leather strap has a comfortable and comfortable feel, like a family relationship, every minute and every second.
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  Longines Masterpiece Series Watch Number: L2.628.4.78.6 Suggested Retail Price: RMB 15,400
  The Longines Master Craftsman stainless steel watch has a built-in L619 / 888 self-winding mechanical movement that swings 25,200 times per hour. The watch has a diameter of 38.5 mm and a silver ‘wheat’ grained surface. The striking blue-steel hands display the hours, minutes and seconds, and a date display at 6 o’clock. Comes with a stainless steel bracelet and a folding safety clasp.

  Longines Boya Series Men’s Watch Watch Number: L4.910.4.92.2 Suggested Retail Price: New Price
  The Longines Boya Collection launches a new watch that incorporates the brand’s iconic Longines Blue in the dial and strap design. The design inspiration of the Boya series is directly derived from Longines’ core value: elegance. This collection combines minimalist design with classic style, and offers a variety of dial styles, which highlights the traditional watchmaking aesthetics of Longines. This stainless steel watch has a diameter of 39 mm and is equipped with a self-winding mechanical movement. Blue sun-printed dial with index hour markers and a blue alligator leather strap.

Franck Muller Celebrates The Launch Of Crazy Hours For 15 Years And Presents Asia Special Edition Watch

Crazy Hours 15th Anniversary Asia Special Edition watch is equipped with FRANCK MULLER’s famous Cintrée Curvex case, which is unique and full of personality. The world-renowned Crazy Hours complex is the essence of this watch and has been popular with watch lovers for many years.

   The dial shows time in a way that breaks with tradition, expressing the nature of an abstract concept-the value of time varies from person to person. The digital hour markers of this watch are not displayed in sequence, so every 60 minutes, the hour hand quickly moves to the other side of the dial and jumps to the next correct number. At the same time, the minute hand rotates along the dial’s traditional 60-minute bezel.

   Crazy Hours 15th Anniversary Asia Special Edition watch highlights the brand’s superb technology, it also shows young vitality, and it is fun. The 7880 and 8880 models feature blue or gray dials with sunburst patterns and rich colors: the five-minute scale on the inner flange is green, red, blue, or black, and interacts with the leather strap Against the backdrop. Crazy Hours 15th Anniversary Asia Special Edition watch has a total of 40 combinations. The materials used are stainless steel, stainless steel diamonds, rose gold and rose gold diamonds. Available in three sizes (39.60mm x 55.40mm, 36.00mm x 50.40 mm and 32.10mm x 45.10mm), both men’s and women’s styles are available.

   Mr. Zhu Junhao, Executive Director of FRANCK MULLER Asia-Pacific, said: ‘The Crazy Hours collection combines bold technical creativity and pure playfulness and is unique in the field of modern watchmaking. This is undoubtedly the crystallization of art, science and engineering, which fully reflects the brand characteristics of FRANCK MULLER .We are proud to witness this 15-year milestone with the Crazy Hours 15th Anniversary Asia Special Edition watch, and we are confident that this masterpiece will continue to attract watch enthusiasts around the world. ‘
About Crazy Hours
   The Crazy Hours complication came out in 2003, and its creative idea originated from the vacation time of the founder of the brand, Mr. Franck Muller, in Mauritius. This complication combines a time-jump module with a self-winding movement. The hour hand jumps to the correct hour number, while the minute hand rotates along the dial’s traditional 60-minute bezel. Although the position of the hour digits seems to be set randomly, it is in disorder and order, and the two consecutive digits are about 120 radians apart.