Exquisite Vintage Bell & Ross Vintage Series Watch Ww1-96 Grande Date Brief Review

The VINTAGE series is Bell & Ross’s watch series with vintage elements as its main elements. It integrates classic watch elements into modern watchmaking, making it reflect a mature and timeless classic charm . This watch uses a lot of the design of earlier watches, the classic black and white color scheme creates elegant retro effect. Today, the Watch House brings you a Bellace VINTAGE series watch with a vintage element theme. The reference model is: WW1-90GRANDEDATE.

This watch is a classic that Bell & Ross pays homage to in the 1920s. Its generous shape and fine workmanship, there is no lack of elegance in the toughness.

This watch, with a case diameter of 45 mm, is made of stainless steel, which is very suitable for retro style. It is polished with satin finish, exquisite texture and shiny.

The shape of the crown uses a crown that looks like a pocket watch, highlighting the retro style. The top of the crown is printed with the ‘&’ logo, which symbolizes its brand identity.

The large black check crocodile leather strap is slender and elegant with fine leather.

The case of stainless steel is simple and smooth, round and elegant, but the gloss is not flamboyant.

The lugs use steel ring lugs, and the welding arc is tilted back to fit the wrist. The simple and generous steel ring lugs create a classic retro temperament.

The buckle uses a simple and easy-to-use steel pin buckle, which is polished and fine, with uniform gloss, and the pin buckle is smooth and round.

The domed sapphire crystal with classic willow-shaped hands creates a classic retro look. The mirror is anti-glare to read the time clearly.

The 3 o’clock position of the dial is equipped with a calendar display window, the white hands and the scale surface are covered with fluorescent coating, and the black dial shows a classic and elegant arc. The entire dial is white and black with clear display.

This watch uses a self-winding mechanical movement, the bottom of the case is a dense bottom design, the stainless steel case is simple and elegant, and the water-resistant depth of 50 meters can be confirmed from the label on the bottom, which can meet the general daily life Waterproofing needs for life.

Summary: Retro and nostalgia seem to be similar concepts, but they are different from each other. Nostalgia is a kind of sentiment. The things you hold may be popular or personal. You can nostalgic or nostalgic. The so-called retro is the reproduction or fusion of a fashion element or artistic element that was popular in the past. For the new trend element, compared with the nostalgic elegance and vulgar appreciation, retro looks more petty. The so-called retro is not just the use of those outdated elements, but the reproduction of classic timeless fashion elements. The current domestic price of this watch is 33,400 yuan. (Picture / Text Watch House Xiao Sen)

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How Do Luxury Watch Brands Appeal To Millennials? (Under)

According to Bain & Company, the main engine of luxury market growth in 2017 has undergone intergenerational changes, and 85% of luxury consumption growth is driven by Gen Y and Gen Z. Millennials think differently from previous generations. Are luxury watch brands well-prepared to attract this new consumer group?

Millennials focus on social issues
 ConeCommsMillennialCSR research shows that millennials are “prepared to make personal sacrifices to influence issues they care about. Such sacrifices can be more for the product, sharing product information (even if not buying), or a pay cut Work for a socially responsible company. ‘So brands can no longer succeed simply by’ existing ‘, but need a reason to convince millennials to become brand advocates and customers. A Nielsen report released last year showed that if a company or brand has good ethical values, more than 66% of consumers are willing to spend more. ‘More than 9 out of 10 millennials are more willing to choose a brand that is closely related to a cause.’ The facts further prove this.
 Since 2012, Blancpain has been the main sponsor of the World Ocean Summit, for which the brand has launched three limited editions of ‘Mind the Ocean’. Customers who choose these limited-edition models go far beyond just buying a watch. First, Blancpain will donate 1,000 euros to the Marine Conservation Program for each limited edition watch sold. Second, the buyer will receive a fifty-five related book with a handwritten limited number (includes ‘Mind Ocean Circle’ ‘Beautiful photos taken by divers); Third, the purchaser will be automatically included in the’ Mind Ocean Circle ‘, receive exclusive information provided by the member area, and follow up Blancpain’s dedication to marine protection plans.
 Developing and manufacturing luxury watches is a slow process, and the raw materials are extracted before starting other steps. Chopard has publicly promised that starting from July this year, all ‘Ethical’ gold will be used for all watches and jewelry products of the brand. Most brands in the industry follow the standards of the RJC. Chopard’s solution goes a step further and works with the Responsible Mining Alliance (ARM), which helps Goldmines in South America to obtain Fairmined certification. This will help improve the quality of life in the mining area and ensure that the collection of gold is based on respect for the rights of miners and improved working conditions.

Blancpain Limited Edition ‘Mind the Ocean’
Value for money
 Despite having the greatest purchasing power, millennials are not as wealthy as previous generations. The advocacy group Young Invincibles looked at data released by the Federal Reserve between the ages of 25 and 34 and compared it with data from the same age group in 1989 and found that the median income of millennials today is higher than him They are about 20% lower. That is, millennials consume more but have less property, so they want more in return. Millennial watch selection depends on a number of factors, but mainly wear resistance, versatility and practicality. The fine watchmaking brands have received this information, and since 2017 the International High-level Watch Salon (SIHH) in Geneva, the brand has significantly expanded the supply of entry-level timepieces. These well-designed fashion watches still have some of the characteristics of luxury timepieces, but the needs of emerging consumer groups are mainly considered during the creation process.
 Another development trend is watch customization. Whether it’s a replaceable strap or a bezel accessory, from Cartier to Panerai, fine watchmaking brands are looking for ways to make a watch look different. These customizable designs provide millennials the opportunity to wear watches for different occasions, whether for weddings, snorkeling, or gardening.

Baume watch online custom interface
Baume: a watchmaking brand for millennials
 Earlier this year, Richemont launched a light luxury brand with a focus on environmental sustainability-Baume. As a brand, Baume has everything millennials demand, using natural or recycled materials, to produce watches that combine minimalist aesthetics and personalized customization at a very affordable price.
 These watches are sold almost exclusively through online channels and a few concept stores, and are almost completely customized. Customers can choose the case size, movement, dial, hands and strap, and a single series can have more than 2,160 different permutations and combinations. Baume has also joined the plan to encourage a circular economy, working with the non-governmental environmental protection organization WasteFreeOceans. The organization works to recover and recycle plastic debris from oceans, rivers, and beaches into products that meet modern needs.
Attracting Millennials: From Chasing to Leaders
 Bain & Company estimates that by 2020, the global personal luxury goods market will be worth between 295 and 305 billion euros, which means that it will maintain a continuous growth of 4-5% over the next three years. Most importantly, by 2025, millennials will occupy the majority of the world’s labor force, thereby controlling a greater proportion of purchasing power. Luxury watch brands are catching up, and export data show that the watchmaking industry has grown faster than any other industry in the past few years. (Photo / text watch home compiled by Xu Chaoyang)
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